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F2 Trading Corp is basically a reboot of Fx Trading Corp. Fx Trading Corp was a crypto ponzi scam from Brazil that netted hundreds of millions of crypto before collapsing. Most people don’t even realize that FX Trading corp collapsed because they used a cover story that they were converting into an exchange. The truth is that FX Trading could not pay investors because they were not doing any real trading. Whilst on the brink of collapse they were shut down on the 15th of May by the Brazilian version of the SEC, the CVM. Phillip Han proceeds to steal everyone’s money. Keep in mind Phillip Han was still on tour sucking new investors into FX Trading Corp whilst it was banned. Weeks later word gets out that Phillip Han has robbed investors and been banned by the CVM. 2 months later we see various FX Trading turds announcing a wonderful new venture called F2 Trading Corporation.

Phillip Han Gloating And Unrepentant

Fx Trading was a huge scam which netted millions of dollars for top affiliates. Phillip Han is probably rich enough to have a couple of armed body guards on the pay roll. I would say he is probably going to need it.

Rebooted Ponzi Scams COLLAPSE even Faster

There is a lot of baggage weighing down F2 Trading Company thanks to the massive exit scam pulled by FX Trading Corp. I mean do you really expect these people to quietly sit on their hands whilst Phillip Han shamelessly pushes another scam to a new bunch of gullible investors. They are going to make a lot of noise and F2 will NEVER climb the height that FX was able to. If this thing lasts 4 months it will be a miracle.

F2 Trading Corp – Summary

Key Figures: Phillip Han

Product Type: Crypto MLM Ponzi.

Summary: To earn you must invest at least $100. You get paid paid an EXTREMELY high ROI  averaging 3% paid each weekday. That’s 783% per year!

Does anyone wonder were this 783% comes from? If anybody asks, F2 will say they have a trading bot that uses “AI Intelligence” that can read the future and pick the right time to trade. This is all a lie because F2 Trade Corp are doing ZERO trading.

See The Comp Plan Here.

I think this has too much baggage and will scam out very quickly.

Rating: F

Verdict: Another scam that will leave a trail of victims.

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What Is F2 Trading Corp


F2 Trading Corp is a crypto ponzi scam paying out extremely high daily returns. F2 are pretending to have an amazing trading bot that can pay out 783% to investors…..and that is not counting referral commissions. I am sure that this comes as no surprise when I tell you that their is no trading bot, nor is there any profit. The returns are just coming from new investors when they put there money into the scheme. When new investors stop F2 will plug the plug and run off with the money, just like how they did with FX Trading Corp.


783% Yearly Passive GAINZ! – WOW!


Investment Packages

Packages start at $100 . For a little while at least, you will earn ROI of up to 3% daily for 200 days. Don’t expect that to last very long with F2. See below.

  • F100 – US$ 100
  • F300 – US$ 300
  • F500 – US$ 500
  • F1000 – US$ 1,000
  • F3000 – US$ 3,000
  • F5000 – US$ 5,000
  • F10000 – US$ 10,000
  • F20000 – US$ 20,000
  • F30000 – US$ 30,000
  • F40000 – US$ 40,000
  • F50000 – US$ 50,000

Compensation Plan

Direct Referral Commissions

Any participant can earn 6% of money invested by referrals.  

Binary Commissions

8% is paid when both sides match. Paid daily capped at 30K per day. Affiliates must have active investement and two referrals with active investments.

What I Like About F2 Trading

You Are Very Early

This is the only a good thing if you are going to attempt to make money with F2. At least you are early. Usually these things last for at least 6 months. Unfortunately I do not see F2 doing that.

Withdrawal Restrictions

F2 understand that they cant go and do something crazy like withdraw their funds. They have decided to force people to leave their money inside F2 to try and increase the longevity of the ponzi scam. Do you think investors will accept being told they can only withdraw a small percentage of their money. No, me either.

F2 Trading Corp affiliates are restricted from withdrawing any more than”

  • 15% of daily returns/commissions
  • 10% of weekly returns/commissions
  • 7% of returns/commissions earned over a rolling 15 day period
  • 3% of returns/commissions earned over a rolling thirty day period


What I dislike about F2 Corporation

Phillip Han Is Dreaming

He already holds millions of dollars, stolen from FX Trading Corp investors, but that is not enough. He really thinks he can just waltz in with a new scam and completely ignore all the victims of his last one. The baggage from FX Trading Corp will haunt F2 and stop it from experiencing the rapid growth that ponzi scams require to keep moving.

Investors Will Reject The Withdrawal Rules

It’s one thing to accept the risk if investing in a ponzi scam. It is another thing altogether to expect investors to accept that they cannot withdraw their commissions whenever they want. I believe that investors will just choose a different ponzi to promote.


The Real Deal With F2 Trading Corp

This scam will be over before it even gets started.


SCAM I give it a F.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

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