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Facebook Advertising Strategy For Phil Knight’s Pure – With Tim Haney


Julian:Β  Today I’m joined by Timothy Haney from Alabama. Welcome, Timothy would you like to tell us what you have been up to online.

Timothy: I’m an independent business owner with a company and also I have shares in that company also so it’s it’sa digital or online based and that’s kind of what I’ve been doing over the last 10 years.


Facebook Live As A Basis For Facebook Ads Campaign


I’m getting into Facebook lives on Facebook advertising you know since the Facebook algorithm is on the skids a little bit.

I’ve switched companies here recently they kind of hogtied me so to speak a little bit they would not allow any paid advertising and with you know with the way Facebook is going right now.

Facebook advertising as well as maybe, Google ads is going to be the way to go you just if you’re going to have a business if you’re a business owner you have to have advertising no matter if it’s a traditional or even if it’s a digital or online business.

With Facebook Ads, I’m actually setting up right now. I’m setting up my final system. I’m kind of setting up the bottom right now. I’m going to move up to you know some middle and top, selling for cold market and hot market so to speak. I’m going to be utilizing video Facebook last video and and then pushing those out for boosting and you know I’m going to set up you know different you know 30-second you know five minute and maybe even 30 minute which was probably going to be Facebook lives.

I’m going to use those and I’m going to push those out as engagement ads video views and kind of build my marketing strategy on that to get leads into my company okay so and what are you using to make your lead funnel.

My platform right now on is going to be Facebook and then I’m going to use WordPress for my website and then I use thrive themes to set up my design and my lead of generally collection I’m using mailer like right now but I’m really I’m kind of leaning to convertkit probably a thing will switch over to convert fit kit for my email acquisitions and management okay and do you want to tell.


Phil Knight Backs Pure


It’s a company called pure in it’s a network marketing company. Just recently Phil Knight, he was the CEO of Nike corporation and he basically come on as an owner,Β Β which really intrigued me and at this point you know it’s a business model where you know I’m an independent business owner and once I became an independent business owner I earned shares or received shares in the company now right now it’s a private company but it’s going public and you know that’s the plans for it to go public over the next few years it’s a hundred million dollar company and we’re expecting that you know to hit of 1 billion and right now if Phil Knight took $50 and turned Nike into a thirty four billion dollar company I think I want a part of that.

As I saidI was involved in another company that was a health and wellness company but like I said they they were hogtied me you know I mean I couldn’t they were not allowing any paid advertisement and you just if you have a business I don’t care what kind of businesses you have to have some kind of advertisement or some kind of marketing you just can’t go out there and organically just walk around the streets of the United States and just you know trying to get your leads and your customers that way.

Julian: So you’re gonna be switching on the Facebook Ads how far down that path of beyond have you worked out how you going to target them?

Timothy: I’ve started working on some targeting I’ve got to I’m started on my videos I’ve got to get those built up you know so I can start that so probably within the next two weeks um you know I’m planning on getting you know must some ads out there right now I didn’t want to really hit my cold market just go out there cold until I had everything you know laid out on the bottom so if I do have a lead come in you know I know where they’re going and how I can target them and kind of get them down in the funnel to the bottom of the funnel the program I’m using right now that I that I’m you know training on and everything is they’re basically saying that you know get your bottom of your final set up before you start going out and get coal traffic and bringing it into your phone you got to have somewhere for them to go.


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