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Impact Mailing Club Review- ILLEGAL Cash Gifting By Mail

Welcome to my Impact Mailing Club. I am going to try and be nice with this review which is going to be a little bit of a challenge. Let’s be positive if possible!

Now I don’t need to tell you that there are a lot of people trying to make money online. I mean who doesn’t want to make money online right. The problem is that it’s a little bit difficult. As with all things difficult, people look for short cuts. That’s where cash gifting schemes come in. Some people will find it easier to make money with cash gifting, hence the popularity.

Most people will just post this program on Facebook and some will make a few commissions. For most people, that is really all they are aiming for. Other people are in for the long hall and want to build credibility online. Long term marketers with credibility will probably avoid Impact Mailing Club.

Is Impact Mailing Club a Legal Program?

Many of you hate the FTC because they often shutdown certain types of online marketing programs. To some extent, I understand this view point. However, you have to draw a line in the sand somewhere. Either you are going to “think small” and promote illegal programs or you are going to do your best to avoid anything that is non-compliant and illegal. This will be harder because you will need to produce content and add value, however you will make more money in the long term.

Impact Mailing Club is NOT a ponzi scam. I noticed that that another review calls Impact Mailing Club is a ponzi scam. This is incorrect, it is just a pyramid scheme. This means that it won’t really collapse but it will just slowly come to a halt as interest dies down. It has no retail customers and, really it’s just a compensation plan. So technically it is illegal and is unlikely to be around for more than a couple of years. Most people will not care about this.

Even though it’s illegal, I think most people should probably join it. The reason is that most people are not serious about having lasting success. For those people, having a “dabble” with Impact Mailing Club is all they will ever do. Then they will join the next shiny new program and get a similar result and so on…

It’s EASIER To Make Money with Impact Mailing Pro.

If you decide to be an enduring and successful marketer, you will find it a little harder to make money. Real marketing is about creating a ton of valuable content. It takes a sustained effort and most people will never do it.  Although difficult and time consuming, the benefits are greater and long lasting.

Unfortunately most people refuse to accept this and insist on taking shortcuts. This is why 98% continue to fail at online marketing.

If that sounds like you, joining Impact Mailing Club will probably be a good idea. At least you can get a couple of quick commissions. The minority that are committed to building a credible brand online should avoid cash gifting schemes like Impact Mailing Club.

I don’t want to preach too much. but I think it’s important to be honest with you. If you are sick of cash gifting schemes, then maybe one of the legitimate ways to make money online might be a better option. I do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Impact Mailing Club.

Impact Mailing Club – Summary

Key Figures: Rose Alameda

Product Type: Cash Gifting.

Summary: Basically just sending cash and stamps through the mail. Yes, its a pyramid scheme, no it’s not legal and yes you can make quick cash with it.

The levels cost the following:

  • Diamond Level – $2000.
  • Saphire Level – $500.
  • Ruby Level – $250.
  • Emerald Level – $100.

Stamps not included.

See The Comp Plan Here.

This is not a legal or compliant program, however I am NOT saying you shouldn’t join. I personally would not join this.

Rating: D

Verdict: If you really struggle online and don’t care about breaking the law and damaging your reputation, you can MAKE SOME FAST SHORT TERM CASH with this program. Hard pass from me.
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What Is Impact Mailing Club?

No retail customers…check. Sending cash through the mail….check. Sounds illegal…..check. Well it is, but nobody really cares. It is a pyramid scheme were the majority fail to make a cent. Some of you will make a little bit, a few of you will make a lot. Anyway let’s check out the packages.

Diamond Saphire Ruby Emerald
Cost in $ $2,000 $500 $250 $100
Cost In Stamps 5 4 4 2
Recipient 1 Gets $1,000 $300 $150 $65
Recipient 1 Gets 2 Stamp Books 2 Stamp Books 2 Stamp Books 1
Recipient 2 Gets $500 $100 $50 $20
Recipient 2 Gets 2 Stamp Books 2 Stamp Books 2 Stamp Books 1
Admin Gets $500 $100 $50 $15

Compensation Plan

See Above
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What I Like About Impact Mailing Club

Most People Can Stuff Envelopes

People are attracted to these programs because they are low skilled. Literally anybody can stuff envelopes and send out letters. So if you are the type of person that says they are “not tech savvy”, then this might be something that you can do.

Cash Gifting Is Easy To Get Signups

These programs are the bottom of the barrel but they is a never-ending stream of punters that will say that it sounds like a good idea to join. Easy to get sign ups over Facebook.

What I dislike about Impact Mailing Club

Sketchy And Illegal

This is illegal according to the FTC but it will probably run for a couple of years and then fade away. The FTC probably won’t worry about it because they have bigger fish to fry. I personally would feel embarrassed opening up envelopes of cash on youtube, but everyone is different.

It also depends on your audience. The types of people that get into cash gifting usually have no idea about FTC laws and such so they won’t think any less of you for pushing this scheme. My audience would crucify me LOL…..and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

A Complete Rip Off of 30 Day Success Formula

It’s pretty obvious that this is a virtually identical clone. Not that it matters. Even a completely original cash gifting scheme is still….a cash gifting scheme.

The Real Deal With Impact Mailing Club

Not everyone has what it takes to build a credible presence online. For those people Impact Mailing Club sounds like a good option. I think it’s pretty scammy and illegal and will be passing.


Perfect for some, too crappy for others, I give it a D.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.


  1. MS

    I wouldn’t say it’s cash gifting because leads are sold but there’s nothing special about the leads here and you don’t need this club to buy home based business opportunity leads at all.

    I also wouldn’t call it a pyramid scheme because if it actually worked then everyone could make money but the truth is that it doesnt. It doesnt work at all. I joined at the 500 lead level and not a single sale resulted from doing the work as they say to.

  2. Julian Leahy

    You wouldn’t call it a pyramid scheme, but it’s the FTC that decides. Anything with nil or negligible “retail customers”, is an illegal pyramid scheme as per FTC guidelines.

    This program will never make enough of an impact to really bother the FTC. They only go after ones that can last long enough to get through litigation. Impact Mailing Club will be dead in a couple of years, regardless.

    • MS

      I fully get what you mean. With the growing number of negative reviews and nearly all the people who join it losing so much money I can say I would be shocked if they were doing 1/4 of what they are now in 6 months.

    • Cynthia

      The FTC wouldn’t investigate even if Rose Alameda is making millions? She’s probably at a million already in just a couple months!

      • Julian Leahy

        if that is the case that the odds certainly go up!
        At the very least she should get a cease and desist.
        I was being a little dismissive of the FTC, I think they probably get around to more cases than I give them credit for.

      • MS

        I hope they do investigate her and she gets exactly whats coming to her taking advantage of so many people. Everyone jokes she signs up the whole island of Hawaii all the time and it is sad to see all these people from hawaii feel so connected to her because they are from the same place and she is just scamming them too.

        We thought she was different and a honest marketer but she seems to be avoiding addressing peoples questions or anger over them losing a lot of money and not making sales. It looks like she is sucking up as much money as she can make from people who did not see our reviews yet and will only see them once its too late. Eventually the bad feedback will be overwhelming and Im guessing biz will come to a stop for her completely since word is already getting out. Disgruntled marketers are popping up so the clock is ticking for this entire program to eventually explode but as with most misleading marketers she will just continue to hype it up and act like those of us giving reviews are just being haters and make us sound like we are the problem when its her.

        Somebody mentioned something i thought was a great idea. If you dont believe the bad reviews then try it for yourself. Join at the begginner level for 100 bux and mail those letters out and see how many sales you get. Chances are that youll get none.

        You will have lost about 200 bux between the cost of joining and supplies and stamps but its better than losing more at higher membership levels. I personally would just keep my money.

  3. Roberto

    why so many of you just critics and envy the ones the get ahead instead of steeling or robing someone they looking to help others you should try to do the same God bless you so you wont hate no more and get ahead

    • Cyn

      I can’t see anyone defending this unless they just joined and are upset to see the reviews and in denial. I was the same way when I first joined and even argued with a few people that they were just negative.

      Then I lost a lot of money and she refuses to reply to me. I did exactly as she said and did not have a thing to show for it. I was very discouraged and then I started seeing many others complaining about the same thing.

      We’ve all lost our money since there’s no way to get a return from cash so the least we can all do is leave upfront reviews like this to help others.

      Rose’s behavior has been dishonest. She is totally aware that she has mislead people. If you are not advanced with a network you aren’t going to make a dime in this. The whole reason people sign up is because they are being told they don’t need that and than they are disappointed to find out the reality is that nobody signs up from mailing the letters!

      She is avoiding speaking about this and just keeps “expanding” to rush to stack up as much cash as possible. She uses God in her talk just like you do but her actions don’t match and foolish people will continue to eat this up. It’s sad and it’s even more sad that people like you and me wanted to attack honest reviewers instead of being grateful for their ability to have saved us time.

  4. John

    I’ve been in IMC from the beginning. Did exactly what they said to do. Printed the cover letter with my info, printed the order form. Sent out 1,000 letters. No one joined, no calls, no emails, not even a facebook friend request. Offline only. I won’t be doing any more mailings. I do not recommend joining IMC.

  5. Art

    I spent around $900 between getting started and stamps and supplies and mailed out hundreds of envelopes. It has been 2 months and not even a single reply. I got paranoid and thought I messed up my contact info but nope I did not.

    Rose doesn’t respond to anyone not because she’s some confident person but because she has no explanation or back up for her scam. She’s an idiot who talks a good game. Maddening to know she has wasted the last pennies of so many of us

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