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How To Get Leads From Youtube.

How To Get Leads From Youtube

Do you want to have unlimited leads on tap? In this video you’ll discover how to generate leads from YouTube videos. Once you get going you will have leads coming in every day. It’s quite incredible.

This is all happening on autopilot. Automation is the best!

Hello, name is Julian Leahy from If you want to learn how to grow your audience on YouTube and generate traffic, leads and sales on autopilot hit the subscribe button then click the bell icon so you won’t miss any future videos.

This is why you should be using youtube to generate leads.

1 YouTube is the second largest search engine on the net after Google.

Let me say that again. There is google then comes youtube. Its massive and its free real estate so you need to grab some of it!

Thats :

– Over 1 billion users

– 5 Billion videos watched every day

– 30 Million visitors per day


Make Your Thumbnail Irresistible.

If your YouTube thumbnail stands out in the search engine listings among all the other website listings YouTube will also promote your videos on other people’s channels based upon their browsing behavior this means you do the work once and your YouTube videos will generate leads year after year number three video

Boosts engagement we are automatically attracted to motion sound and people’s faces when we deliver information to our audience this helps build trust and credibility.

Here are 4 requirements to generate leads from YouTube videos number:

1) create an engaging video  

2) create a lead magnet number

3) create a landing page 

4) use an email autoresponder

Let’s take a more detailed look at each of these requirements.

1) Engaging video.

Ok, so you need to grab the audience’s attention right away in the first few seconds. You could ask a question, mention a pain point, or mention a problem that this video will solve.

Then you just expand on the introduction with a concise logical flow.

Eg you tell the audience that this video is going to solve this particular problem. Then you concisely convey the solutions to the problems of your Audience in bullet point format.

One trick is use a transition or image every 3 seconds to reset the viewers attention. Cut out the waffle and viewers will keep watching.

End your video with a strong call-to-action that redirects viewers to your landing. You need to explicitly tell people where to find the link to the page and why they should click it number.

2) Lead magnet.

the purpose of your lead magnet is to capture the contact information of your viewers a lead magnet can be a free

report cheat sheet ebook or even a free video course typically I offer a free course or cheat sheet that makes an easy download number.

3) Landing page.

The purpose of the landing page is to outline the benefits of what the viewer will receive when they leave their contact information your landing page should have a title that grabs the viewers attention outlines the benefits and includes the contact form when the contact form has been submitted they should automatically receive a thank-you page that thanks them for subscribing.

I use the Power Lead System to create all my landing pages

4) Set up an email autoresponder.

The purpose of the email autoresponder is to create an opt-in form on your landing page when someone submits the opt-in form with the contact information, it’ll be automatically captured by an autoresponder. You can then follow up with a series of emails that expands upon the information they received in the video. For example, you can set up automated emails that go out on the first day second day third day and fifth day. The beauty of this system is that it works automatically day and night even while you’re sleep. I use Power Lead System to manage and automate the follow-up emails that were collected from my landing pages. I’ll include a link to a web in the description below when you send a series of automated emails you can also recommend your products and services.

Here are three important things to keep in mind when generating leads from YouTube videos.

Number one– create a lead magnet that’s related to your video content when the content in your free report is aligned with the content in your video. You’ll get more conversions.

Number two- don’t sell immediately, avoid sending your viewers directly to a sales page by capturing the leads first they can get to know like and trust you and then you can recommend your products and services.

Number three- avoid sending viewers to a landing page in every video. YouTube wants to keep viewers on their platform as long as possible so vary the number of videos where you send people off YouTube. Instead send them to a related video if you want to know how to get more prospects and leads with video.

Youtube is amazing if you want more sales if you want to grow your audience on YouTube and generate traffic leads and sales on autopilot.

I have a message to those of you who maybe went through what I went through, before I had any success online.

I tried everything, but I just couldn’t get anywhere with my marketing.

I tried paid advertising, I tried blogging, I tried Facebook…but I just got disappointing and inconsistent results.

Then I realized that I was repelling people. They new I wanted to buy my product or join the program that I was promoting. Finally I worked out that I needed to add value first.

Once I started doing this, people started being attracted to the things I had on offer. This was a game changer.

I just needed a mentor that explained all of this.

Fortunately you don’t need to go through what I went through. I will help you

Contact me here

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