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Impulsx Passive Review – Darren Bradbury Secretly Launches New Ponzi

Welcome to my Impulsx Passsive review.

Do you ever wonder what happens to people after a big ponzi collapses. I will tell you:

1) The CEO still has a huge stack of Bitcoin

2) The CEO never usually gets in trouble with the authorities

3) The CEO creates a new ponzi but this time he hides in the background, but funds and controls the whole operation. The public “CEO” is usually paid very well and sometimes is a minority partner.

Impulsx Is Secretly Controlled By Darren Bradbury From My Passive Trades

I will show you the connections between Impulsx and My Passive Trades later in the review. You can also see this relationship from Implusx brief time as an attempted crypto exchange:

So from this post onΒ Reddit, you can see that Mark Verdellin has a very close business relationship with Darren Bradbury. Mark is an IT guy and would no doubt manage alot of the tech like servers and so on, whilst Darren Bradbury has the funds from My Passive Trades to fund the seed money for Impulsx.

People always want high passive crypto even if it is usually always impossible to provide UNLESS you fake it by creating a ponzi. That being said sometimes people try too hard to be innovative and it ends up missing the mark completely.

That is how I feel about this new passive crypto program called Impulsx.

It is sort of trying to be 2 things at once, a passive crypto ponzi AND a matrix cycler.Β 

Rinse And Repeat

This will only work if Darren Bradbury can avoid being outed as the CEO of Impulsx. Unfortunately the second and third ponzi is sometimes more difficult to pull off than the first. A lot of people got ripped off with My Passive Trades and they will not be too happy to see what he is up to now.

Recruiters will not bother with a matrix that pays $0.2 per pack bought in the downline. If recruiters don’t go for it, your ponzi will have a real hard time getting any momentum.

I predict this will fizzle out without really getting traction.

When You Are Doing Fake Trading You Need Big Recruiters

Impulsx are paying 10% per month passively. They claim to be doing trading, however experience tells us that this is pure fantasy.

Big Deal Right?

There are hundreds of crypto ponzis popping up every month, so who cares if they are not trading? Well the one thing we know about ponzis is that they absolutely must cater to recruiters with a juicy compensation plan. If they get this right, they can last for years. If the compensation plan sucks, the program will fail very quickly.

Impulsx Have Shot Themselves In The Foot.

There is literally no incentive for big recruiters to ever bother with Impulsx. So this program will always be struggling to attract money to pay the ROI payments.

So, I think Impulsx will be a complete DUD. Anyway lets dig into, exactly what they are offering.

Impulsx Review Summary

Key Figures :Β  Darren Bradbury &Β Mark Verdellen

Product Type : Crypto Ponzi Matrix

Summary :Β  Packs are bought for $10. Around 10% per month is paid passively on the packs. Impulsx also have an mlm matrix compensation plan.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:Β  This will be a total flop.

Verdict: Yes it is a ponzi scam, but the biggest problem for Impulsx is that recruiters will ignore it.

Quick Summary

What Is Impulsx

Let me tell you a little story. Mark Verdellin is a guy with a computer shop in the Netherlands. One day he saw a video about My Passive Trades and decided to promote it.

He made some money, but then My Passive Trades collapsed because it was a big old ponzi.

A Trading Bot On Eurakex Exchange, WTF

Ok this is kind of weird…when My Passive Trades started nearing a total collapse, they planned an exit scam strategy which involved building a fancy new exchange to confuse all the MPT pack holders,

Instead of saying, “Sorry, My Passive Trades was a ponzi and your “packs” are now worthless”, they decided to cook up a temporary token called ERK or Eureaka Coin. Some hope goes a long way to diffusing anger as all con artist know. It’s impossible to be angry and confused at the same time!

MPT Investors now had big bags of ERK tokens, which surely would moon to $5000 each when the exchange launched….right….right?

ERK token plummets to 1 cent and MPT pack holders eventually realize that they were part of a long winded exit scam.

Before this all ended in tears, Mark Verdellin sold a trading bot to trade on the Eureka Exchange. That takes some balls to sell a trading bot on a fake exchange, I tell ya!

A New Exchange Is Born

When EurekaX exchange flopped as all fake exchanges tend to do, it was merged with a new exchange called Impulsx.Β 

So You Are Telling Me There Is Still Hope?

3 Months later Impulsx flops because it ended up falling a little short of being the next Binance.


Each Pack costs $10.

Pack holders earn approximately 10% per month. Unlimited packs can be purchased. You earn this 10% on 60% of your total pack value.

Compensation Plan


RankReferralsPaid Levels


Direct Commission – 10%. Eg when your referral spends $100 on 10 packs, you get a $10 commission.

Matrix – $0.2 per pack sold, up to 15 levels deep

What I Like About Impulsx

This is pretty sustainable under normal circumstances. But these are not normal circumstances. Once people realize that Darren Bradbury is involved, they will stay away.

What I Dislike About Impulsx

If you can pull off a big ponzi like My Passive Trades you can make millions of dollars in a very short time. Naturally as soon as it collapses, the owner immediately builds a new one in an attempt to double up. Unfortunately for Impulsx they have left a lot of tracks leading back to Darren Bradbury which I think will doom Impulsx to a very short life.

The Real Deal

This will be a big flop.


Run away from Impulsx!

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