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Emir Global Trend Review – FULL Comp Plan Access For Free Members

Welcome To My Emir Global Trend Review.

Emir Global Trend is a passive crypto opportunity officially coming out of Bahrain. When I say official, I have to admit that I find it strange that the only people promoting it from day 1 have been Russian. Maybe the Russians are just promoters? Maybe they are the real owners….who knows right?

As for the investment packages,  you will earn around 20% to 25% per month until you have earned 300% ROI. Also you can join for free and have full access to all bonuses and commissions for 30 days. So you can “promote your way” into the program with no money down! I will go into more details in the next section.

By The Way I Do Not Promote This!

Emir Global Trend Review Summary

Key Figures :  Hussain Al Alawi

Product Type : Crypto Ponzi MLM

Summary :  You receive passive income until you triple your deposit (300%). On average you will earn 20% per month. The minimum package is $100. You can upgrade your package with internal profits. Emir Global Trend also have a very lucrative comp plan to entice recruiters.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  Big Profit Possibility, Possible Ponzi, Well Funded

Verdict:  This looks to be very well funded and could potentially last a long time. The other bonus is that this program is very EARLY in it’s pre-launch.

Quick Summary

What Is Emir Global Trend

I did some research on this company to find out who is behind it. I found a couple of Russians talking about it and thats it. The Russian sources claim that Hussain Al Alawi is the CEO. Now, I know that Hussain Al Alawi is a real person. He comes from a very wealthy family from the Bahrain. Is he real….YES….is he connected to Emir Global……WHO KNOWS. I think it’s most likely a Russian scheme, but I decided to take it at face value today. So let’s assume Hussain Al Alawi is the real CEO.

Minimum Investment – $100

Returns – 20% per month until you have earned 300%, Investors on the $50K package earn 25% per month.

Withdrawals – Withdraw profits twice per month (Every 15 Days)

ROI Payments – Every Saturday

Compensation Plan

Direct Commissions
10% of whatever your direct sign up invests.
Binary Commissions

Earn up to 8% on your weakest leg. Calculated daily. This depends on your package.

PackageBinary %
         $1000 Plus8%

Residual Bonus
Get paid a percentage of what your down line is generating.

PackageResidual %Levels Paid

What I Like About Emir Global Trend

Backed by Wealthy Family From Bahrain.

This project looks extremely well funded. That usually means it is going to last a long time.

Compensation Plan is Sustainable

The compensation plan is designed to reward depth but without giving too much away in direct commissions. I think this is a smart move and will enhance the longevity of this program.

VERY EARLY in Prelaunch – This is the best time to invest in a passive crypto program because the risk of collapse is at its lowest.

What I Dislike About Emir Global Trend

These types of passive crypto mlm programs are often ponzis. You need to be careful and accept the risks.

The Real Deal

Big Profit Possibility, Possible Ponzi, Well Funded


This looks to be very well funded and could potentially last a long time. The other bonus is that this program is very EARLY in it’s pre-launch.

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