Welcome to my IX Wallet review…or should I say, welcome to the newest generation of crypto ponzi scam. These things are evolving very quickly but I am doing my best to keep tabs on them. This new style of ponzi scam aims for a bit more stability by paying out around 10-20% per month. They also have their own cryptocurrency that will only be used inside the IX Wallet scheme. IX Wallet will still collapse and most investors will lose everything. The real founders, realize that  it will be easier to make a clean get away if they hide their identies, so that’s what they are doing. The “team” on the website is actually paid actors that have no idea what they are involved in:

IX Wallet Has A Fake Team

Previously, I have seen this strategy used by a ring of organized criminals from the Ukraine. Do you remember the Questra World ponzi. They hired an actor to be the fake CEO and flew him around the world to all the ritzy opening events. He had no idea what was really going and has been forced into hiding as victims are hunting for him! The real mastermind is a Ukrainian national. Ukraine much like Brazil has become a hot bed for ponzi scams. Each seems to have their own style, but one thing is for certain IX Wallet has Ukrainian finger prints all over it.

Things get pretty ugly beneath the service with IX Wallet and nothing is real, but that is just how it goes with crypto ponzi scams. These programs always pull a big exit scam on everyone, it’s not if but when! Even if you are lucky enough to withdraw early….you are just going to end up back to the drawing board when it ends up collapsing. You never really get anywhere jumping from ponzi to ponzi but people seem stuck in that very cycle. Long term you would be better off picking a legit long term company that has been around for years. Anyway, on with the review of IX Wallet.

IX Wallet Review – Summary

Key Figures: Arsen Kobza

Product Type: Crypto Ponzi MLM.

Summary: To earn you must invest from 0.15 BTC which is around $170 USD. Your monthly ROI is 18% if you invest 1.85BTC or more. You can also pay with Eth or bitcoin cash. Additionally you earn a bonus for not withdrawing.  This bonus is an extra 1% for keeping funds invested for 30 days. An extra 2.5% per month is paid for keeping funds invested for 60 days.  Returns are paid in the IX Token.

You can also be heavily reward by leading others into this scheme.

See The Comp Plan Here.

IX Wallet is paying returns from new investors. Ie there is no real profit. IX Chain has 100% chance of collapse.

  1. Ponzi Scam with very high ROI
  2. Unlicensed Securities Offering
  3. Crypto or Forex MLM

DANGER – Collapsing very soon

Rating: F

Verdict: At some point your referrals will come looking for YOU.

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What Is IX Wallet?


IX Wallet claim to be able to pay a very high ROI of over 240% per year.  Unless you are exceptionally gullible you would have to be sceptical about that. As with most ponzis (which have all collapsed previously) IX Wallet claim to have an incredible arbitrage trading bot that delivers these returns with zero risk. Why don’t they just use the bot to dominate the markets?…why do they need your BTC to make it all work? Obviously the bot is pure fantasy and does not even exist!.

Anyway lets take a look at the investment packages being offered by IX Wallet.

Category Package Cost Daily ROI Monthly ROI
1 .015 BTC to 0.1 BTC 0.30% 9%
2 .01 BTC to 0.5 BTC 0.40% 14%
3 .05 BTC to 1.85 BTC 0.50% 15%
4 Over 1.85 BTC 0.60% 18%
Additionally you earn a bonus for not withdrawing.  This bonus is an extra 1% for keeping funds invested for 30 days. An extra 2.5% per month is paid for keeping funds invested for 60 days.  Returns are paid in the IX Token.

Compensation Plan

Get paid 100% matching returns from all direct referrals

Rank Level 1 Level 2-10 Level 11+ Rank Req
1 100% 10.00%
Hold Balance of 1Eth/.03 BTC or .5 BCC
2 100% 10.00% 6%
Team Hold $125K
3 100% 10.00% 10% Team Hold 250K
4 100% 10.00% 14%
2 Rank 2 in level 1,2
5 100% 10.00% 18%
2 Rank 5 in level 1,2

What I Like About IX Wallet

Getting In Early

It is no secret how I feel about ponzi scams, but at the end of the day it’s your decision.  If you are aware that IX Wallet is a ponzi scam and still want to invest, then this is how I would do it:

1) Investing no later than June 2019

IX Wallet will initially be paying returns just as promised so getting in early means have have a good chance of successfully withdrawing some profit. Right now it’s early so you are getting paid from the “seed money” or “house money”.

2) Investing just $1000 And Promoting Your Link

If I did invest in IX Wallet, I sure as hell would use as little as possible of my own funds. The smart approach is to leverage your audience and get them all investing under your referral link. You will see many youtubers doing exactly that. Then I would be looking to withdraw my capital ASAP. I would compound the rest and start withdrawing the profit after 3 or 4 months. Hopefully you can have everything safely in your BTC wallet before the program is 6 months old.


Ponzis Are Easy Money

If I told you the legit way to make money online, you just wouldn’t be interested. Real marketing is not at all difficult but it requires a consistent and determined effort. People want shortcuts to big money and they refuse to listen to any advice contrary to their pipe dream. Ponzis seem like the ultimate short cut to millions. I expect many people to dive right into IX Wallet for this very reason. Unfortunately once you have tasted the short term gains you will never go back to legit marketing because it just seems to hard. You will either lose everything of become a full time ponzi scam promoter. Both scenarios are not good, but the point is that Ponzis are very easy to promote.

Personally I would rather make less if it means I am doing the right thing. If you want to make 6 figures whilst sleeping like a baby, check out my program here.

What I dislike about IX Wallet

The Profits Are Stolen Funds

This is the part that people cannot get their heads around. Ponzi scams are a very powerful psychological trick, very few people can keep a clear head once they get involved. We see numbers on the screen going up every day…..KACHING! We do a couple of withdrawals and that’s when the excitement goes it over drive. IT WORKS. OMG ITS REAL EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From this point most affiliates completely lose the plot and never return from ponzi land. Usually they lose their total investment on the first attempt. Then they get a bit smarter on the next one and start to promote it on youtube for that sweet referral cash, being sure to withdraw at regular intervals.

The profits actually don’t exist, anything you withdraw just comes from the hapless investors coming after you!

IX Token Has a True Value Of Zero

IX Token wants real crypto in exchange for their garbage IX Token. IX Token has no use outside of the IX Wallet ponzi scam, so it’s real world market value is zero. IX Token will be worthless on any real exchange, but don’t worry because that will never happen. Instead the IX Token will be artificially pumped up on the IX Wallet internal exchange. Incoming investors will be looking to buy IX Token to receive the ponzi returns so existing holders will be able to sell IX Token back for real crypto. It is like a game of musical chairs. At any time the music can stop and you get stuck holding bags of useless IX Token.

It’s An Unlicensed Securities Offering

As you are reading my blog you probably already know that IX Wallet will not last very long. Even if it did last by some miracle, eventually it would run afoul from the regulators because it is an unlicensed security plus it’s an illegal ponzi scam. 

The Real Deal With IX Wallet

This is a scam run by Ukrainian criminals. Why would you let these scum bags near your bitcoin?


Please don’t recruit people into this BS… I give it a F.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

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