Welcome to my Hashingadspace Review. Unfortunately this is one of those times when I am going to have to lay the boot in. I much prefer to be positive, but when I see these rehashed schemes popping up endlessly, I have to say something! Believe me, once you see what is going on, you won’t be happy either.

Do you guys remember the notorious advertising ponzi “My Advertising Pays”? It was a ponzi scam based on selling advertising credits. As is often the case with ponzis, it got very popular before imploding completely with all funds lost. The founders, Simon Stepsys and Mike Deese are still tied up in prosecutions and may face jail time.

One of the top MAPS promoters is a fellow Australian called Luke Willard. I guess he saw how much money Deese and Stepsys made and decided to launch his own advertising credit scheme, YAY!!!!!

So what is really going on with Hashingadspace? Once you read the review, you will be able to decide if Hashingadspace is a complete turd. Heck, maybe it’s a legitimate way to make money online. Either way you will know after reading this post!  I do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Hashingadspace.

Hashingadspace – Summary

Key Figures: Luke Millard

Product Type: Advertising Credit Scheme

Summary: To earn, you handover your precious bitcoin in exchange for the Hashingadspace Token, ASIMI.

From there you buy advertising packs with the ASIMI Token. The advertising clicks are just other Hashingadspace members who only view your ads to earn more ASIMI tokens.

See The Comp Plan Here.

Hashingadspace is not technically a ponzi, however it is an unlicensed security offering. Australian regulatory authority, ASIC will be all over this like a rash. Unfortunately it will collapse before then due to the fact that banner ads are worthless in 2019. Not to mention the fact that the only people using the ASIMI token are those participating in the Hashingadspace scheme.This will cause downward pressure on the ASIMI token causing the scheme to collapse in 6 months anyway.

Rating: D

Verdict: This is illegal and a great way to lose your crypto. Stay away!

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What Is Hashingadspace?

Hashingadspace is an Advertising Credit scheme. The sell advertising “clicks”. If you noticed, I put clicks in inverted commas. That’s because it’s worthless “slave clicks”. They way Hashingadspace works is that other Hashingadspace members view your ad solely to earn ASIMI tokens. They could not care about what your offer is. Furthermore even if they were not forced to view your ads, who the hell pays for banner ads in 2019. Banner ads and login ads  don’t work anymore. That is why you hardly see them being sold like you did in the early days of the internet. These ad clicks are worthless. If you don’t believe me, you should join the scheme and see for yourself.

Whilst, I am pretty happy with the income from my top way to make money online. I still get surprised that people still fall for this stuff. I probably don’t need to put a disclaimer, but I will anyway. I do not promote Hashingadspace.

Ad Minter

Price 40 ASIMI ($20)

  • 1000 Views To Your site
  • 7 Second Retention
  • 2 cents per view

Delivers the highest volume traffic for your site. Viewers will watch your ads daily, with a guaranteed retention of 7 seconds. This gives you time to display the best features of your offer with a captivated, targeted audience.”

Banner Ad

Price 40 ASIMI ($20)

  • 4000 impressions
  • Rotated through all banner positions
  • 0.5 c per impression

 “Banners are displayed on all pages of the site. This means even when the Hashing Ad Space member is excitedly checking out their Minting rewards, advertising stats or any other page –  your ad can be there – front and center.”


Login Ad

Price 40 ASIMI ($20)

  • 250 views to your website.
  • 7 second retention rate
  • 8c per view

As the first impression for the member while logging in, Login Ads prove to be highly effective and can deliver the most viewer engagement. Login Ads also have a guaranteed retention of 7 seconds.”

Earn ASIMI by viewing the Ads

In the previous section, I talked about the ad packs that members purchase which will allow their links, banners and login ads to be viewed by other members. A member will earn a portion of the daily ASIMI token release. Each day 17K tokens are released and split evenly among the members viewing the ads. As members increase, there are less tokens per member being allocated. This creates “false demand” inside the system which is hoped to artificially pump the price of the ASIMI token. This is similar to how Bitconnect managed to inflate their own token price inside the system. As there is no demand for ASIMI outside of Hashingadspace, the token is doomed to fail.

Minting Packages

You can purchase minting packages for an extra 200 ASIMI ($100). This means that you can view an extra ad and receive an extra portion of the daily 17000 ASIMI being released to ad viewers. Once again, this is to create false demand inside the system. You also receive a share of company sales revenue made from the sale of the ad packs. The minting package is valid for 1 year.


Compensation Plan

Advertising Pack Commissions

50% of every pack purchased by your referral.

Minting Pack Commissions

Earn 4% of every minting pack purchased by your referral.


Volume Bonuses

Volume bonuses are calculated from the combined total of all your direct referral purchases. They are paid out in ASIMI tokens. As the number of ASIMI tokens are limited, so is the number of times that each bonus can be awarded. Once all available bonuses have been awarded, there will be no more awarded. 


Sales Volume Personal Bonus Limited To Company Total
1 $3,125 156 1280 200K
2 $6,250 313 640 200K
3 $12,500 625 320 200K
4 $25,000 1.25K 160 200K
5 $50,000 2.5K 80 200K
6 $100,000 5k 40 200K
7 $200,000 10K 20 200K
8 $400,000 20K 10 200K


What I Like About Hashingadspace

Founder Is A very Smart Guy

I have to take my hat off to Luke Millard, he is kind of a genius. He is made a twist by not paying profits based on pack purchases, like regular ponzis. Instead he has created a an ecosysytem which will artificially inflate the price of the ASIMI token (well for a while, at least)This is a very clever scheme, unfortunately its still illegal.

Great Compensation Plan

Honestly, if I wasn’t averse to doing illegal things, I could make a ton with this program. Oh well!

Idiot Proof

Even a trained monkey could watch 7 second ads for a coupe of bananas. When its that easy to do, you are pretty much sure to have a winner at least in terms of popularity.

What I dislike about Hashingadspace

Selling Unlicensed Securities

This company is based in Australia. You just can’t cant go around setting up Crypto MLM schemes here. The federal regulator has a lot of power and only a small population to watch over. Hashingadspace are offering unlicensed securities. Now I know all you affiliates will say “no they are not”. You are wrong!

They just finished beating the crap out of all the Binary Options schemes.

Fact: Crypto Schemes Are Next

Oh well, at least you can say you were warned!

ASIMI Token Has No Use/Value Outside Of Hashingadspace

In the short term you can artificially inflate a crypto like ASIMI by compensating users of the Hashingadspace scheme. Outside of the scheme, users are nil.

When ASIMI hits the exchange it’s going to go right up, only to finish up worthless. Shortly afterwards Hashingadspace will be just an uncomfortable memory.

Do You REALLY Think Banner Ads And Login Ads work in 2019?

You will notice that nobody talks much about the actual product. Instead everyone will focus on the opportunity. That’s because the product is irrelevant. They have to have some sort of a product to deflect ponzi accusations. I mean let’s be real, that’s the only reason they are selling banner ads.

Anybody who has successful experience in marketing, knows that banner ads and login ads are among the most useless ways to advertise. The ads will not work. Even more so, when you consider that the only reason people are viewing the ads is to get more ASIMI tokens.

The Real Deal With Hashingadspace

I always feel bad bashing new programs. The fact of the matter is that Hashing Ad Space is an illegal security offering and will be shut down by ASIC. Futhermore, the program is designed to artifically pump their ASIMI token. Once the token hits the exchanges it’s game over.


Don’t be a Mug! I give it a D rating


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