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How To Be Vulnerable With Matt Morris


Roots coaching is basically about those showing people how to be vulnerable and open it with their thoughts. Basically letting people know that it’s okay to be yourself. To be authentic and to share really what’s going on inside your head inside your mind so that you don’t get trapped in the states of like depression or having a thoughts of suicide because that’s what happens when you would’ve trapped your thoughts inside and keep them all to yourself so it’s important to be vulnerable and share really what’s going on.


Back in 2012 I have just gotten kicked out of physical therapy school. I’m like okay well that’s obviously a sign that physical therapy’s not for me I filled out so I was like okay what am I gonna do with my life so I got stuck.


I’m stuck and when I was at lunch with my friend and he was like hey man I just got back from my life coaching session it was really really amazing yeah and I was like what the heck is a live coach are you kidding me a live coach what is that so he’s like oh yeah a live cool of which is great you know he gets you back on track with their goals you know helps you live in the present moment a life coach is really really great so I was like okay well that sounds like something I need and so the next day I called up a live coach and you gave me a free session and during that sense I was like oh my god this is what I want to be doing I want to be helping people out asking them questions that matter like helping them you back on track with their lives so I want to be I want to do what you’re doing how do I sign up and as I go to the school coaches Training Institute and sign up.


Basically he was just a life coach himself but he did not the course isn’t his but he was a life coach and he went to the school called the coaches training institute Australia now yeah yeah there might be some in Australia.


Whether you want to be a life coach or not you learned so much by yourself and then how to be in the present moment learn how to set goals you know achieve your dreams.

I just wrote a book and it’s called unzip your mindΒ it’s about being the power of vulnerableΒ and just being open with your thoughts and and how much it can heal you but just being open and sharing but people who will listen.


It’s based on whatever the parent whatever the person is going through usually it’s based around depression and it ways to prevent depression and talk about it your story and connecting so we need that like I said we made up once a week once a week.



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