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Importing From China, Rebranding & Distribution

Wassili: I’m just working three years online so yes so that’s pretty short time someone so my background is as opener as entrepreneur is really ecommerce important start from China and selling it online on my own brand also distributing and I started two or three years ago with online business with teaching people stuff like importing stuff from China it was selling on eBay selling on Amazon all that kind of stuff and after that I went more to the digital marketing and online presence, that’s very important.


In 2006 I started with my own action camera brand you know GoPro, so we were in the beginning of the actual camera business so I imported my own brand export cam so yeah what order was really a lipstick camera and I put my own brand on it and distributed through whole Europe.


It skyrocketed because,  I was on the right place and the right time so I made a lot of money in the past with you know with action cameras really so it was really importing branding and distributing.


I discovered a lot of people want to sell their own brands especially now all the marketplaces are upcoming like Amazon as you know and yeah also because if you want to be different than another one with prices and margins you have to import your own stuff and also bring it to yourself so you can get more margins and sell it also to your audience by putting up your own websites and doing your own marketing so that’s really strong and I teach people how to do that because I know how to build websites how to build funnels for example but also how to show how to import it to Amazon and how to do business with Chinese people because it’s very difficult if you found a supplier which which supplier is reliable yeah so everything comes with risk.


I’m also creating lead magnets and yeah in facebook groups so post in facebook groups people actually where my audience is and correctly magnets for this.


It’s a lead generation group where i teach people how to generate leads online with the tools I’m using so so mainly I’m using jet bots and my own lead magnets and as you know jet boss they’re really interesting because you get high opening rates and high click-through rates and people actually read your message instead of emails so you have to use email so I don’t say skip emails but you have to use them both but Facebook messengers are very interesting for an online business.


In the group, I am giving value there’s people actually contacted me and sending links to my lead magnets or to my to my services or to my to my courses yeah it’s it’s a combination what I’m doing also what I’m doing is online press and do a lot of Facebook live like you do and using YouTube or for my tutorials so I working a lot of online to be present people actually can find me and also resonating with with me so actually gonna buy from me afterwards it’s really important.



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