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Inclusive Cryptos Review – Ponzi Scam From Romania

Welcome to my Inclusive Cryptos review.

NOTE – I will interchangeably use the name Inclusive Cryptos and Inclusive FX because they are one and the same.

Let me start by saying that some ponzi scams go to a little more effort than others when it comes to trying to appear professional. In the past I have seen ponzi scams hire an actor as a CEO and give him a script to repeat on camera. Inclusive Cryptos took things to another level. Not only did they hire an actor as a fake CEO, they hired a team of actors. Then they gave them all scripts and filmed them in an office space. Fortunately though, even after all that I think that even Forrest Gump would have been unconvinced by the deception. After doing some investigating I have discovered the story behind the fake office in Arkanasas and have honed in on the true country of origin from where Inclusive Cryptos has crawled out of. 

Inclusive Cryptos Claim To Have An Office in Little Rock Arkansas


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Using A “Pay By The Day” Virtual Office Address

Usually when a ponzi scam lists an address, it’s a virtual address or a short term office space that can be leased by the hour or day. The address for 229 W Capitol Ave, Little Rock, AK is for a company called Alaris which has conference rooms for hire and “virtual mail box” services. Inclusive Cryptos have no staff there at all. The only time they went there was to shot a hilarious promo video with C grade actors. We will check that out shortly.

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The REAL Location Of The Inclusive Cryptos Scammers

Whilst watching the promo video, I noticed a couple of clues which reveal the true location of the masterminds from Inclusive Cryptos. Check it out!

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So there you have it, Inclusive cryptos are a couple of scuze cu urechi (dicks with ears) from Romania!

Inclusive Cryptos Are Using Paid Actors In There Promo Videos

Some scams really go the extra yard and that is certainly the case with Inclusive Cryptos! They even dubbed over the obviously Romania “CEO” to hide that pesky accent. Then they hired a bunch of unsuspecting actors to play the part of “board of executives”. On one hand I am kind of impressed that they went to all that effort. On the other hand I just will say there are no Oscars on the horizon for this bunch. Lets check out the highlights!

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Inclusive Cryptos Are DOING NO TRADING!

Hopefully this is obvious to you by now but this companuy is one big deception. What they are doing is shuffling investor funds around which they will do for a short while to keep everyone excited. When you get paid returns, it’s just coming from the new investors. When the new investors slow down, the Romanian fraudsters disappear and our unwitting actors frantically delete their latest IMDB entry!

Inclusive Cryptos Review – Summary

Key Figures: “Steve Murray” (Fake Name)

Product Type: Crypto MLM Ponzi.

Summary: To earn you must invest at least $50. You get paid paid an extremely high ROI of between 1.7% to 2% per day. That’s 440% per year!

Inclusive Cryptos look like they are very experienced scammers and very well financed. They have gone to a lot of effort to appear legitimate, even shooting a promo video with actors playing employees. Still looked fake as hell, but it will fool plenty.

See The Comp Plan Here.

Massive returns are fake…..this scam will probably net millions before disappearing without a trace.

Rating: F

Verdict: Another scam that will leave a trail of victims.

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Quick Navigation

What Is Inclusive Cryptos?


Inclusive Cryptos and Inclusive FX are similar to most ponzis in the sense that they all claim to have a miracle trading bot they seemingly prints money. If you could make 400% per cent per year you would just quietly become a billionaire surely? Inclusive Cryptos need everyone’s funds to make it work unfortunately!


440% Passive GAINZ! – OMFG!


Investment Packages

Invest ROI Term (Days) Referral Rate Binary Binary Cap
Sigma 50-999 1.70% 130 7% 10% 500
Omega 1000-9999 1.80% 140 8% 10% 1000
Beta 10000-25000 1.90% 150 9% 10% 2500
Alpha 25000+ 2% 160 10% 10% 5000


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Compensation Plan

Direct Referral Commissions

Any participant can earn a % of money invested by referrals. It depends on your own level of personal investment.

Sigma – 7%

Omega – 8%

Beta – 9%

Alpha – 10%

Binary Commissions

Get paid 10% of volume on your weakest leg. This is subject to the daily caps mentioned in the previous section.

What I Like About Inclusive Cryptos

Well Backed Financially

Whilst all ponzis are run by criminals the majority are very poorly run. Running a ponzi on a shoe-string budget means it will be a miracle for it to last 2 months. Somehow I get the impression that Inclusive Cryptos have a lot of money behind them. I mean they wrote a script and directed a promo video with 12 actors…..UNBELIEVABLE. Hopefully that means they have enough funds to pay the ROI for a few years….If they do Inclusive Cryptos will build big momentum and attract a lot of money.

Almost Believable.

When you have real people in videos talking about your “opportunity” it really works for credibility. You and I can easily tell that they are actors reading from a script….but if you didn’t speak English you probably wouldn’t notice how fake it sounds. So I think Inclusive Cryptos should be easy to promote and get signups because it is pretty convincing for a scam.

What I dislike about Inclusive Cryptos

This Scam Will Take In MILLIONS

I have people in my family that would be fully convinced by the Inclusive Cryptos promo video. I think that people are going to get WRECKED and go ALL IN. Pretty sad really.


The Real Deal With Inclusive Cryptos

Pretty slick and well financed scam. Warn your friends to not get involved. This will be a big collapse.


SCAM I give it a F.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.


  1. Faustine safari

    My name is faustine safari. Im from Tanzania:I have invested $50 in this company(inclusive cryptos).please may you inform me whats wrong because the site is unaccessible.

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