Welcome to my Flash4people review. Flash4people is a crypto ponzi coming out of France and headed up by experienced charlatan, Serge Piana Laubrau. Flash4people was actually borne out of a previous scam called Flashmoni which previously scammed investors out of all of their funds. Proving that there is a “sucker born every minute”, Flash4people did not even bother to completely change the name. This program is building quickly in the French speaking world and I expect it to start popping up on the radar in English speaking countries soon.

Flashmoni had an ICO in January 2018 where they raised an incredible $72 million. I say incredible because it was during a crypto crash and right on the back of 2 big ponzi collapses, being Bitconnect and Usi-Tech. Investors in the Flashmoni ICO hold an ERC-20 token called OZT. A big deal about OZT was that it was supposedly backed by gold metal and thus would have real long term value.

The terms of the ICO stated that 70% of funds raised would be used to purchase the gold holdings. 70% of $72 million is over $50 million worth of gold allegedly purchased and held by Flasmoni. Fast forward to late 2018 and, the whitepaper is taken offline and the Flashmoni project is completely abandoned. As for the imaginary gold, that will not be abandoned because that will be helpful in starting up a brand new opportunity….and that is what they did!

So moving onto May 2019, Serge Laubrau reappears to announce the exciting news that the program was now known as Flash4people. No real explanation about why Flashmoni collapsed, but let’s not let details dampen the excitement ok! We still have the unverifiable story about OZT token being backed by $50 million in gold! Serge Laubrau wants to go even bigger this time so he has teamed up with some top marketers, Patrick & Sandra Colin and Fabrice Kerhervé.

With Flash4people, you fund your wallet with a minimum of OZT token through the purchase of packages ( I know …right!). These packages will pay you returns of 1.25% per day over a period of 30 days whereby your original capital is released.

Now, I am not sure if any of this is news to you or not, but here it is:

Flash4people Are Generating NIL Profits


Lets just forget about the imaginary gold sitting in a safe. What you should really be asking is, how are Flash4people generating over 456% ROI per year. Imagine being on the hook for that amount each year. They have to pay out 450% PER YEAR!!! How is that even possible??? ANSWER – It’s Not. 

These Profits come from Reshuffling Investor Funds

 So existing investors get paid out from the new investor funds. Bernie Madoff did the same thing but he only paid 10% per year. Imagine how quick it will collapse when promised returns are over 450% per year.

If you are tired of all the ponzi scams out there, you need to realize that it’s not even difficult to make money the legal way online. It just takes a little time with a legitimate program for making money online.

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What Is Flash4people?

Flash4people is a ponzi that will pay you out in OZT token for a little while until it collapses and disappears. Naturally you cannot pay with OZT but instead you have to pay with your precious bitcoin.


  • You get paid around 1.25% per day which is paid out and the end of the month. 

Compensation Plan

Direct Signups

Receive 17% paid as points on the investment made by direct affiliates.

Binary Commissions

Receive 12% on the weakest leg, calculated weekly. The binary will cycle every time you accumulate 250 CV but the amount of cycles is limited by your rank. See below:

Explorer – limited to 15 cycles
Challenger – limited to 30 cycles
Goldener – limited to 100 cycles
Noder – limited to 150 cycles
Pioneer & Tokener – limited to 200 cycles
Commander In Chain & Above – limited to 500 cycles

Ranks And Bonuses

I will add them soon as they are being translated from French.

What I Like About Flash4people


You Can End Up With More Bitcoin Than You Started With

The early people who are big recruiters will be smart enough to cash out early and convert every thing back to bitcoin. It still won’t make you a cool person in my eyes.

What I dislike about Flash4people

It’s A Ponzi Scam and Everyone Involved KNOWS

There was a time when I wondered if the people promoting ponzis really believed in the program that they were promoting or whether they just wanted to make money and just didn’t care. After a ponzi inevitably collapsed and the owners run off with the cash….again, I would observe the ponzi promoters simply start to promote a brand new ponzi. It was then that I realized that these people know exactly what they are doing. Some people really are scumbags and will do anything for money.

Unlicensed Securities Offering

Its unlicensed everywhere. It’s quite difficult to get a scam registered after all. This just means it may collapse faster.

The Real Deal With Flash4people

Some good people are going to lose everything whilst the promoters make millions. Disgusting.


Scam alert!, I give it a F.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.

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