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Detroit Hipsters and Turning Women In Sales Women With Renee Hriber


Renee: I am a born and bred New Yorker, but I am based in Detroit. I’ve lived in Detroit now for almost 20 years.

There’s a definite revitalization and it’s not the way that I think anybody had anticipated you know even a decade ago it’s a lot of you know the hipsters are there now right they got their cool craft brewery there big bushy beards there you know everyone’s got the cycles.

Julian: I saw a hipster and he was having a coffee and instead of a laptop he was typing on a type writer….

Renee: I lived into downtown in the city of Detroit with my husband probably eight years before was cool before you could let go to brunch on every corner so there’s always like some cool restaurant opening with some peek way to do eggs benedict or something that they’ll charge $18 for!

I came to the online space too specifically, I saw a gap in women being comfortable selling for themselves. I saw a lot of women starting their own business, but I found that so many women were really you know like didn’t want to own that role of you know well they know where I am and they’ll just come to me if they need anything and they were taking that approach and I’m not saying they have to be on the other side which is like hard core closer in fact I’ve never met anybody that wants to be a hard core closer online but I met plenty of consultants women that had had you know 10 15 even 20 years of experience in corporate America and for whatever reason they wanted to kind of hang up their own shingle and start consulting independently on their own schedule maybe they had been HR professionals or meetings planners or they had been in sales managers or they had other expertise and they said you know I can consult people on this that have this very specific need and when they you know would make their website they would get their branding they would create all of the social media platform exposure but then when it came down to actually closing the sale they were awkward and nervous and didn’t want to follow up and didn’t eat they wouldn’t even want to follow the simple or didn’t know to follow the simple strategies that have worked for hundreds of years with humans.

What I teach them in a non sleazy very female centric way so I truly say it’s just softer side of sales and there’s a lot of men that utilize my my skills too but the goal is just to make it feel like a conversation that’s some like persuasion tactic.

I often times hear more than more than I made this much money which they do make money but they say more than anything the resounding song is I feel confident now owning my expertise and charging what I know I need to charge to maintain my business because when it comes to maintaining their business it’s not just the time if they spend with the client especially if they’re consultants it’s the time they spend marketing and branding and promoting and all those other hours that they’re spending doing something else that unless they charge more for that one hour or hours they’re gonna go out of business pretty quick so it comes down with confidence and having a conversation asking for the for the clothes asking for payment to secure their spot on their calendar and then continuing the conversation so it’s never about delivering the service though most of my clients and this is what I found is once they have a client I mean the results they get are amazing they’re like all in there I mean they’re just delivering and giving and giving and they constantly get referrals but they can’t rely on referrals and they don’t have that consistent stream coming in so the difference is yes owning their expertise understanding why they should charge what they should charge it doesn’t mean it’s high or low it just means it is what it is like how many hours do you spend in your business and this is the only point where you can receive money this has to make up for all of that either restructure your business or charge or charge what you need to charge to keep your business in business.

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