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Daleen Pinder – Attracting Sales By Being Authentic & Finding Your Natural Zone Of Genius


Julian: You do a lot of really cool stuff with I guess entrepreneurial mindset and law of attraction attraction marketing all that type of wonderful stuff would you like to tell us a little bit about what you are doing?


Self Limiting Beliefs

Daleen: Absolutely so I just my husband and I have we owned three businesses and I just my parents were entrepreneurs so business like runs through my blood and am truly an entrepreneur through like all of me the part of me and so I really recognized that especially with women sometimes we have a hard time selling our services and really showing the world who we really are and sometimes that can affect our business success rate so I love inspiring people to just really cut down all the beliefs about selling and marketing because the truth of the matter is and this is my opinion I think selling is serving and so I find like the easiest way to sell your services is not really.

It’s honestly people buy you first before they ever invest in your services so I really tell my clients that your best marketing tool is actually you and so when you are just sharing your beliefs sharing what you stand for sharing your values. I believe that’s when you become magnetic

I just I really believe in abundance and so I think that if you can get out of your own way and more on how to put yourself out there in a way that feels good to you then your business just grows and grows and you remove the negative emotions because a lot of times it’s the negative emotions that really hold people back from stepping up to that next level of success.

Julian:  You often hear people say you know what do I know about this or I’m to me come to this or onto that and throw up the barriers I don’t know anything about it. It’s one of those things where the imperfect and just just go with what you’ve got learn on the way, make mistakes, don’t be afraid, and the other thing I was going to what you were talking about how you know it’s about connecting with people it’s about service and you know maybe a long time ago there was all these kind of you know they’re the high-pressure stuff and following a sales script and you know how to handle objections etc.

There really is no need for that really it’s all about having a connection with people absolutely you know building relationships is the key to building a successful business.


The Ripple Effect

Daleen: The show is actually all about the ripple effect because I believe you just you cannot build your business alone you need to connect with awesome people like yourself right and you know it’s all about the connections because that one person that you connect with they know at least a hundred people so every person you’re connecting with if you you know think of it as a spider web it just creates a beautiful foundation and I know for myself I love I so I’m gonna even back how I got into the online space. I am from a very small rural town in Alberta so my town is like 1,400 people and when I first started coaching trying to build my business on a local level people are like what is that and one lady even said to me oh my gosh I can’t believe people pay you for that didn’t understand the value in coaching and so I did pretty decent for like about six months but then I started to bang my head against the wall because I’m like I don’t know who else to you know I ran out of leads ran out of people so that’s why I embrace my online worlds.


Find Your Natural Zone Of Genius

I hired mentoring coaches to help me learn the system and I feel that what I learned and now what I take away and like to share with people is you have to actually just do the marketing activities and of course there’s a system but the things that feel good to you that light you up so you got to look for your natural zone of genius so that whole attraction marketing thing comes in like I tell my client I am NOT a writer I hate writing.

To be honest but I love video and I love doing podcasts so you know do what you love and what you feel confident in because when you’re confident your energy goes up and my my saying is the better you feel the more successful.


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