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High Dose Vitamin D Exciting Health Benefits With Dr Judson Somerville MD


Judson Somerville:ย  I first learned about vitamin D… I mean everybody knows about vitamin D, but I really got the insight into it about eight years ago eight and a half years ago I started experimenting with it went to a lecture and this lady, Natasha Gormanik,ย  really kind of opened my eyes because at the time I was dying I was really really sick and nothing helped I run through all the traditional medical stuff you know being a medical doctor kind of know that and my body was just you know if I didn’t do something soon I had three to five years to live so I started experimenting with it and pretty soon after that I realized you know this word needs to get out people need to understand what this stuff does and so I about eight years seven and a half seven and a half years.


I’m shooting for October 31st is the publication date you know I mean there’s so much that goes into it editing and trying to get endorsements and testimonials and just trying to tie up all the loose details to do a quality job you know I mean you can rush it through but really to to make sure that it’s accurate and easy to read and you know because I think it’s really important stuff and if people you know don’t really understand why I came to the decisions I did or the conclusions then I think they’re less likely to understand that the doses we take or for vitamin D are good to treat basically rickets but that’s a children’s disease and most of us aren’t children and this stuff does amazing stuff if you take the right dose if you don’t you might aswell not waste your time.


The optimal dose is 30,000 units, which sounds like a lot but if you convert international units which is what I use hour into milligrams, its 750 micrograms that’s how little this is okay and I found the original article where they decided what the toxic dose was because everybody’s worried it’s a fat-soluble vitamin well first of all it’s not a vitamin it’s a second form of them.


I mean I take the whole book to explain but basically at 30,000 that’s that’s about what people that live on the equator get from the Sun every day okay and I found that the current levels that they say that you only need thirty nanograms per milliliter in your blood to be adequate well I totally disagree with that I think it needs to be at least 100 to 140 and with 30,000 you’ll get in that range.


In the article where they talk about how they established that a hundred was the the most you could vice but let me get before you might become toxic well actually it was three hundred but they wanted to be careful you know quote-unquote careful and so they cut it in the third and I think it’s caused all these what I call the winter syndrome all these health problems between being obese not being able to sleep and problems with infection because basically vitamin D is to help you get through the winter hibernate basically and there’s a cost your immune system suffers you end up having to put on a lot of weight to try to make it through periods when there’s less food and those those you pay a price for that well when you have low vitamin D your body thinks it needs to hibernate basically and I believe that’s the reason we have all the problems we do or somebody the health problems we do.

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