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Kangot Review – Will It Last?

Welcome to my Kangot review. This program seems to be blowing up on youtube all of the sudden. I am just guessing but I would say that a few youtubers have done some pretty sweet deals with the CEO to promote this. 

Usually when there is a bit of hype around it is pretty safe to get involved with a passive crypto program like Kangot especially when it has just launched but for some reason, I don’t feel very confident about this program. Maybe the smart thing to do is invest a little and see how it goes. That being said, I am staying away from this one.

Kangot Review Summary

Key Figures :  Roberto X Gonzalez

Product Type : Crypto Ponzi MLM

Summary :  Participants buy packages with crypto which pay ROI of 0.5 % to 3% per day until 200% is achieved. Minimum package is $100. If you have the $1000, you will get paid until you have 300%. They also have travel coupons for some reason. Kangot also have a MLM compensation plan.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  It is popular right now….but I don’t feel too confident about this one lasting the distance.

Verdict:  Could this last longer than 6 months. I doubt it very much unfortunately.

Quick Summary

What Is Kangot

Basically you put crypto (min $100) into the program and get paid very high returns back. As with all of these types of opportunities Kangot claim to be doing real trading. They will probably even show some “proof” trades at some point. I don’t want to be a party pooper, but none of these programs are generating the ROI from trading. These are always ponzi’s. I get tired of arguing about this, so I don’t bother any more. Yes you can make a lot of money with this and with other similar schemes. You need to be aware that you have a limited time because 100% of ponzis collapse.

Just be smart, don’t over commit and make plenty of withdrawals before you get close to the 6 month mark.

Vacation Gifts

In addition to receiving 0.5% to 3% daily, you also get vacation gifts for certain packages.

$100 Package – A stay in a 4 or 5 Star Hotel

$300 Package – 6 months free access to the Travel Club

$1000 Package – 3 Day cruise to the Caribbean from Florida

Highest Daily ROI

The $1K to $15K packages attract the highest ROI.

2% Of Global Revenue – Shares in this are vailable to those that invest over $25K


Compensation Plan

Direct Bonus – 10%. You earn 10% of whatever your direct signup invests.
Binary – 10% paid on the weakest leg daily.

Ranks And Bonuses
Ranks are achieved through the accumulation of binary points.

RankBinary PointsReward 1Reward 2 ORReward 3Reward 4
Bronze500Virtual Pin   
Silver1200Virtual Pin$50  
Oro7KVirtual Pin$100  
Zafiro35KVirtual Pin$500  
Ruby75KVirtual Pin$1,200Smart PhoneLeadership Retreat Qualif
Emerald150KVirtual Pin$2,500Resort Vacation 
Diamond500KVirtual Pin$10KKia Rio 
Blue Diamond1.5MilVirtual Pin$25KRav4 
Black Diamond5MilVirtual Pin$100K 2% Global Rev
Crown Diamond15MilVirtual Pin$200K 2% Global Rev

What I Like About Kangot

The advantage of this program is that it is in its early stages. Even better than that is the fact that many crypto youtubers are all pushing this. That could be enough to extend the life of Kangot.

Timing is key with passive crypto programs. Ideally you want to join one in prelaunch if possible.

Thanks to all of the youtube promotion, the traffic profile is looking very healthy and it should stay that way for a few months at least.

What I Dislike About Kangot

Dumb Travel Bonuses

Who is going to fly to Florida to go on a cruise ship that the company has picked, just so they can go on a 3 day cruise? Let’s just forget about people dying on cruises from Corona virus for a minute. Even if we were not in the middle of a pandemic I would not want to fly to Florida just to take a free cruise. Even if I lived in the USA, I would probably just give the cruise away to somebody. If I did go on a cruise I would be very selective about the ship that I chose. A cruise on a substandard ship, sounds like more of a nightmare to me.

People want bonuses paid in BTC. You can keep your crappy travel coupons!

I think they should scrap the vacation stuff, it has zero value in my opinion.

Looks Pretty Sketchy

I know that I am pretty hard on most of these programs, it’s just that Kangot looks a little amateurish and unprofessional to me. This usually means that the program lasts 3 months. Look I may be wrong, but Kangot does not look like something will be around for long. I would not sink any more than $100 into this and even that would stress me out!

The Real Deal

Not the best ponzi out there. Just gives me the impression that it will collapse after 3 months.


I would avoid this.


  1. Benny

    Kangot is a Scam, they don’t have any real proof of trading , also they ask for KYC and they have no license to operate as broker. The CEO is a con , don’t trust you hard money on this clowns

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