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Envision Boards With Sandi Johnson

I am a motivation and accountability coach. I sponsor vision board experiences where people make a visual representation of their ideal future. From that a lot of times people are like, how I make this come to pass. That’s where I step in as a vision coach. I help them step by step to make their dreams become reality. That’s what an accountability coach does. So we set goals and deadlines. I’ll follow up. They always leave the vision conscious session with homework that has to be done.


A lot of times people are like standing on a cliff looking down at their vision their purpose knowing that they should be doing what’s down there but they are afraid so I just come gently behind and they push them over the edge and I give themΒ  a parachute of resources to make their visions come to pass.

My vision board is like a five-step process where we go through from the beginning the pull people’s mindset to get them to the point that they’re able to shake off our stress.


Then we move into our vision board and then after that we have a couple more steps we do the main film work you know in the vision boards who don’t put it in the closet you put this someplace visible and I they’re very powerful they really manifest they still will you really visualize what it is you want in your life.


I just love giving and contributing. I love to see people win in life. So if I could just share words from some of my experiences. I was a single mom raised three children by myself so I just have kind of had a lot of experiences I like to share with other people aisle three my my children are my girls are about to graduate college this year and my son is doing great.

We do the the culture session through video conferences and we’ll say now ask questions to really figure out what they feel like their purpose is and then we just put a plan to action and I email back to them with their homework and sometimes it involves reading books because I believe that you have to be in a constant state of self development so just expand your mindset in order for your purpose to be filled and step outside your comfort zone.


I had one lady that was really motivated and it was just a couple of months and it depends on how big your vision but she just kind of needed somebody to just say she was very successful with the book before and then you know that f-word came in “fear” sometimes we were fearful of success so that effort came in he pulled her book off the market so right now I’m just kind of standing like this holding her to the cliff yeah she jumps and I let her go to other way so it just kind of depends on what you’re doing and I also one thing about it is established in the right type of circle so not only do I pour them into the circle of business when entrepreneurs and I’m in other people that can help them to to build their brand or company or even if they’re struggling as a single parent to be able to help out with their parenting so but in continue for two months – I’m sixty six to eight months or it could be a long boring relationship because people are constantly in transformation.


The name of my book is single parenting on purpose not that you become a single parent on purpose but the fact that um when you just a nickname on my facebook life is living life on purpose because you have to live with a destination and a plan in mind you have to you just don’t get up and a hap hazardly, parent your kids.

You establish a vision for them like I wanted my children to go to college so that was the language I spoke to them you know and it’s kind of the past so it’s just about parents and on purpose.


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