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Journalling Will Change Your Life With Jennifer Rohner


Jennifer Rohner:  The very act when you’re putting your feelings into it when you’re putting your emotions into it and letting them come from your body through your hand and onto the page it really is therapeutic it’s like with the kind of emotion to let go it’s like you’re giving them a place to go and with the kind of emotions that you want to celebrate it’s like you’re elevating them through that physical action of writing it’s quite amazing for as simple as it sounds.


I mean I’ve had moments and you know some of them and they happen to everybody no matter how big and successful you are no matter what your situation is you’re gonna have times where you just have things going on that you just don’t feel comfortable telling anybody else but the journey will definitely take it from you and then there are also moments a lot of people myself included also like to use their journaling for things like looking at your dreams writing out manifestations that you want to see happen and it’s a big thing right now I don’t know if it’s necessarily a trend but it’s something that personally I’ve seen a lot in on social media when talking to friends instead and that’s the whole thing and that thing is living your life the life of your dreams as if it was already happening that’s another way that journal is generally is very useful you can write out things that you want to see happen as if they were already there I call it future self journaling and it’s a nice addition to any practice that you might use if you’re in the law of attraction if you’re into any you don’t even need to be into the woowoo for this to work.


Future self journaling is what I call it you basically write down an entry in your journal as though it was your perfect day as though everything that you dreamed about has already happened and let it go from there and it’s amazing what that will do it gives you this something you can attach to and project forward from from where you are now and it makes that acting as if part of the whole law of attraction manifestation process something that you actually engage in which is really cool.


I have a course called journal camp and it is this upcoming edition starts in November and it is a six-week program and it’s it’s going to be awesome in that we’re going to explore journaling from a lot of wobbled we’re gonna explore journaling from a lot of different angles it’s a six-week program in which each week is going to tackle a different theme so when people think of journaling a lot of the times they’ll think you’re just using it in one way say using it for manifestation using it for forgiveness using it for letting go using it to connect with your intuition and we’re going to go with just about every kind of journaling.

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