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Etherz Review – Good Enough To Be A Forsage Killer?

Welcome to my Etherz Review. is a pretty interesting smart contract project. When it comes to passive crypto projects I am generally pretty favorable to smart contracts. The reason for this is that there is (usually) no surprises. Investors are able to read the contract to understand exactly how it works. The developer/admins have no control over it once it has been deployed. 

This allows the investor to know exactly what to expect. The rules of engagement are all laid out in the smart contract. You don’t need to put your faith (and crypto) in the hands of some sketchy person and hope that they honor the terms of the package that you bought.

The smart contract just runs along without any human intervention. You get paid exactly what is stipulated until the ethereum runs out. If you don’t like the contract, you don’t invest, simple!

Are Smart Contracts Legal?

Even though they are a lot safer that does not make them legal. Far from it, some of them are not legal at all. On the flip side, plenty of smart contracts are perfectly legal. In the future for example, employee payroll will all be handled by a smart contract or something similar. There is an unlimited number of use cases for smart contracts that are great simply great ideas of increased efficiency. But we are talking about making money online and specifically making crypto online. Most passive crypto smart contracts are not exactly squeaky clean. Usually they are either a ponzi or a pyramid scheme, both of which are illegal. I think that ponzis are far worse than pyramid schemes. Let’s be honest, both are a bit shady!

What About Etherz

Etherz is one that is really just a big recruitment driven matrix. That does not mean you have to recruit to make money. Etherz have a pretty cool global pool which allows even non-recruiters the chance to earn. I will explain that in more detail in the comp plan section. It is still therefore what I would call a pyramid model. I honestly don’t think a pyramid is that big a deal. The most a person can lose is only their entry fee. With a ponzi however, more people lose much larger amounts. So yes it’s a pyramid but I would have no real problem joining it. I doubt the FTC would even know what to do about it and I doubt they will even bother.

That being said, I quite like Etherz because it is innovative. It has several things that some of the other ethereum dapps lack. I will talk about those features in the next section. Review Summary

Key Figures :  Decentralized Anon

Product Type : Ethereum Matrix Dapp

Summary :  In addition to the usual recruitment matrix they have a forced matrix which can pay even the non recruiters. As long as there is ethereum going into the contract. You can get started for about $12 worth or Eth.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  Better than a ponzi. I like it but its still a pyramid!

Verdict:  There is not much risk in investing in this. The most you are going to lose is about $12. Being on a smart contract means that it will just keep running until the Ethereum runs out. I would join this!

Quick Summary

What Is Etherz

Etherz is a recruitment based Ethereum Dapp. Being on a smart contract means that there is no admin in control. Everybody will get paid out according to the rules in the smart contract. There is no need to put our trust in anybody, the smart contract will do exactly what it is designed to do. This is why I really like Eth dapps!

Compensation Plan

You get started by purchasing at Level 1 for about $12. You can upgrade as you earn or you can upgrade ahead to the highest level that you can afford.


Income (eth) Income $
 Profit After UpgradeTokens

Global Pools

There are 16 global pools which are like a company wide forced matrix. Even if you never recruit you will be able to buy a position. There are 9 positions in each pool and once it fills the top oisition out of 9 gets paid and everyone moves up a position. This is pretty awesome for people who cannot recruit because everyone gets paid until the contract runs out of etheruem which could take years. You can only enter the pool which corresponds to your level. For example if you are at level one you can only enter pool 1. If you are at level 16 you can have a position in each of the 16 pools.


Global Pool 1Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots0.027.70.1869.350L1
Global Pool 2Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots0.0623.10.54207.950L2
Global Pool 3Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots0.1869.31.62623.750L3
Global Pool 4Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots0.54207.94.861871.175L4
Global Pool 5Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots1.62623.714.585613.375L5
Global Pool 6Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots4.861871.143.7416839.9100L6
Global Pool 7Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots14.585613.3131.2250519.7100L7
Global Pool 8Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots43.7416839.9393.66151559.1100L8
Global Pool 9Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots131.2250519.71180.98454677.3100L9
Global Pool 10Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots393.66151559.13542.941364031.9150L10
Global Pool 11Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots1180.98454677.310628.824092095.7150L11
Global Pool 12Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots3542.941364031.931886.4612276287.1150L12
Global Pool 13Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots10628.824092095.7239148.4592072153.25200L13
Global Pool 14Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots31886.4612276287.1717445.35276216459.8300L14
Global Pool 15Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots95659.3836828861.3860934.42331459751.7400L15
Global Pool 16Cost in EthCost in $Payout in EthPayout in $TokensRequired Level
9 Slots286978.14110486583.92582803.26994379255.1500L16

What I Like About

Low Entry Barrier

You can get started for around $12. Then you can upgrade as you earn from recruiting or you can just pay for the higher levels immediately.

Global Pools Are AWESOME

Imagine that you never recruited anybody, you can still take one of the 9 positions in Pool 1. It will not take long for the 8 positions to fill and presto you get paid. This will be very attractive for all the people who will never recruit anybody!

Smart Contract

It takes the guess work out of investing. We can even check how much Ethereum is flowing into the contract. Admin cannot stop it early to steal everyone’s money. Much more safer than passive bitcoin programs.

Small Risk Of Loss

Would you risk $12 to make passive Ethereum? Who cares if you lose $12??? The chance of this failing is very slim for at least a year. The only risk would be that you invest your $12 right at the end when the contract is nearly empty. It will happen to some people, but it’s not really going to be a big deal.

What I Dislike About 

Well It Is A Pyramid Scheme, Technically

The early people will make plenty, but eventually people will lose interest. The late comers will have a hard time making their money back. Either way this is MUCH SAFER than a ponzi especially a bitcoin one which is not on a smart contract.

The Real Deal

This is pretty low risk. I like it a lot.


Pretty easy way to make a lot of Ethereum. You might lose $12 if you are late to the party.

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