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CT Passive Review – Aussie Ad Credit Ponzi Scam

Welcome to my CT Passive Review.

This “passive income opportunity” is coming out of Australia which I must say is pretty surprising. I will get to that in a minute. CT Passive is a clone of a well known type of scheme, known as an “Ad Credit Ponzi”. Specifically, CT Passive seems to be cashing in on the rather successful (soon to be collapsed) My Passive Trades. 

These programs boomed back several years ago but they dropped in popularity after authorities successfully shut down and prosecuted My Advertising Pays back in 2014.

My Passive Trades has lasted 1.5 years which is a long time for a crypto ponzi. Whenever you see a good run like that, you will start to see some copy cats. Enter….CT Passive.

Let’s get into the review of just how CT Passive works.

CT Passive Review Summary

Key Figures :  Jarrod Layton

Product Type : Crypto Ad Pack Ponzi MLM

Summary :  Ad packs are purchased which generate 1.5% per day. The minimum purchase is $5. CT Passive also have a very lucrative comp plan with 5 levels.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  F

Verdict:  The big problem here, is running this scheme in Australia. The Australian regulator ASIC will shut this down fast.

Quick Summary

What Is CT Passive

The program uses the guise of Advertising credits to generate ROI which is paid back to holders of Ad Credit packs. Affiliates can advertise their 3rd party programs and possibly make sales in addition to the ROI paid on the Ad packs. It kind of seems to make sense, except there is quite a bit of deception going on behind the scenes. What happens is that affiliates buy MORE ad packs than can ever be delivered or displayed inside the CT Passive system. We learned this from the collapse of My Advertising Pays. Such programs are always selling more Ad Packs than they can actually deliver. They are constantly playing catch up and can never deliver the advertising services that are promised.

This does not really matter because the “Advertising Services” only exist as a framework for the ponzi to operate under. The only money flowing through the system comes from the sale of Ad packs. When new investors dry up, the scheme will collapse. One thing is certain:

CT Passive Are Generating ZERO ROI

The profits are just allocated from new investor funds. It is a classic ponzi.

The only way that CT Passive can last longer than 2 months is if they have a reserve fund. The reserve fund is necessary to pay out the ROI long enough to build confidence. If CT Passive can survive this period, then it may experience a boom. I suspect that CT Passive have virtually no reserve funds and are probably going to implode very fast.

Compensation Plan

Affiliates are paid a percentage of whatever their signups invest. They are paid 5 levels deep.

Level 1 – 8%

Level 2 – 4%

Level 3 – 1%

Level 4 – 1%

Level 5 – 1%

What I Like About CT Passive

CT Passive seems to have gotten some interest due to it’s similarity to My Passive Trades. The reason is that My Passive Trades has not collapsed (Yet) after 1.5 years of successful operation.

This is due to the fact they they launched with a very healthy reserve fund, which gave everybody confidence and attracted a lot of investors. My Passive Trades is very close to collapsing, but many people believe that I am wrong about that.

By copying this format CT Passive has garnered interest from the investors who feel like they “missed out” on My Passive Trades.

This gives CT Passive a chance to replicate this success. The only problem is that CT Passive has virtually no reserve fund. I do not believe that CT Passive can replicate the success of My Passive Trades.

What I Dislike About CT Passive

Two big problems.

Under Funded – The only reason that My Passive Trades worked was because they had enough money to pay out the ROI payments during the early stages. I believe that this is simply not the case with CT Passive. I believe that they are running on a “shoestring budget”.

Based in Highly Regulated Country – Most ponzis pretend to be based in developed countries like UK, Canada or even Australia. This is pretty easy to done by buying a company certificate online. It fools investors because they know that these countries have functioning systems and strict regulations. In the case of CT Passive…they are not pretending. They really are based in Australia.

Australia has very strict regulations and a very powerful regulator known as ASIC. Australia only has a small population but a very well funded regulators. They have a reputation for shutting down ponzis very quickly. It is like a small town with a big sheriff.

The Real Deal

This program seemed to have some early “legs” but it will run out of puff very fast. I think have have insufficient reserve funds which are essential for any ponzi scam that wants to last the distance. The other problem is that it is based in the highly regulated country of Australia.

This will not last very long. My advice is that you avoid CT Passive.


This gets an F grade.

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