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Infinite Tech Global Review – Ponzi Scam From China

Welcome to my review of Infinite Tech Global.

Infinite Tech are a passive crypto program featuring very high returns. This is a very new program coming out of China. I have a feeling that this one could be VERY BIG.

Infinite Tech Global Review Summary

Key Figures :  “Mr Ken”

Product Type : Crypto Ponzi MLM

Summary :  I think This will be BIG. They have a fake trading algo which is said to generate enough ROI to pay 1% to 3% per day (Gross not Net). The minimum package is $1K. Infinite also have a complex comp plan to entice recruiters.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  F

Verdict:  If you know it’s all bull shit….you stand a chance to make a lot of bitcoin with this. I can see this lasting a year.  Get in and out within 6 months just to be sure.

Quick Summary

What Is Infinite Tech Global

The program claims to have a special trading algorithm which generates INCREDIBLE RETURNS. Now I don’t need to tell you that is 100% BS (well I hope I don’t!).What you need to know is that:

Infinite Tech Are Doing ZERO Trading At ALL

In fact the company has fabricated everything in order to run a lucrative ponzi scam. The profits are just allocated from new investor funds as with all ponzis.

Fake CEO

As with most ponzis, the real boss is smart enough to hide behind a stock photo. This strategy really pays off when the exit scam occurs. After all its a bit hard to get your funds back from a stock photo!

The company lists a CEO called Thomas Payne. I am 100% sure that Thomas Payne does not exist. The image used is clearly a stock photo. The real CEO is a Chinese man who goes by the name “Mr Ken”.

Compensation Plan

This is a little complicated!

PackageMin Invest (IC)Staking (SA)Reserve (RA)SA IC StakesRA per Top Up

Your investment gets split into the following: 70% goes to the Staking Account (SA) and 30% goes to the Reserve Account (RA). You get paid a gross return of between 1%-3% on your Staking account. 

At the end of your month the following will have happened:

1) Your Profit Account is full from (1% to 3% daily applied to your Staking Account)

2) Your Reserve Account is depleted back to zero

Each month you need to replenish your Reserve Account with the funds sitting in the Profit Account. When you replenish your Reserve Account, a commission is paid upline. The remainder in the profit account can be withdrawn or reinvested.

ROI Matching Based on Staker Account Profit

Platinums get the total amount listed in the ROI Matching column.

Golds get 95% of the amount listed in the ROI Matching column.

Silvers get 90% of the amount listed in the ROI Matching column.

IT3s get 75% of the amount listed in the ROI Matching column.

IT2 get 50% of the amount listed in the ROI Matching column.

Requirement ROI Match
1 referralG130%
2 referralsG220%
3 referralsG310%
4 referralsG410%
4 referralsG55%
4 referralsG65%
4 referralsG75%
4 referralsG85%
4 referralsG95%
5 referrals+PlatinumG105%
6 referrals+PlatinumG111%
7 referrals+PlatinumG121%
8 referrals+PlatinumG131%
9 referrals+PlatinumG141%
10 referrals+PlatinumG151%

Reserve Direct Commissions

Whenever your direct downline replenishes their Reserve Account, you receive an instant commission. The percentage you receive will depend on your package. See below:


Reserve Pairing (RP) Binary Commissions
You will receive daily commission every time your two legs can be matched. The actual percentage paid depends on your package. This is calculated daily. 

PackageBinary PaidDaily Cap


They also have 5 ranks which pay out weekly from a percentage of the total company Reserve Volume.

What I Like About Infinite Tech Global

This is going to be big. I can see a well funded ponzi that people are going to make a lot of money with. As long as you don’t believe anything you see on the website that is.

One part of the compensation plan is extremely tempting. You get residual crypto every time your downline refills the reserve account, every month!  Imagine how much monthly BTC you would make with 100 sign ups. 

If you like ponzis and accept the risks, I think Infinite Tech is going to be hot. Disclaimer – Ponzis are illegal and EXTREMELY high risk. I am not getting involved and nor should you.

What I Dislike About Infinite Tech Global

There are a lot of sweet innocent folks that just get ravaged by schemes like this. This one has enough complexity that newbies are going to re-mortgage the house and GO ALL IN!

Some days I think that if somebody is stupid enough to think this is a real company then maybe they deserve to be scammed….but that’s not really nice is it?

The Real Deal

If you have just joined a Facebook group called something like “Infinite Tech Top Team” or “Passive Crypto Moms”, you probably want to tell me how wrong I am. You are the exact type that gets wrecked with programs like this.

If however you know it’s all bull shit….you stand a chance to make a lot of bitcoin with this. I can see this lasting a year.  Get in and out within 6 months just to be sure.


This gets an F grade.

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