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Daily Digital Club Review – Reverse 2 Up Cash Gifting

Welcome to my Daily Digital Club review.

This type of program is known as a Reverse Two Up Cash Gifting scheme. The way they work is that they offer digital courses which allows the funds to flow from people purchasing the courses. Nobody ever uses the course materials because they only bought it, so they could re-sell it. The courses only purpose is to power the the compensation plan. 

Sounds like a pyramid scheme, because that is actually what it is. These programs are actually illegal, but no-one really cares. The regulators have bigger fish to fry.

These types of programs seem to be popular with newbies and inexperienced marketers for some reason. If you have an audience like that, you should have no problem getting sign ups for Daily Digital Club.

Daily Digital Club has 100% commissions which you earn when you sell one of the courses. You need to be qualified to earn commissions for each level otherwise the commission will pass up. 

Lets take a look at Daily Digital Club in some more depth!

Daily Digital Club Review Summary

Key Figures :  Peter Wolfing

Product Type : Online Education with Reverse 2 Up Gifting

Summary :  DDC have course that cost either $25 or $100 paid monthly. Most of this goes towards the comp plan. Cash Gifting is easy to promote for people that are new to online marketing. I would estimate that 90% of people would probably fail to earn their money back. If you can promote, you will make money.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  Is anybody joining as a customer just to use the courses? Maybe a small percentage. Really DDC is just a comp plan. 

Verdict:  Inexperienced marketers flock to these because they just need to make one sale to recoup their expenses. I am not really a fan of cash gifting.

Quick Summary

What Is Daily Digital Club

DDC have put together a couple of educational courses ranging from $25 to $100 per month. The majority of the cost feeds the compensation plan, with the rest covering a small admin fee. 

You won’t hear much about the courses or content except from affiliates trying to sell it. It’s all about buying your rights to resell and make 100% commissions. The courses are pretty generic marketing content which is available on youtube for free.

Can You Make Money With This?

Yes, but you need to be able to recruit.  There is no passive or recurring income unless you get some signups who continue to pay the monthly fee. Most people will drop off when they begin struggle to find signups each month. The high attrition rate means you will need to have a constant flow of new signups. Most people will quit within 3 months.

Compensation Plan


You qualify for all levels by purchasing the top subscription ($100 per month). Commissions will be paid for sales of any course subscription that you purchased and below.

$25 Subscription – $25 commission per month

$100 Subscription – $100 commission per month


What I Like About Daily Digital Club

Recurring Passive Income

Other cash gifting programs have once off payments which means you need to constantly look for new people to join. With DDC the levels are monthly subscriptions which allows to you to build a stable and recurring income.

Newbie Friendly

Newbies see these programs as achievable. They only need to land 1 or 2 sales to cover the monthly subscription. I think it would be pretty easy to get signups for this, particularly if you had an audience of inexperienced marketers.

What I Dislike About Daily Digital Club

These programs feel a bit weird to me. The reason is that nobody gets any value from the courses. Everybody is just in it to recruit people. I have no problem recruiting, but I prefer to have a product that has some value to it. I cannot imagine anybody joining this as a customer. If the subscription had real value you would see customers using it and not just promoters. In the eyes of the FTC, programs like this are illegal pyramid schemes. I doubt they will do anything about it, so I guess it’s not really a big deal.

The Real Deal

Pretty easy for newbies to get involved with. But really its just a cash gifting scheme.


If you have an audience you can make good money with this. Not exactly legal though.


  1. laura marks

    I somehow got a phish email from Viktor Grant that since I was a subscriber of his I could join his webinar about YouTube relevance. Last week was interesting as it was about how to grow your audience. But this week was all about sending 1000 email/day to sell e-learning videos they have ready to go out. They provide all the back office infrastructure and we as monthly subscribers to Daily Digital Club will get 100% profit. I dropped out and unscubscribed on the last email he sent.

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