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Earl Hall – Voice Over Coach & Founder of Voice Over Domination



At the point when Earl began first doing voice-overs more than a decade ago.He had no clue how to launch an effective voice-over business. His range of abilities in voice over was virtually nil and his insight into really assembling a business in voice over was yet to be clear. His work ethic and drive was was yet to materialise… His progress was hampered by some of the poor information and courseΒ  out there. He was wasting time doing all the wrong things. Then he had the break through and finally achieved that elusive dream of success.

Today, he is an elite voice over business resource master for voice performers, podcasters, on-screen characters and even other voice over mentors. Aspiring voice over artists all over the world watch him break down the entire path to success on his youtube channel.

Earl knows all the pitfalls that can doom aspiring artists to failure, IE; under charging to get cheap gigs, rather than putting value on your skill and catering to high end clients. He also knows how to effectively utilise social media to build your brand and break through to success in the voice over industry.

Check out his Voice Over Domination course here.

Earl is a dynamic mentor and skilled voice over coach. If you are looking to break into this competitive industry, it might be worth having him in your corner!

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