Welcome to my FX Trading Corp Review. FX Trading Corp is a Forex network marketing business. It’s actually a ponzi scam based in Brazil, although it has a connection with South Korea also.

As expected with all ponzis, there are extremely high returns being advertised. FX Trading Corp are advertising returns of up to 2.5% per day. They seem to average at around 1% per day which seems to be the standard for ponzis.

Fx Trading Corp claim to be based in Korea, however when I started sniffing around there is quite a bit of evidence linking them to Brazil. Let’s take a look at their traffic profile for starters.

Brazil?? Thats weird. The Fx Trading Corp Site indicates that the business is Korean, with some very Korean names listed as founders: Young Min Oh, Hanna Kim, Joon Park and Yang Jae Seok.

Unmasking The REAL Founder Of FX Trading Corp

This site was dormant until November 2018 where it started to get traffic from Brazil, so we know that it was in prelaunch around that time. There was only one person talking about FX Trading Corporation as early as August 2018 and that person is a Brazilian/ Korean gentlemen called Phillip Han. He is not listed on the website as a founder, but I believe that he is the real CEO and driving force of FX Trading Corp.

Are These Stooges From Central Casting Or Is It Phillip Han’s Unwitting Family?

Either way, the website photos made me laugh because they look like they are from a second rate casting agency. I am sure they have no idea about what FX Trading Corp is.

Any way let’s take a look at what is really going on with FX Trading Corp. By the way, I am not affiliated with FX Trading Corp, nor will I ever be!

FX Trading Corp – Summary

Key Figures: Phillip Han

Product Type: Crypto Ponzi MLM.

Summary: They sell packages and payout up to 2.5% per day on them. They claim that the profits are generated through profitable trading. However they are doing the good ole ponzi shuffle!

They also heavily reward affiliates for referring new people into the scheme.

See The Comp Plan Here.

This is reaching critical mass…I expect it to disappear with all funds in under 4 months.

Rating: F

Verdict: Just another ponzi scam for mug punters and black hearted scammers.

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What Is FX Trading Corp?

Trading bots sound good on theory, however they are extremely inconstant and frequently make zero profit or even lose money. Mostly they are used a flimsy premise to base a ponzi around.

Nothing gets explosive growth like a ponzi scheme. It’s like a roulette wheel that somehow keeps winning….well for a little while anyway. You may as well get used to ponzi’s being everywhere because they work everytime. People get sucked into them repeatedly and it really puzzles me. Often the victims have lost money previously to other collapsed ponzis, yet they don’t seem to learn.

The problem is that people refuse to believe that passive income of 1% per day is a fairy tale. Deep down people prefer fairy tales over reality. I often tell you people how to make 6 figures the legit way online, however for some people, it goes in one ear and out the other. 

Get rich quick schemes are all BS. That’s why I have stayed with my top way to make money online for over a year and will continue to do so.

FX Trading Corp Product Range

Just like every other Crypto and Forex scam, they claim to have a bot that does arbitrage trading. They claim that it’s so lucrative that they can share tremendous daily profits. Naturally the bot doesn’t exist, but lets not be a party pooper!


  • Bot 300 – $300
  • Bot 500 – $500
  • Bot 1000 – $1000
  • Bot 3000 – $3000
  • Bot 5000 – $5000
  • Bot 10000 – $10,000
  • Bot 20000 – $20,000
  • Bot 30000 – $30,000
  • Bot 40000 – $40,000
  • Bot 50000 – $50,000

They pay up to 2.5% per day on your investment. Your capital is released after 200 days. 

Where have I heard this before!

Compensation Plan



6% commissions is paid on capital invested by your referrals. Commissions are also paid 10 levels deep.

Binary Commissions

Each day you get paid 10% of volume on your weaker leg. This is capped daily to be no more that your initial investment. Ie Bot 1000 investors can receive a max $1000 per day in binary commissions. The left over volume is non flushing.

Unilevel Commissions

Level 1 – 1000 CV on weaker side will pay matching bonus on level 1.

Level 2 – 4000 CV on weaker side will pay matching bonus on level 1 and 2.

Level 3 – 20K CV on weaker side will pay matching bonus on level 1-3.

Level 4 – 50K CV on weaker side will pay matching bonus on level 1-4.

Level 5 – 200K CV on weaker side will pay matching bonus on level 1-5.

Level 6 – 500K CV on weaker side will pay matching bonus on level 1-6. 

Level 7 – 1.5 Mil CV on weaker side will pay matching bonus on level 1-7. 

Level 8 – 3 Mil CV on weaker side will pay matching bonus on level 1-8. 

Level 9 – 5 Mil CV on weaker side will pay matching bonus on level 1-9. 

Level 10 – 3 Mil CV on weaker side will pay matching bonus on level 1-10. 

Rank Achievement Bonuses

Rolex Watch – Achieve Level 6 with at least personally recruited Level 1.

Vacation For 2 – Achieve Level 7 with at least 2 personally recruited Level 2.

Toyota Camry – Achieve Level 8 with at least 2 personally recruited Level 3.

Mercedes-Benz Class E – Achieve Level 9 with at least 2 personally recruited Level 4.

Lambo – Achieve Level 10 with at least 2 personally recruited Level 5.

What I Like About FX Trading Corp


Build Your Bitcoin

Who doesn’t want more bitcoin? These guys pay you passive returns on your crypto…..sounds GREAT. Are there any catches that I should know about?

What I dislike about FX Trading Corp

1% per Day Has Been Offered Before, It Didn’t Go So Well

Unless you crawled out from under a rock, you have probably heard about incredible passive income schemes with high ROI. In case you did, here is some light reading.

The Website Does Not Feature The Real Founder

Phillip Han knows that he will soon need to lay low. FX Trading Corp is guaranteed to collapse. He will attempt to paint himself as one of the victims no doubt.

The Real Deal With FX Trading Corp

Cookie cutter crypto ponzi. Of course everyone invloved in it, currently thinks it’s amazing. Half of them will be pulling out around about now. The rest will lose the lot.


Another despicable ponzi. FX Trading Corp gets an F.


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