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Instant Cash Solution Review – Hidden Cash Gifting Pyramid Scam

Welcome to my Instant Cash Solution Review. There is just something about that name that makes me pretty suspicious. You would be suspicious too if you wrote reviews each week. I see the same schemes being trotted out week after week with different names.

Everybody joins the new programs and fails to make money or the program scams everybody.

The good news is that it is really easy to spot crappy programs, because they repeat the same method each time.

There are 3 Types Of programs in online marketing.

1) Legitimate and stable programs.

2) Pyramid Scams

3) Ponzi Scams

That’s it! Every review I do falls into one of the 3 categories. 90% are ponzi or pyramid scams and 10% are legit.

A real program will have real products or services  that customers will use. When I say customers, I mean that not everyone using it, is also promoting it! Pretty simple really.

The next thing I look for is cash gifting schemes. Usually this involves sending money into whoever is next in line to receive it. Maybe it’s a matrix that needs to cycle before affiliates get paid or maybe not. The main feature is that it involves sending cash or crypto in for the sole reason of paying affiliates and so you can receive payments when its your turn. Nobody seems to know what the “products” are and nobody is even using them. There sure as hell are no customers using the products.  This what is known as a pyramid scheme.

The final thing to look for you is the “passive income” for doing nothing baloney. Ie you give money to the company, they pretend to give you profits back. In reality there are no profits and they are just shuffling new member capital out to existing investors. This is the most dangerous program and is know as a ponzi.

Instant Cash Solution is running the cash gifting playbook, which makes it an illegal pyramid scam. At least it’s not a ponzi right!

These programs are promoted by the worst people on the internet. I always get that feeling that they can’t be trusted. You know what I mean? Always waving around wads of cash or posing in front of sports cars. Sometimes they look like the guy below. The point is you will start to develop a pretty good BS detector after a while!
[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”” align=”center” _builder_version=”3.12.2″][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.12.2″]The Real Reason That I hate These Programs

Most people never stand a chance because they don’t realize it’s a scam. Its literally impossible for everyone to win with this program. The only way anybody wins is if the majority loses. The victims never even know what happened so they go on to repeat the process investing in the next shiny new program that gets hyped on youtube. These crappy programs never teach people how to win, because they don’t want you to win!

If you want to check out a program that actually teaches you how to succeed and has has been paying weekly for 8 years, never collapsed or been shut down by the FTC or SEC, then click here.

Instant Cash Solution Review – Summary

Product Name: No real products.

Product Type: Cash Gifting

Price: $100, $200,$300, $500

One-time admin fee of $29 for Bronze, Silver & Gold Memberships and a one-time admin fee of $79 for a Platinum Membership.

Summary:  These schemes can only work if the majority lose money. Ie for every winner their must be a loser. Their are no “customers” only affiliates.They know that most will fail and the top promoters will benefit. If it is impossible for everyone to succeed, then it is an illegal pyramid scam.

  • You earn commissions of $100, $200, $300 or $500

Rating: D

Verdict: You can do better than cash gifting. Not recommended.
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What Is Instant Cash Solution?

Instant Cash Solution is a cash gifting scheme AKA Pyramid Scheme.

Some of you affiliates will say I am wrong. Some will say “who cares” if its a scam, everything is a scam. Look if you are into pimping these schemes then go for it. I just hate to see people going down this path, even if they are “successful” with it. The only way to survive is to convinvce people to join. There is no use for the program outside of it being a money making scheme. We all want to make money online, but you don’t need to be reduced to these types of schemes to make money.

I prefer to make money the legit way with a long standing program that complies with the law.
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Instant Cash Soultion Compensation Plan

It is pretty simple and I have mentioned it elsewhere. Basically:

  • You earn commissions of $100, $200, $300 or $500 depending on your level and the level of your signups.

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What I Like About Instant Cash Solution

Quick Cash

Although this won’t be around for long, its a quick cash earner. You will never be respected online though if you push this.

Easy To Convince Newbies

I get a lot of traffic on my blog. If I was to promote ICS on my blog I would get plenty of signups. There is nothing to learn because its cash gifting. You send cash in and tell others to join you.
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What I dislike about Instant Cash Solution

They Are Telling Lies

The website has a FAQ section which fails to mention that ICS is not a legal program? Wouldn’t that be an important thing to mention? Of course no pyramid scam would ever come clean.

Majority Lose Money

This cannot work at all unless the majority of investors lose money. That is why it’s called an illegal pyramid scam. If EVERYBODY had a chance to make money then it would be a legit online marketing opportunity.
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The Real Deal With Instant Cash Solution

No Bueno. You make more being legitimate and you don’t have to keep program hopping. There is just no need for anyone to stoop so low as to join a cash gifting scheme.


ICS gets a D grade


Julian Leahy

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.

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