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Jenn Nelson – Facebook Live Coach and Wine Guru!


Julian: Hello everyone, Julian here doing another live I told you I was getting addicted to lights and I’m gonna keep doing them they’re lots of fun today I’m joined by Jenn Nelson. now Jenn made me think of Gary Vaynerchuk for some reason and I think that is because Jenn had a background has a background in the wine industry and is also very good at using social media so welcome Jenn and thanks for joining me.

Jenn: Well thank you I have never been connected with Gary V ever before so that was a major compliment, thank you very much!

Julian: Gary V is massive if you haven’t heard of him check him out but we won’t talk about him he doesn’t need any more publicity. Alright so tell us a bit about your wine business.

Jenn: Sure so I do in my life I care about four things and this is how I try to tell my story and if you hear any dogs barking that’s my dog Sherry aptly named after sherry wine. I care about being a woman because I am a woman I care about being a veteran because I am a US Army veteran I care about digital media marketing and that’s kind of where live-streaming fits into and I care about technology technology a lot and and so I started off live streaming about wine because that’s what I wanted to get into and this was back in 2015 I was about to finish up my marketing and master’s degree and the only thing I could think about sharing and learning about marketing and digital media was about wine I was training for the WS CT which is a london-based wine certification program called the wine and spirit Education Trust I was like, hey I’ll just take people on the journey with me right they love to know nerdy things about wine know the general population doesn’t care about the nerdy nerdy level of wine that I care about and they’re on periscope so…

Julian: Is that where you started basically doing periscopes.

Jenn: I did you there are some very grainy very ruff very badly lit periscopes of me as wine antics probably still up on the wine antics periscope page actually.

Julian: Is that still going strong, periscope as a platform?

Jenn: Generally, yes and I think people that made a mark two years ago before Twitter you know even absorbed periscope. Now I think people that have established community people that have a very unique perspective kind of like how YouTube started right ten years ago if you got on ground floor and you created your community you have a solid base and I think that’s still happening with periscope, okay so yeah.

Julian: You mentioned when you started and you used to I’m going to talk about wine andall of the you know the things that I’m interested in about wine and then you sort of hit with that first realization that I’ve got to really find an audience here I’m not sort of finding it straight away so what did you do to adapt to that first challenge oh that’s a very good question, well I started at other platforms I started moving to other platforms that you know no let me take it back I started sharing different content so I realized like I said very quickly that people didn’t really care about my level of my nerdiness so I started sharing things like food and wine pairing how to make sangria I tried to keep the facts more general about a broader and more popular varietal of wine so Chardonnay instead of Sauvignon Blanc which not many people know of and are not familiar with and then from there I started playing with other platforms okay so yeah pick pick the ones that everyone knows about first of all and an expand where you’re posting.

Jenn:  I’ve had live streams where I’ve kind of dabbled and put some content on podcasting but I wouldn’t say it was very successful because my heart my heart is in live streaming and I just I didn’t there’s like so many hours in the day that we have to repurpose our content so I wanted to focus on learning how to produce quality live stream content.

It is a great method of repurposing taking live content and moving it to podcasts I highly recommend it.

Julian: I absolutely agree with that so I just sort of discovered that realization that you can do alive and then you’ve got something for your blog you’ve got something for your YouTube channel you know as well as your group or Facebook page and it really unique content all the time and that solves a big problem.

Jenn: Yeah and I think the Molly Mahoney just had Hani Mourra on on her live show and that is repurposed a tie one of the best ways to very quickly take what is your live streaming content and moving it move it to podcast or move it to youtube so and I really yes ….repurpose that.

It’s the way I get my content very quickly from facebook over to YouTube okay excellent now um so with this you knowputting the content building and following of people that are into wine.

Julian: How how is that sort of monetized at your end?

Jenn: Well you’re just hitting all the very very hard questions aren’t you so my paths of monetization have been consulting and membership groups okay there are many different ways you can you can do a subscription model like you can have a patreon account and you could encourage your fans and people that watch your content to support you via something like patreon or if you’re on Twitch you can have them support through a subscription model there and now even YouTube supports a subscription model I just saw that recently but I prefer to bring people into my closer to me and really focus on the people I can best serve for example ladies go live which is a very collaborative organization that does nothing other than really encourages and teaches women how to go live for their business or their passion so you know.

Julian: Jen I was just thinking today that I think women actually are better at doing lives or least over-represented because I see so many women doing lives and they’re building up these followings and I think it’s something to do with the ability to just form community I think, so…

Jenn: Yeah I think there’s definitely a lot lot of women doing very well on Facebook live. You’ll see people that are doing something like the pearl girls for example which they’re doing nothing but like mystery selling of freshwater oyster pearls where they’ll open the Pearl right up in front of you and then whatever you bid on that oyster you get the pearl inside then you have people doing on something like Lulu row which is you’re selling clothes online and they’re doing all types of fun parties around that and then makeup there’s a lot of at home businesses that women are very involved with that are really shining here on Facebook and I think women are nurturers they are natural community builders and that’s the way the algorithms are going on Facebook so it’s just reinforcing it.

Julian: Yeah it’s the best way to go is to have a smaller community but one you’re more connected to and it sort of gets rid of all the problems of spamming and you know it’s really good.

Jenn:  I mean your priorities when you’re when you’re here on Facebook and you’re going live is number number one to your personal page that’s where you get your best reach and then the second here is and something like this a group your your business pages are getting the least reach organically.

Julian: How is the group’s  reach now? Jen’s  I mean I heard that it has reduced a little bit.

Jenn: It may have reduced a little bit but its ranked the way I presented it to you in terms of first your personal page then a group and then a business page that rings true and I have I don’t have percentage numbers.

Julian: Well I do keep these quite short and sweet I’m just going to put your details on the screen so if people want to connect with Jen. Jen is very interesting and open to talk to so well worth getting in touch with Jen. Other than that thanks Jen, I really consider you somebody that I’ve learned from and I really like what you’re doing on social media I’m just a newbie really and so it’s really good to have somebody with a bit of experience on, appreciate that

Jenn: Yeah absolutely the link that Julian is popping up is my personal livestream journey and how I’m sharing the knowledge and expertise I’ve gained over the last three years there’s actually within that link which is a Facebook link there’s a 30-minute consulting option out there to help you to go live today it’s a quick launch option so if anybody has any live streaming questions please hit me up take 30 min take 30 minutes of my time to help you go live.

Julian: Great well thanks very much once again.

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