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GamePlex Review – New Crypto Passive Ponzi

Welcome to my review of GamePlex Group.

GamePlex is a brand new passive crypto program which pays up to 30% per month. I kind of like that ROI because it is a lot more sustainable, so it should last a bit longer than most passive crypto programs. You can actually make more than that internally through their internal shares which will no doubt go up after launch.

That being said, this is a Russian ponzi scam, so it probably will collapse in 6 months time. The CEO is an actor who even has an IMDB page! The smart thing to do is make sure you have your capital out plus profits by around the 4 month mark.

Gameplex Group Review Summary

Key Figures :  Serge Levin (Actor)

Product Type : Crypto Ponzi MLM

Summary :  Fake Esports betting is said to generate profits of  9% to 30% per month. The minimum package is $100, however you can invest as much as you want. GamePlex also have a two different comp plans to entice recruiters.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  Should be ok for 6 months.

Verdict:  If you get in before April you are nice and early. I think you can make money with this. Still very risky though, so be careful.

Quick Summary

What Is Gameplex Group

The program uses the guise of “Esports Betting” to explain how it generates profits. 

Is it really doing Esports Betting – NO

Can you still make money with Gameplex – YES

Will It Collapse This Year – YES

The ROI comes from new investor funds. Therefore Gameplex needs to be constantly growing its traffic. When the growth stagnates, Gameplex will collapse. I predict this should be ok up until the 6 month mark. Be careful though as it could possibly exit scam even sooner.


Withdrawals are available on weekends.

PackageMonthly ROIMonthly Coupon ROIMin Invest
GP STABLE A+9% to 12% $100
GP BALANCED PLUS18% to 21%8% to 10%$200
GP HIGH EFFICIENCY12% to 15%12% to 15%$300

Compensation Plan

Affiliates must choose one of two compensation plans. Once chosen you are locked to that comp plan.

  1. Progressive Compensation Plan

 Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5All Depth
Jnr Partner2.20%0.70%    
Snr Partner5.50%4.10%2.10%0.80%  
Jnr Manager7.60%6.20%4.20%2.50%1.60% 
Snr Manager11.80%6.80%4.80%3.20%2.80%2.10%
Jnr Director13.80%7.20%5.20%3.50%3.10%2.60%
Snr Director18%7.80%5.80%4.20%3.90%3.60%

    2) Unilevel Comp Plan

 Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5All Depth
Jnr Partner5.00%     
Snr Partner5.00%2.00%1.00%0.50%  
Jnr Manager6.00%2.00%1.00%1.00%0.50%0.5
Snr Manager7.00%4.00%2.00%1.00%0.50%2.10%
Jnr Director8.00%5.00%2.00%1.00%1.00%2.60%
Snr Director10%5.00%3.00%2.00%1.00%3.60%
Progress up the ranks is determined by downline volume as well as personal investment.

What I Like About Gameplex Group

Stable And Realistic ROI – Some passive programs pay alot higher ROI, however that collapse very fast. Gameplex are in the sweet spot that makes me think they should easily last at least 6 months. I do not believe they are doing any Epsorts betting and therefore they have no ROI other than new investor funds. They will collapse, however not for a little while.

Active CEO – Even though this guy is an actor pretending to be the CEO, he is very active and turned on a great performance at a recent Malaysian promo event. This is a good sign. Gameplex are going to make a lot of investors feel confident which will stabilize them in the short term.

What I Dislike About Gameplex Group

Russian Schemes Make Me Nervous – I have seen Russian crypto programs that put on HUGE launches at great expense all around the world. It gives the impression that they must be here to stay. Then 2 months in they pull a complete exit scam. It happen with Gameplex Group, but I actually think its unlikely. As I have already said, I think this has a shelf life of 6 months.

How Do I Know Its Russian?

If you check the traffic early enough, most of it is still coming from its home country. Gameplex has only just launched, so when you check the traffic, it still has Russian finger prints all over it.

The Real Deal

Its a fresh passive crypto opportunity (cough – ponzi). It should last 6 months. ROI is a little low. 


It should be stable-ish. Might be worth a look. Still very high risk so be careful.

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