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Eric Brulmans turned toxic health and financial disaster into a journey of healthy living, abdundantly


Julian: Hello everyone thanks for joining me on another live. I am joined today by Eric Brulmans from Belgium, welcome Eric.

Eric: Welcome Julian nice – nice to meet you, nice to see you and thank you for hosting me here now.

Julian: Thanks for coming on and what we’re going to talk about tonight Eric does a lot of coaching for people would you like to tell us a bit about what you’re doing to help people achieve their goals.

Eric: Yeah, sure so first of all and I’m 52 I am married with a wonderful world women I’m sorry for the English sometimes I’m french-speaking at first and we live in Belgium and we have discovered that a few years ago that we have to change some things in our life to have a better life and now the vision that we have is to help directly or indirectly 1 million people in the world to have a better health to have to have a better wealth and to live their the life they really want to live and for that we we are we are doing coaching on nutrition so my wife is a nutritional coach we we help people to get a better knowledge about the food how to really eat cleverly not to follow two four six also to stay in good condition in good shape this is the fruit thing because if you only have a good life you need to be in good condition and for me it’s now seven several years ago that I not sick anymore not not even a cold or nothing at all due to main part of the nutrition of course and the second thing is the personal development we had people to understand how the mind is working how the paradigms we have in our lives condition everything and how to change those paradigms how to first understand what they really want in their life to identify this and then to help them putting in place different things to change the paradigm to make some exercises to change this and altogether nutrition and personal development help people having a better life I have having the opportunity to be empowered in their life and we combine together in a business model called network marketing everybody should know that about the network marketing because then with this tool they can also get more wealth in their life.

So it’s a three pillars activity sticking together with links together because if you’re not good in your in your body your mind does not work perfectly and and the other side also of course excellent and and can you remember when did you when did you sort of come up with this what sort of what was the events that led you to go down this path originally okay so, um I we experienced with my wife a few years ago some troubles first of all we lost our jobs together after I lost my job one day and three weeks later my wife lost her job we had company yeah we had company cars so we lost all the cars from the from the home we had to buy another one we lost the job and it was for me three days before we were buying a new house so just imagine that all the plans were made with two salaries two great salaries for an investment big investment and then on one day everything changed and we were in pre burnout we had we had really trouble with the house and in the past I was regularly in I got some gastro I don’t know it’s in English this good grass gastro I got a chill I got I was ill. I got sinusitus many many times a year so the financial condition was really really bad at that time because we didn’t know how we could manage to keep the house we have four children really. Haider youngest is 20 years old now so they were doing high school with lot of cost for the floor schools I had to pay to her mother because we are separated we got divorced so the cost every month was really high the the fact that the financial was bad and what the health was really bad so we were really deep deep deeper in the pool really deep and in in that period we just had to two choices are to leave this planet or to jump again and to change things and it was really like a wow effect for us we said okay we are in trouble we couldn’t we be bad anymore like that and we need to change something and then I met a girl who was already a friend of mine but I will have never reacted to what she said to me before because she sentme some signs be careful oh you should  think about changing this you should think about that and I was just like most of the people saying oh don’t worry.

I’m in good health okay I’m sick several times a year but I’m aiming good else I’m good and no problem at all I have a job at this era nothing can happens to me I was like that and then when you know everything down at the same time you just say well I’m not on the good way there should be a better way and then we started to change things in nutrition’s change change things in the way we were thinking about getting money also not to put all the eggs in the sea basket not to rely on a an employer not rely of the state to to make us feel better when we are growing older and older and we put all those small things step by step and then we felt really better now and and we see that we can help a lot of people because there are so many people who are not in a good not in a good shape see for the house follower for the financial to see I had I met an old woman yesterday two days ago sorry and she said oh yes I have this kind of problem I’m I took draw I take drugs and so on but I mean I’m in good health and I just say how can somebody say that yes she is in good health while she’s taking drugs not at all a good house is somebody who doesn’t need any drugs anymore and for me there are several years now that I don’t take any more drugs at all nothing it.

Julian: Wonderful, so it it sounds like you’ve had a complete transformation Eric and based on the need to because you were forced into that situation and it really is amazing how sometimes the biggest challenges create the biggest opportunities isn’t it it?

Eric: Exactly, exactly sometimes you you are like your horse you see you are you are working working working doing things automatically just like an autopilot and you don’t see the warnings coming in you see the lives health problem they’re a little West problem there something happening a new job a new part a new boss or something whatever so different mornings you don’t see them because you’re on your way on your way on your way and suddenly there’s a wall in front of you and you hit the wall and our goal is really to avoid this to other people by telling them be careful that you can throw that change your your nutrition no frustration without any frustration but it should be better now to take different small actions then being a being obliged to do this because you hit the wall so this is prevention that we wanted to talk to people yeah.

Julian: Wonderful and so you’ve got a message that you want to get out there and I always ask people how did you how did you reach people how do you reach people you know through social media or what are the things that you are doing to get the message out okay so we are we are using social media of course Facebook a lot so we have our own page on Facebook page we we will start more and more now live sessions also to explain our history because you know people like history they they should find something in our own history that can touch them and make them react and we use social medias we also use Facebook we use LinkedIn to as more professional social media and we talk to people every people we meet on the street in a restaurant all the shots whatever when we can get some contacts with them we just get interested by the people and see how the people feels in their own life when we see some people who who’s not who doesn’t look like happy we just go and talk to these people and say you look you looks like something it’s not going good for you maybe I can help and sometimes okay we get rejected but whatever this is not my life this is their life so the first thing you have to do is is think about how you can help other people before thinking about how they can help you first this is how can I help all the people and then we get in contact with a lot of people like like this we are building a new website for the moment so the actual one is not that good so we will build another one like because Internet is also important but but you never replace the relationship with the people the real relation for the people otherwise your sales men you would say it’s men yeah.

Julian: Excellent and yeah I’m impressed you you actually talk to people outside in the real world as well because I think sometimes we get I mean you know social media is wonderful but it’s also good to actually you know talk to people around you .

Eric: Not many people do that these days yeah and we can we can make some long sessions that like zoom sessions live sessions you the people is really far from us of course but you know when you stay behind your your computer just in the center let’s say messenger you just type but you’re not you don’t have the real relation with the people you can introduce a relational starter relation with the people typing a message but there is no better way than feeling the people and that taking a coffee with the people and this is why I say that we want indirectly or directly touch people because if we can help somebody who wants to you say to take the torch and to to do the same to help all the people around him see that there was a film with a young a young boy or an orphan with a young boy boy explaining that if I can help three people and each each people can have three people around them we can change the world this is what we have to do and what you are doing also call bike or post I post if you can touch one people or two people and those people can share this and touch themselves one or two people we can change the world and make a better place.

Julian: Absolutely Eric that’s that’s great to hear that very true and people do start to realize this and it’s wonderful to see people doing it and helping people and changing them as they go yeah excellent that was pretty much all I wanted to talk to you about did you have a regular show on Facebook that you do that you wanted to plug?

Eric: We will start that from tomorrow it first it will be in French sorry for English people but I if twist from from people in English no problem at all we can do both we can do in French and then the second one can be in English or something like that no problem at all we do that all on our page so we have a page Eric and Maria so you can like the page and you can show you can see all our lives we are doing we are we have also private groups where we can put people who are in touch with us for some advices on nutrition for example about cooking where it’s it’s it’s hot outside you don’t want to eat too hot or you don’t know what to do and just some advices of good nutrition really simple and good nutrition so we have special groups that people can plug in with me no problem at all I will if they send me a message saying saying that it’s come to this from this live from from you I will accept them I can put them into that is free so they again they can show that they can see sorry on what we are doing and if it can help it helps it’s okay the mall is not to attract people in the in the business we are doing this is something else the first goal is to bring advices and to bring people in about people in a better life and if the opportunity goes it’s just like you you have something that can help the people but if the people don’t want to change their life you can do whatever you want they will never do anything at all so the first thing for the people listening now is to you want to change something because everybody needs to change everybody needs to do things but you you really want to do that do you really want a better house do you really want more money or a better life you need that but your if you don’t want you will do not put the things in place to to change this.

Julian: Absolutely, you  need to make that decision yourself nobody can convince you if you’re not ready. I’d like to thank you for coming on Eric what I’m going to do is I’ll put Eric’s profile into the comments of this video so that if you would like to connect with Eric you can do so.

Eric: You’re welcome and thank you so much.

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