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Erafx7 – High Returns Are Good But…

Welcome to my review of Erafx7

Erafx7 is a passive crypto program that pays extremely high returns. We see these programs come and go very frequently and the one thing that they have in common is that they collapse 100% of the time.

The question is really, will it last long enough for you to make a significant income? If so, is it worth the risk of promoting it knowing full well that the returns are much to high to afford Erafx27 any type of longevity.

If you are new to passive crypto programs you need to be aware that they are possibly not what you percieve them to be. They all claim to be generating huge ROI through trading. If this was true, they would not collapse because they would just keep trading and keep paying out. The real reason that they collapse is that they are not really trading….let me put it another way, the ROI is not coming from trading. Sometimes they do some superficial trading to give the impression that they are making profitable trades. In reality, the ROI is just the capital from new investors. 

This juggling act can only be maintained if the company is attracting more new investors each week. Each week they have a larger liability in terms of the ROI owed to existing investors. If growth stabilizes they cannot payout existing investors and they will stop all payouts. This type of structure is what is known as a ponzi. 

With ponzis the longer lasting ones pay around 1% per day or less. Those ones seem to last 6-8 months before collapse. Erafx7 is paying 5% per day which leads me to believe that it will collapse in just 2 or 3 months. Not really worth it in my opinion. Any way, let’s get on with the review and check out what is on offer with the Erafx7 opportunity.

EraFX7 Review Summary

Key Figures :  Anonymous

Product Type : Crypto Ponzi MLM

Summary :  EraFX7 have very high ROI of between  5.5% to 10.5% per weekday. This ROI is not real, but they claim they are doing trading. The minimum package is $5, however you can invest $2.5K for the highest paying package. EraFX7 also have a very lucrative comp plan to entice recruiters.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  Paying WAY too much to last. This program will not last.

Verdict:  Whilst its true that nothing lasts forever with passive crypto programs, EraFX have no chance of lasting 6 months before collapsing. I suggest you avoid this.

Quick Summary

What Is EraFX7

I am sure that you are well aware that EraFX is a ponzi. I am also aware that many of you make great money by investing in crypto ponzis. What you need to know is that the higher the returns paid out, the faster the collapse will be. Anything paying 5% per day and over will collapse around the 3 month mark. As long as you accept this and the fact that EraFX are not really trading, then you are on your way to understanding how this program works. Let’s take a look at the packages.

PlanDaily ROIMin InvestMax Invest
Plan 15.50%$5$10K
Plan 26.50%$750$10K
Plan 38.50%$1,500$100K
Plan 410.50%$2.5K$100K

Compensation Plan

Level 18%
Level 22%
Level 31%
Level 41%
Level 51%

What I Like About EraFX7

I don’t really see much value in a program that will be so shortlived. The only good thing is that EraFX7 is very new. It is for this reason that many people will just promote this without risking much of their own money. This seems to be the smart way (yet unethical) way to win with EraFX7. You would have to be crazy to put more than $100 in this.

Being so new the traffic profile should be pretty healthy for one or two months. Any longer than that and it’s going to get ugly fast!

What I Dislike About EraFX7

You Will Regret Promoting This

What will your signups think of you when this collapses. They will lose trust with you and for good reason. The only smart option is to promote without putting your own funds in. That strategy may come back to haunt you when this thing implodes and everyone loses their money.

There are plenty of better options out there (still in early prelaunch).

The Real Deal

This cannot last long enough to make it worth joining or promoting.


Stay away, EraFX7 has no chance of lasting 3 months

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