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Gabriel Aviles From Fullblast Group

I launched out on my own about three years ago Julian so I’ve been working in the world of corporate marketing business for 20 plus years but launched out three years ago on my own.

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I came to Nashville to get into the music business not necessarily the country music business so I did that for about 15 years and then I moved over into cable television and subscription video on-demand services otherwise known as Netflix like types of services.

I did content acquisition and other things but my whole life has been involved with launching and growing brands launching products whether it’s music products other kinds of products campaigns initiatives so I’ve basically taken that and have launched out on my own so I still do have a little bit of workΒ in the entertainment media business.

I’m doing a lot more with other kinds of businesses like software clients and other people with really all kinds of ideas and and I’ve I’ve morphed from just consulting to more of a code to model so I kind of do probably about half of my businesses coaching half as consulting so in its and sometimes it’s it’s a blurred line as you probably know but so yes overall it’s kind of the similar a lot of marketing and sales biz dev kind of stuff but definitely broadening to service more kinds of people.

People don’t really understand what coaching is they just know they need help and so I think people just come to me here they need help and they don’t really know if they need coaching or consulting and like I said sometimes like I have a client right now that I just met with he’s in real estate business but he started off as a consulting client and then really now he’s pivoting to do something completely different and I’m helping him more on the coaching basis.

I have some circles of people that know me as a coach some that know me more as a consultant. As a consultant I’d probably be more focused on marketing strategy and business development probably probably a little bit more marketing strategy as a whole so I’ll come in help you get momentum.

For example, maybe you reached the point where you have a lot of free trials but you have zero conversions or you have people that are not sticking around you don’t know what to do so I come in to kind of do the analysis figure okay let’s figure out what your problem is you’re not you’re is it is it a brand problem, is your website horrific, is it is it a lead generation problem?

So we do kind of a diagnostic of what what the issue is and sometimes that takes a while and so I come in.

I’m the big picture strategist and then I bring in other people. I have a growth hacker that works with me and I have social media people have you know I outsource a lot of the things that we need to get done to fix the problem.

I’m like the doctor that does the diagnostic and then we we keep testing figure out what’s gonna take to move your business forward so so that’s what I do from a consultant standpoint slash kind of agency model.

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