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Exxa Wallet Review – The Last Big Ponzi Scam?

Welcome to my Exxa Wallet Review. I have been saying for a while that the days of crypto ponzi scams are coming to an end. People are getting really sick of all the exit scams. Fortunately, the rise of safer  passive crypto options like Gandhiji means that ponzi scams will soon be a bad memory. There is just no need anymore to hand over your crypto and pray that you get it back. This Exxa wallet is basically a reboot of Cloud Token Wallet. Many people were sucked into Cloud Token and even now most of them have no idea that they cannot withdraw (unless they are a youtuber). It’s essentially a dead program. No better time for Ronald Aai and friends to launch another ponzi! The Wallet Ponzi model has been done to death but there is still some life left in the concept. Exxa Wallet plans to squeeze out the last few drops of blood whilst it can.

Exxa Wallet will certainly get up and running, but I doubt it will run as long as Cloud Token. I predict Exxa Wallet to survive for around 6 months. It is still true that gullible newbies are still in plentiful supply, there is a growing number of people who know what is really going on with these ponzi scams. These savvy ponzi promoters will all be heading for the exits at the 6 month mark, which should tip Exxa Wallet into the abyss.

The Crypto Wallet Ponzi Model

Here is how this scam works.

1) Create a shitcoin that has no utility outside of the “opportunity”

2) Pay returns in the shitcoin which are claimed to be from a trading bot or arbitrage trading script.

3) Pay big returns in the shitcoin and allow people to convert it into real crypto for a short period of time. The length of this period, depends on the amount of new investor funds available. When new investors dry up, you begin the slow exit scam.

4) Claim “node congestion” or some other BS is causing delays to withdrawals. Continue to pay youtubers and bloggers and encourage them to post that they are still doing successful withdrawals. This will keep the gullible money to keep coming into the scheme. Then you keep stringing along the gullible investors with worthless updates like branded sim cards and other “amazing” i.e worthless updates. Eventually the Exxa coin tanks as everybody tries to cash out. Then you blame all the investors for having weak hands or for wrecking the scheme in some other way. Meanwhile you count all the bitcoin that you have stolen. Then you lay low for 6 months and launch a new ponzi, but this time with an actor as the CEO. Repeat 1 through 4!

This time Ronald Aai will be hiding in the background as he knows the Cloud Token victims will be very angry when they finally wake up. Anyway here is Ronald with Exxa Wallet co founder Francis Aw.

Exxa Wallet Review – Summary

Key Figures: Ronald Aai and Francis Aw

Product Type: Crypto Shitcoin Ponzi.

Summary: To earn you Purchase the Exxa coin. From there you will earn up to 12% per month. Exxa Wallet also have a compensation plan paying 21 levels

See The Comp Plan Here.

Looks to be an exact clone of Ronald Aai’s notorious ponzi, Cloud Token.

Rating: F

Verdict: Bad for crypto and bad for the vulnerable newbies. Top leaders and scammy youtubers should make a killing.Quick Navigation

What Is Exxa Wallet?

Exxa Wallet is another crypto ponzi scam. Specifically, it is a shitcoin ponzi just like Cloud Token. There are no real returns and there is no real trading taking place. The returns are paid fron new investor funds and cannot be paid unless Exxa have a steady flow of new investors.

Exxa Wallet Products

Exxa Wallet do not have an products but they have a fake crypto wallet, just like Cloud Token. There is no fund security as everything is contrrolled on the Exxa Wallet side. A real wallet grants private keys to users which gives them full control over the funds. Exxa Wallet has no such features as the walllet is just smoke and mirrors. People will naturally believe that Exxa is a real “wallet”, just like they did with Cloud Token. 

Compensation Plan

Affiliates earn ROI matching (just Like Cloud Token)

Level Recruit Req ROI Match
Level 1 1 Members 100%
Level 2 2 Members 50%
Level 3 3 Members 5%
Level 4 4 Members 5%
Level 5 5 Members 5%
Level 6 6 Members 5%
Level 7 7 Members 5%
Level 8 8 Members 5%
Level 9 9 Members 5%
Level 10 10 Members 5%
Level 11 16 Members 5%
Level 12 16 Members 5%
Level 13 16 Members 5%
Level 14 16 Members 5%
Level 15 16 Members 5%
Level 16 16 Members 5%
Level 17 16 Members 5%
Level 18 16 Members 5%
Level 19 16 Members 5%
Level 20 16 Members 5%
Level 21 16 Members 5%

Exxa Wallet also have the following aspects to the comp plan (Just Like Cloud Token)

Rank Commission Bonus

Generation Bonus

Revenue Share

What I Like About Exxa Wallet

Easy Money For Bloggers And Youtubers

These types of schemes are very lucrative for promoters. The 21 level ROI matching is basically just skimming off all the money that your team brings in. I could promote this and make a killing. The only downside would be that I would be leading my audience into a scam. The promoters never invest their own funds. I can see why ponzi promoters keep going back to ponzis. The money is just too good.

What I dislike about Exxa Wallet

Newbies Get Wrecked

Crypto is still new so there is always plenty of people that will invest in this even though to you and I it looks like a scam. The other problem is that there seems to be a lot of very gullible people online. I guess that don’t know what a good program really looks like. Unfortunately these type of people tend to lose money that they cannot afford to with these ponzi scams.

The Real Deal With Exxa Wallet

A reboot of Cloud Token by Ronald Aai and cronies. It will take in a lot of money but end up just like Cloud Token.


Scam!, I give it a F.


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