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Green Compass CBD Review – Straight From The Growers

Welcome to my Green Compass CBD review. As you can tell by the name, Green Compass CBD are in the CBD oil business. They are headed up by farming family from Wilmington, North Carolina. Merideth and Sterling Cook both have deep roots going back generations to the local farming industry.

Green Compass have a unique concept, bringing organic farm grown CBD direct to the customer. I really like this idea. It gives the customer, the story behind the product they are using. With most other CBD companies, you really have no idea where the products originate from. I don’t know about you, but I really like the idea of buying produce direct from the farmers!

Green Compass have commissions for retail sales. They also have a networking marketing compensation plan, that rewards affiliates with residual income.

Once you read the review, you will be able to decide if Green Compass CBD is one of the many legitimate ways to make money onlineI do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Green Compass CBD.

Green Compass CBD – Summary

Key Figures: Sterling and Meredith Cook

Product Type: CBD Oil.

Summary: To earn you must be an Active Advocate by purchasing the business kit for $49.95. Qualified Affiliates are eligible to participate in the Compensation Plan.

Affiliates earn from 10% to 20% commissions on sales. Plus Green Compass CBD have MLM Commissions.

See The Comp Plan Here.

Sterling and Meredith Cook are farmers, several generations deep. They have a vision to deliver locally grown organic CBD from the farm to the consumer. It’s a great concept, much better than corporate CBD in my opinion.

Rating: A

Verdict: I like this quite a lot!Quick Navigation

What Is Green Compass CBD?

Green Compass CBD is a CBD oil MLM company. They have a sensible range of products including: CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum CBD, CBD for Pets and CBD skin creams.

Whilst, I am pretty happy with the income from my top way to make money online. I still find Green Compass to be a pretty interesting opportunity.

Let’s get into the details with the Green Compass CBD program and products.

500mg Full Spectrum

750 mg Full Spectrum

1000 mg Full Spectrum

500 mg CBD Isolate

750 mg CBD Isolate

250 mg CBD For Pets

CBD Topical Cream

Soothing Skin Cream


CBD Topical Cream

Muscle and Joint Cream with Menthol


Compensation Plan

What I Like About Green Compass CBD

Founders Are Farmers

I have a great deal of respect for farming families. I think that sometimes we take fresh produce for granted but it’s nice sometimes to think about the people behind our fresh produce. They take care in what they do. The best way to get that appreciation is sourcing our produce and products direct from the farmers themselves. We get to do that with Green Compass CBD with the added bonus of helping farmers diversify their crops with Hemp. I really what Green Compass are doing here.

They Have Isolate plus Full Spectrum CBD

The only reason to buy isolate is if your are paranoid about getting trace amounts of THC. But if I am honest there is a big difference between isolate and full spectrum. You really should buy full spectrum CBD if possible, because it has greater health benefits. Not to mention the trace elements of THC make for a wonderful sleep! Although full spectrum is best, Isolate still has analegesic effects on it’s own. Green Compass CBD has both types of CBD and thats great.

Sensible Product Range.

I have seen some rather silly CBD oil products in my time doing reviews, but everything Green Compass has on offer makes sense. Just CBD oil and CBD pain lotion, what more do you need? They also have the right number of products. I really shake my head when I see companies with too many products. No need to go overboard and Green Compass did not.

What I dislike about Green Compass CBD

A Little Expensive Compared To Some Competitors

This is a very minor complaint because they are still competitive with most, but this point is till valid. Lets compare Green Compass CBD with CTFO:

  • CTFO have 500mg of CBD isolate for $60
  • Green Compass have 500 mg of CBD isolate for $84.95

So they are not the cheapest, but let’s not forget that the cheapest is almost never the best. Truth be known I would rather pay a little more knowing that we are buying direct from the growers.

Green Compass CBD are still pretty good value. Another competitor that I reviewed sells 500 mg of isolate for $100, so the pricing is still in the right ball park.

Pricing Of The Pet CBD Oil Doesn’t Make Sense To Me.

As far as I can tell, the pet product is just 250 mg of CBD Oil for $84.95. Assuming it’s isolate, it’s exactly double the price of their CBD isolate for humans. I don’t think it’s smart to just have a different label and charge double. Customers will just buy the human CBD and give that to Fido instead. The only way they can justify charging double for the Pet CBD is by adding some bacon flavoring or something. If they did that, I don’t think pet owners would mind so much.

The Real Deal With Green Compass CBD

Green Compass CBD have quality products and a really nice “farm to table” concept. I could really get behind this one! Not the cheapest, but the concept justifies the price in my opinion. The pet product has me perprlexed, but that’s a minor gripe.


Looks the goods!, I give it an A.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.


  1. Janie C Jordan

    Since your only complaint is the pet product price I thought I would let you know that the price on the website now is $49.95. I am not sure if they saw your blog or not but maybe it helped! My dog’s arthritis is gone due to CBD oil! Amazing product and Green Compass is Organic! Try it out!

    • John

      Are you aware of anyone using your 1000mg Full Spectrum Oil having a skin reaction similiar to Poision Ivy.
      I used the lotion for a while and decided to try the oil also.
      Some particular days with a lot of physical activity I use a small drop under my tongue and the cream on my hip? Real itchy on face, arms and from torso.

  2. LaToiya Bomar

    So I gathered from reading your article that the buy in is 49.95 for the business kit but I received an email stating that the buy in was almost $300. Now I’m more skeptical

    • David Winters

      There are 2 options to get started with GC. You can buy in at $49.95 but receive no product for that amount. You do get access to business materials and can start buying and selling the product. The $300 option gives you the $49.95 business kit mentioned above plus 4 bottles of CBD oil and 4 CBD lotions. Hope this clarifies and helps.

    • Jen

      You can buy in for $49.95 and be an active member. The $299 buy in includes the 49.95 membership and plus 4 full size 500mg tinctures abs 4 full size topical creams (2 soothe, 2 relieve). It is an excellent value and gives you an opportunity to try the products at a huge discount.

    • Jordan R

      You can purchase the kit which comes with 4 oils, the pet oil and both lotions for $300 or you can purchase just the marketing material. You do not have to purchase the $300 box but it’s a steal!

    • Kelly Cipriani

      There are 2 ways to get involved as an advocate. You certainly can do the basic business kit for $49.95 or go for the full starter kit which also gives you almost $700 in full sized products for $299.95. Most folks, including me, choose that option because of the ability to try all the product. It really is up to the individual. Hope this helps!

    • Bebo Frazier

      Then you obviously have done your research as many don’t! 49.00 kit is basic paperwork to do the business & 299.00 is some of the product at different levels. So maybe check it out! Be been in tremendous pain for yrs with very little out there for me! The druggies took that away from us that truly need help! To say that I was offered a sample & I am here to say I’ve never gotten out of pain truly out of pain until I tried green Compass cbd oil. I bought the kit & I buy from myself not making anyone benefit but me to be honest! Just to see a dr cost more than I bought in for! I can’t be more excited & thankful that a friend told me what he had found & shared it with me! No pushing to buy just a true story about how he stopped so many issues he had with cbd by Green Compass! I’ve tried several over the yrs & not one has done what Green Compass has done for me! I had given up trying to find relief so I’m so thankful & beyond that my friend shared this with me! No one is more Skeptical than I was! Green Compass CBD is the real deal for so many things! Love it!

    • Lisa Stevens

      The $49.95 is only for the paperwork . For example: catalogs, brochures, order forms. You get quite a bit of each. The $300 is actually $299.95 which includes over $700 in products and all the paperwork. That’s the way to go. In the startup kit you get: 1-30ml 250mg pet tincture, 2-30ml of 500mg one full spectrum and one isolate, 1-30ml-750mg full spectrum, 1-30ml-1000mg full spectrum, 2 bath bombs, 1 bottle of soothe cream. It’s an amazing deal. Great way to try it and okay around with the dosing or sell some and make a little money back to offset the price of the kit. Would love for you to try it if you haven’t already.
      Lisa S

    • Sharon Koontz

      Hi, Latoiya! My name is Sharon and I started taking GC Cbd oil a year ago. I loved the products so much that I joined the company so I could share it with others. You can join GC for $49.99 for the Business Kit. I purchased the CORE Start kit which was $299. This includes the business kit AND over $700 in products! Best decision I ever made. I would be happy to talk to you more about it if you’re interested.

  3. Pat Carter

    My step daughter just bought me CBD HEMP Extract Full Spectrum 500 mg Frest Mint Flavored (1 Fl. oz). I have drug tests for a pain patch I receive monthly.

    Will I fail the drug test if I take this.


    • Rachel

      Hey Pat.
      The amount of THC in this product is trace amounts <.03% but just to be safe I would probably advise against it until you no longer get drug tested. You can always discuss it with the prescribing provider and see their thought. Some doctors are more open to it than others.

      • Anonymous

        There are different types of drug tests. The cheaper tests do not test for CBD vs THC, so sometimes the CBD will give a false positive. If you tested positive, ask for a more specific test. The other think to keep in mind is, there are two types of test. One is a limit test, common for most company drug tests, where as long as you are below the legal limit, you pass. This test is just a pass/fail test. The other type of test will test for amounts. This type of test is given to pilots, CDL drivers, nurses, etc. If you are required to take this test, you should use the CBD only products. Green Compass provides the 3rd party independent lab tests that show the amounts of what is in the product.

  4. Kit McCall

    Green Compass CBD is “oil-based”… to where people are only getting 10 to 20 percent of the CBD…because the oil has to be digested and processed through the liver, before it goes to work (which is also taxing on the body, adding fats and calories too.

    Bioreigns is the only company in the world to figure out how to put CBD into purified water… meaning that 100% Bioavailable, to where people get 100% of the CBD (all 560mg), and faster !!!
    (All Natural. No GMOs. 0% THC. Made From Hemp.)

    USA CBD Health

  5. Anonymous

    Do you think it would be frowned upon by my employer to be an GC Advocate? I am a nurse and work in a hospital. I know it’s legal but is it a conflict of interest?

    • Julian Leahy

      You already know the answer to this. A health care professional pitching an MLM to patients?…I have no words.

      And all you are worried about if what the employer says??? What about your personal code of ethics..Of course it is NOT OK…..jeez

  6. Marian

    The $299 kit comes with 4 500 mg bottles, 1 250 pet and 2 (not 4). 4oz creams total of 7 products, just thought I would let you know. I am a Green Compass Advocate and purchased the $299 kit.

  7. Steve Bachtel

    I am a senior and was in the process of ordering the 500mg till I saw the $10 shipping. I can see there could be some benefits for me and my wife and we’d like to try it. However, as expensive as the cbd is, I find it ridiculous to have to pay shipping! Shipping should be included at that price and not added. I’m sure there is plenty of profit margin (at those costs) to include shipping. So this may be the only time I’ll order this, unless the benefits actually outweigh the total cost. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  8. Wendy Archer

    I love my green compass business and I love the product. The buying price is very reasonable the company and your upline are very helpful and if you spend the $299 for the core package you do get all the oils and you get to try them and that’s kind of fun

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