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Welcome to my reviewGandhiji is a very interesting and unique program that allows participants to accumulate crypto. Usually crypto programs are extremely sketchy and unstable because they are ponzis created by scammers. With Gandhiji, the risk of being scammed is simply not possible due to it running on an ethereum smart contract. There are no people in control! There can be no exit scam! The smart contract is alive and cannot be stopped or altered! This is not like any other “passive crypto scheme” that I have ever reviewed.

Even though you cannot be scammed with Gandhiji, you need to understand that risks do still apply.

Gandhiji is basically long term crypto speculation tied to Ethereum. Would you be willing to bet that Ethereum will go up in price? I would! That is essentially what you are doing by investing in Gandhiji, except you are doing it through Gandhiji’s ERC token (IND). If Ethereum is bullish, people are likely to more likely invest in the IND token. When people purchase IND, there is a 10% fee which gets paid as dividends to all IND holders. If ethereum depreciates then many IND holders will panic sell which will also attract a 10% fee which is also paid to IND holders as dividends.

Whilst all of this is going on the IND price is going up and down, whilst the IND Hodlers are continuing to accumulate more and more IND. Ethereum is extremely undervalued so I would say holding IND is a pretty safe long term hold. Even safer would be just to hold Ethereum, at the risk of missing out on the possible IND token gains. Review – Summary

Key Figures: Sunny Paaji

Product Type: Ethereum DAP.

Summary: Gandhiji is basically a currency speculation game which rewards IND holders in two ways.

       1) Possible appreciation of IND price

        2) every transaction attracts a 10% fee which is paid                    back to holders as dividends.

Scam Proof but not without risk. The risk is inherent to any speculative investment and not Gandhiji per say.

See The Comp Plan Here. 

Do you believe in Ethereum? If so (like me) you should check out Gandhiji. I am extremely confident in the IND token going up considerably.

Rating: A

Verdict: This is just what I have been looking for.

What Is Gandhiji?

It is a smart contract that is designed to pay dividends to those that hold the IND Token. Here is how it works.

Somebody Buys IND – 10% Exchange Fee Is Distributed To IND Holders – And IND Price Goes Up.

Somebody Sells IND – 10% Exchange Fee is Distributed To IND Holders – And IND Price Goes Down.

Dividends – Dividends are the exchange fees (ie 10% for buys and 10% per Sells). It is divided amount IND holders. For example if you hold 5% of IND tokens, you get paid 5% of transation fees for every transaction.

Gandhiji Creates A HODL Mentality

This is pretty clever. Imagine the crypto markets become fearful. Many people will panic sell. IND holders will be more likely to HODL because they will get distributions of IND from the 10% sellers fee. Whilst the IND price will go down, they just increased the share of IND tokens. When it pumps, they will receive even more dividends because they hold more IND. Now they wait for another sell off to increase their personal holdings of IND coin.

Gandhiji Is NOT A Ponzi

You don’t get daily passive returns, but you get a percentage of transaction fees for every single IND coin transaction. This has the effect of constantly increasing the amount of IND that you have, just by hodling. 10% is charged for every buy and every sell. 100% of that goes to the IND holders.

Gandhiji Cannot Exit Scam Or Collapse

Gandhiji cannot exit scam or collapse because it is a smart contract which is already running and cannot be altered. Sunny Paaji could not scam you even if he wanted to because he does not hold any investor funds. The IND tokens and Eth are held safely in each users private Metamask wallet.

IND Token

Gandhiji does not have “packages” or any of that nonsense. Participants buy IND tokens.

IND Tokens Go Up when people buy in

IND Tokens Go Down when people sell

Each transaction incurs a 10% fee which is paid to all remaining IND holders.


Compensation Plan

33% Karma

When you refer somebody to you will receive the 33% of the 10% buy in fee, which is paid as IND tokens. Subsequent transaction fees will be shared among all IND holders.

What I Like About

Scam Proof

The smart contract cannot be stopped or altered. It is not possible to be scammed. You never lose control of your funds. You do not store your funds with Gandhiji but rather safely in your metamask wallet. It is simple and 100% secure.

Real ROI

I cannot believe that I am saying this but Gandhiji has a real ROI from the 10% transaction fees. You can view everything on the etherscan blockchain. Usually with passive crypto programs the ROI is 100% fake.

Wait Until You See Their P2P Exchange!

Sunny is developing a scam proof P2P exchange which connects buyers bank accounts with sellers bank accounts and vice versa. So there will be no central bank account which can scam all the funds. Each transaction will just be between two bank accounts: buyer and seller. Once again this will be written into the smart contract, so it will be 100% scam proof and immutable.

Sunny Paaji Is Motivated By The Right Reasons

This project has been created as a solution to the Indian Government’s attempts to ban crypto. Currently you cannot withdraw to an Indian Fiat bank account. This project and the upcoming Gandhiji exchange are solutions to real problems. I am extremely impressed with this guy. He is what we need in Crypto. Hardly anybody knows about this project whilst crappy scams like Cloud Token have thousands of brain washed fools pushing them all over the internet.  This will stay under the radar and will not attract much “dumb” money.

What I dislike about Gandhiji

The Regional Branding Will Possibly Deter Investors

I was under the impression that Gandhiji was only for Indian nationals, when in fact this platform is available to anybody world wide. I have grown to like the “india themed Dap”, but it would be great if they came out with a global variant.

Metamask Has A Slight Learning Curve

Most people are familiar with the more traditional crypto wallets. Metamask is a little different and will possibly confuse some newbies. Its actually very easy to use, so I cannot see it being a big issue.

Highly Speculative

Gandhiji is essentially just gambling on the long term price of Ethereum. As long as Eth has good prospects, Gandhiji will grow.

The Real Deal With Gandhiji

A viable alternative to vile ponzis. Whilst Gandhiji has risks, it is extremely safe in terms of fund security as funds can never be stolen. The only risk is a collapse in the IND price. But this is actually a win for the hodlers who will clean up on all the sell fees. A very exciting concept.


I love this!,Gandhiji gets an A.


Julian Leahy

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  1. Barry Chait

    Hi, I used your Good Karma link the other day and purchased $8.90 USD Indorse coins. Now as I look on my Karma link, I own 6.34 IND tokens. At today’s price (9-23-19) they are worth about .05 USD. What happened?

    • Julian Leahy

      Hi Barry, you get paid dividends which are the 10% for every IND bought and sold. You just bought so 10% goes towards dividends.
      Also, the IND price fluctuates as people buy and sell. Just sit tight and remember you get paid dividends in ETH no matter which way it goes.

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