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Healing With Laughter Featuring Dr Bob Choat


Bob Choat: The Laughter Mindset was born out of a coaching session I was giving to what one of my Cochees,  Sophie Nubani and we started like having it’s a discussion we started talking about laughing and and laughter and and all of a sudden we just broke out in laughter and I would say we caught the laughter virus because we could not stop laughing or over an hour I would surmise there’s probably like an hour and a half we just kept laughing and laughing and laughing and and it got to be crazy and we’re trying to figure out how we’re gonna stop this you know we need the right mindset and Sophie mention that and then I got to thinking hmm, laughter mindset laughter mine said and I I did a little cartoon I said laughter mindset we created a program called laughter mindset.


It incorporates laughter which helps to heal all of us in in mind body and spirit and it’s already been shown through many many many studies it has a positive effect on one’s psychology has a positive effect on on on our immune system and and so much more and it’s interesting how Time magazine just came out with with an issue on the signs of laughter and we’ve been talking about laughter so what we did we took laughter and Sophie is certified as a laughter yoga instructor though we took laughter we combined it with neuro linguistic programming we combined with the growth mindset psychology neuroscience and other modalities and is continuing to be evolved so we had a winded up having a first workshop at University of Central Florida back in May then we had another one at at a spa VIP lounge in Orlando and then in July we had one for the Sheraton in Orlando and so it’s continued continue again to be evolved we’re having more and more workshops and we’re going to have more programs attached to that so it since January has grown quite a bit and we’re really excited in terms of where it’s going.


We go back to how even like Norman Cousins have you’ve heard heard about him? So he wrote a book but this is a guy that talked about how laughter healed him from his illness and his book became very very famous in fact I actually have a copy of it right here Norman Cousins – Anatomy of an Illness.


He talks about within us this book of how it healed his illness where he thought he was going to die and since then we know that laughter has come out in many forms in terms of healing people with cancer people with heart disease and so much more we know that laughter when we laugh when we do a good hearty laugh it operates like diaphragm and and we look underneath our diaphragm because our diaphragm when it’s relaxed it’s like this we have our lungs on top and everything like that so when we laugh, the diaphragm flattens out so underneath the diaphragm we have a set of lymph nodes all the way through it so when we laugh hahahahaha massages those. Getting rid of those toxins and we feel much better.


Most people have very weak diaphragms even professional athletes a lot of them have very weak diaphragms they tend to breathe from the upper chest so laughter helps to activate that as well as all the good positive hormones beta endorphins which is an amazing amazing hormone that is better than than opiates in terms of relieving pain everything like that and then we have dopamine and we have serotonin and oxytocin among many others other hormones that gets released yet endorphins are by the primary one that that that that gets released and our bodies love it.

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