Welcome to my Eaconomy Review. You might have heard of Eaconony being promoted under the moniker “Global Takeover” . That is just the name they are using during prelaunch, I believe. I guess that want to keep the Eaconomy name free of bad press for a while. I will try and be gentle!

I will call it Eaconomy in this review.

Eaconomy is a forex trading bot. As with all trading bots they are terrible for a variety of reasons. But let’s condense it into one point.

Eaconomy Trading Bot Loses Money.


Trading Bots are really terrible at producing consistent income.

You will never hear the truth about Eaconomy because the only people talking about Eaconomy are the affiliates promoting it. The only way to get people to use a trading bot like Eaconomy is to never speak about your losses and only post your profits. You will literally never see an Eaconomy affiliate be truthful about the results they get from using the bot.

I feel sorry for the poor old Eaconomy affiliates because, I was sucked into the promises of trading bots once, so I sort of know how it will go. This is how the first 6 weeks will go for an Eaconomy user:

6 Weeks in The Life Of An Eaconomy Affiliate

  1. Excitedly get set up on the forex markets, dreaming of weekly profits on auto pilot.
  2. Lose money…..hmm must be just a hiccup! Lets wait for the bot correction!
  3. Lose more money. Start asking questions in the Facebook group.
  4. Realize that the bot sucks.
  5. Start trying to get affiliate commissions to recoup losses.
  6. Fail to get your money back. Quit Eaconomy never to return.

Lets Check The Facebook Group To See Where They Are At

Reality Is Setting In.

Eaconomy is Not A Scam, It’s Just Not Very Good.

Eaconomny pisses me off a little bit but it’s not a scam. Let me tell you why it bothers me. Nobody is using Eaconomy EXCEPT for Eaconomy affiliates. Customers are not using the bot because it loses money. If customers were using the bot, I would have no problem with it. It’s only purpose for existing is to flog affiliate commissions. 

On with the review. If you can get over the fact that you have to flog a dead horse to make money, we can move onto the opportunity itself. By the way if you want to make money with something that actually works, check out a legitimate way to make money online.

Eaconomy Review – Summary

Key Figures: Adam Wenig

Product Type: Forex Trading Bot MLM

Summary: Customers pay $247 and then $167 per month.

Affiliates pay $79 one time and then $29 per month. Free use of the software can be obtained by having 3 active users per month. 

They also have a MLM compensation plan.

See The Comp Plan Here.

This is a case of a product being secondary to the “opportunity”. The only people using this consistently will be affiliates. The lack of customers may attract FTC compliance officers.

Rating: C-

Verdict: When you have no real customer base and the majority of users being promoters of the product, you start to look like a pyramid scam. I will stop short of saying it’s a scam. Trading bots never deliver consistant gains and often cause losses. Just like trading manually.

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What Is Eaconomy?

There are alot of people pushing trading bots. They all claim that “this bot is different than the others”. Trading algorithms do not out perform the market. You WILL experience losses.

You can get the same results doing manual trading. So why bother buying the Eaconomy bot.

The only reason I can think of is that you can make money promoting the Eaconomy opportunity.

Whilst, I am pretty happy with the income from my top way to make money online, I am still  going to be unbiased with my review of Eaconomy. 

Let’s get into the details with the products and opportunity of Eaconomy.

Eaconomy Product Range

Did you know that Adam Wenig was previously a key partner for the AI Global Markets Bot. Wenig had a big falling out with the AI Global CEO David Mayers. As a result of the disagreement Wenig was forbidden from using Mayers trading algorithms.

Its easy enough to find an equally bad trading algorithym to use and that is what Adam Wenig has done. Eaconomy is the MLM opportunity that has resulted.

To use the new bot customers pay $247 and then $167 per month.

Affiliates pay $79 one time and then $29 per month. Free use of the software can be obtained by having 3 active users per month. 


Compensation Plan


Direct Sale Bonus

After you have 4 sales you will $40 is paid for each sale thereafter. This is a once off bonus per sale paid on every $247 sale made.

Fast Start Bonus

$110 is paid on your fourth sale if it is made within 10 days of you starting.

One Time Bonus On Extra EA’s

$15 is paid as a one time bonus, whenever your customers make extra EA purchases.

Team Coded Bonus

Once off bonus on first orders made by customers.

Rank 1 – Earn 15% on your first 3 teams first 3 sales to unlimited depth.

Rank 2 – Earn 20% on your first 3 teams first 3 sales to unlimited depth.

Rank 3 – Earn 25% on your first 3 teams first 3 sales to unlimited depth.

Rank 4 – Earn 25% on 4th team and all other personal enrollment teams first 3 plus extr 3% unlimited depth.

Rank 6 – Earn 25% plus extra 5% unlimited depth.

Rank 5 – Earn 28% on your first 3 teams first 3 sales to unlimited depth.

Rank 7 – Earn 30% on your first 3 teams first 3 sales to unlimited depth.

Rank 8 – Earn 25% plus extra 7% unlimited depth.


Coded Matching Bonus

Paid weekly.

Rank 2 – 15% matching bonus paid on top 3 earners from first level who earned highest coded bonus for the week.

Rank 3 – 10% matching bonus paid on top 9 earners from first level who earned highest coded bonus for the week.

Legacy Residual Bonus

Earn a weekly residual bonus at each rank.

Ranks Monthly GV Downline Rank Req Qualified Subs Weekly Residual Lane Max
Rank 1 435 nil 3 $37.50 NA
Rank 2 1740 nil 12 $150 4/4/2004
Rank 3 5075 nil 35 $375.00 10/10/15
Rank 4 13050 3 at Rank 1 90 $750 30/30/30
Rank 5 36050 2 at Rank 2 250 $1,250 100/100/50
Rank 6 72500 2 at Rank 3 500 $2,500 200/200/100
Rank 7 181250 2 at Rank 4 1250 $6,250 500/500/250
Rank 8 362500 2 at Rank 5 2500 $12,500 1K/1K/500
Rank 9 725000 2 at Rank 6 5000 $22,000 2K/2K/1K
Rank 10 2.175 Mil 2 at Rank 7 15000 $62,500 6K/6K/3K
Rank 11 4.35 Mil 2 at Rank 8 30000 $125,000 12K/12K/6K
Rank 12 8.7 Mil 2 at Rank 9 60000 $250,000 24K/24/12K


What I Like About Eaconomy


Decent Compensation Plan

If you feel like Eaconomy will last the distance, you might be happy to know that the comp plan pays pretty good. Specifically their is enough scope to build a weekly residual income. 

What I dislike about Eaconomy

Would A Customer Use This Product Long Term?

If a product is so good that customers will be satisfied using it without promoting, then you have a good product. I just do not believe that people will be satisfied with the results that they get from using Eaconomy. The affiliates will say it’s amazing, I just don’t believe them.

If it wasn’t for the comp plan, nobody would care about Eaconomy.

High Regulatory Risk

Let me be clear Eaconomy is NOT a ponzi. However, it does seem to veer pretty hard into pyramid scam territory. The FTC considers anything that prioritizes the “opportunity” over the product. Thats kind of exactly what is going on here. Let’s face it Eaconony will be used by 99% affiliates only. There will be virtually no long term retail customers.

The fact that it’s a Forex product, greatly increases the risk that Eaconomy will be shut down. What happens when Joe Bloggs burns through $15K in his first week using the Eaconomy bot? He goes straight to the FTC or SEC to file a complaint. I have a feeling that the complaints boxes at both departments will get pretty full. When that happens you can expect a shut down.

The Real Deal With Eaconomy

To be fair Eaconony is not a scam but it has some big problems. The bot underperforms and will be a complaint magnet. The regulators love nothing better than administering a good ass whipping to a Forex MLM….grab some popcorn


Not worth the effort to promote. I give it a C-


Julian Leahy

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