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Gominer Is A Fake Cloud Mining Operation based in Russia

It is very simple to demonstrate real cloud mining. A real cloudmining operation can produce a public mining address. When we have that we can see how much (if any) real mining is taking place. Be aware though that some cloud mining scams do a small amount of mining so that they can trick investors. In such cases they show a public mining address, but it is just for show because the ROI payments are much larger and are just being shuffled around from new investors to the scheme. When new investors slow down the scheme collapses. In the case of Gominer they have no public mining address and cannot even demonstrate a small amount of mining. The whole thing is fake.




Most of these scams figure that nobody is going to check any info that they put on the website. Unfortunately for them I check everything from whitepapers to CEO biographies on their sites. It is always 100% bullshit. Take the CEO “Jack Ethan Mayler” for example. He claims to be a highly credentialed executive with a Masters degree from Stanford University. Let’s check with real some Stanford graduates and see what they have to say.

I posted this in the Stanford subreddit to see if I could get any verification.

The helpful folk at /r/stanford showed me how I can access the full list of Masters graduates from Stanford and guess what I found! There is no graduate listed by the name of “Jack Ethan Mayler”. Hey I am starting to think that this Gominer scheme is not quite as good as it is claimed to be!

So everything about Gominer is fake, I sure hope you did not send them any precious bitcoin. More than likely, you will never see it again!

Gominer Review – Summary

Key Figures: Jack Ethan Mayler (FAKE)

Product Type: Cloud mining MLM/Ponzi.

Summary: To earn you must invest at least between $10 to $10K. Depending on the level, you will receive the promised hash rate associated for each plan. Returns are said to depend on prevailing difficulty/profitability, but really it is at the sole discretion of Gominer. Predicted returns range from 7% to 10% per day.

Extremely scammy project with fake team and very high returns. 

See The Comp Plan Here.

If this lasts 6 months, I will eat my own shorts.

Rating: F

Verdict: A ponzi scam that will collapse and steal your funds.

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What Is Gominer?


Gominer is what I would call a shortlived “smash and grab” ponzi. There just is not enough about this project that we keep all of the investors calm for any length of time. Once the bad news starts coming out that the Gominer project is full of lies, I expect it collapse soon after. If you claim to be doing cloud mining, you will need to show a public mining address to last even 6 months.

Gominer Are Doing ZERO Mining!


Investment Packages

Cost Hash Gotokens Contract
Level 1 $10 687 7,333 1 Year
Level 2 $25 1718 18,333 1 Year
Level 3 $50 3437 36,666 1 Year
Level 4 $100 6875 73,333 1 Year
Level 5 $250 17187 183,334 1 Year
Level 6 $500 34375 366,668 1 Year
Level 7 $1,000 68750 733,336 1 Year
Level 8 $5,000 343750 3,666,683 1 Year
Level 9 $10,000 687503 7,333,367 1 Year

Token Staking

Investors will receive more tokens for staking which is said to be from 1% to 3% per day. The tokens have no utility outside of the scheme. Eventually the token price will collapse.

Compensation Plan

The comp plan is referred to as the “Bounty Program”.

When new members join via affiliate link, the affiliate earns the following:

  • 5% more bonus tokens.
  • extra 30 GH/s
  • 1% ROI matching from all direct signups.

What I Like About Gominer

I Tried To Find Positives, There Is Not One

I understand that ponzis are everywhere and people love investing in them. Some of them do a pretty good job of appearing credible. Well good enough to convince the average investor at least. Gominer is so packed with lies and deception that it is not a good option for even experienced ponzi players. This will go up in smoke in a very short time.

What I dislike about Gominer

This Has No Intention Of Being Around For Long

I can sort of understand how people get sucked into the more believable ponzi scams like Cloud Token but it really puzzles me how anyone would feel like sending BTC to Gominer is a good idea. There is just red flag after red flag. Projects like this disappear very quickly.


The Real Deal With Gominer

Fake CEO with fake mining. They will pay returns for a few months before disappearing with the lot.


Stay away from this one. I give it an F grade.


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