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Crowd1 Review – Is This A Ponzi Scam or What

Welcome to my Crowd1 Review.

Online marketing launches need to attract investors through excitement. If you can get people excited about a prelaunch, they will invest in it. Some people get excited when they read the details about a prelaunch. The right project will demontrate it’s value in the details of the offer. Other types of people get excited by hype. With these people you don’t need to demonstrate the details. You only need to show a vague yet flashy looking promise, then you hype it up! Plenty of people will still join the opportunity.

With Crowd1, I went looking for details and could not find any. This was a red flag, but I wasn’t unduly concerned YET. I thought it was just another over hyped MLM opportunity.

My main suspicion is that the “product” is pretty much hot air. I mean how are they making money outside of affiliate purchases? Crowd1 make a vague claim to be building gambling and gaming apps. Online gambling is EXTREMELY competitive. I had my doubts about the profitability of Crowd1.

If I am correct….there will be virtually zero retail customers using Crowd1. If they ever get any of the products working, they will only be used by affiliates trying to sell the opportunity.

Things take a turn for the worse…

Owner Rights = BTC Packages?

Whilst watching the Crowd1 presentation, I noticed them mentioning shares, called Owner Rights. Immediately another red light flashed in my mind, knowing full well that selling shares to investors is illegal without a securities license. Crowd1 does not have a securities license. It just didn’t make sense to me…why would a legitimate MLM offer unlicensed securities to investors? Unless they have no intention of being around for long….hmmmm!

According to Crowd1, the Owner Shares will only be issued to early prelaunch investors and they seem to be creating a frenzy . I just didn’t get why people were excited about owning them. Then I saw a reference to “passive income” being paid out to those with “owner rights”…….OHHHHHH I think I know how this story goes!!

I predict that extremely high returns will be paid to holders of the owner rights shares. Owner rights are exactly like shady bitcoin packages which pay 100%-500% per year. This profitability obviously will not be real which means that passive returns are being generated NOT from profits but from NEW INVESTORS. Crowd1 also mention that each owner right will have a dollar value which will be increasing once they are no longer being issued after the prelaunch. I predict that Crowd1 will have some sort of internal exchange where owner rights can be bought and sold. Crowd1 is pretty much a clone of the Bitconnect business model in that respect.

Crowd1 Is A Ponzi Scam

Behind the impressive graphics are there real working models of the Crowd1 products…..I doubt it!

I would classify this company as misleading, but the Owner Rights push it into ponzi scam territory. Any company that has over hyped products will always under deliver. Legitimate companies have a base of loyal customers, not just affiliates and will be successful for long periods of time. If you have a long term mindset plus access to something that teaches you how to make money online the legitimate way you will make a LONG TERM INCOME!! Anyway, on with the review.

Crowd1 Review – Summary

Key Figures: Stelios Piskopianos.

Product Type: MLM ponzi in gaming app niche.

Summary: Affiliates can earn “passive income” from getting owner rights. These owner rights are only available in the prelaunch. Affiliates can earn by referring people to any of the Crowd1 products. You earn direct commissions plus they have a MLM compensation plan.

See The Comp Plan Here.

The products were vague, and I did not think it could to sustain a base of customers. I think the only people getting involved will be affiliates that are interested in the marketing opportunity.

The passive income component of the “owner rights” make me believe that Crowd1 is a ponzi scam. It is also an unlicensed security offering.

Rating: F

Verdict: This program will probably last a couple of years. Investors will probably be fanatical supporters until it collapses of course.

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What Is Crowd1?

Crowd1 is an opportunity that uses a multi-level marketing (MLM) structure to attract affiliates. I have no problem with MLMs however sometimes they have a tendency to over hype things. One thing I really check is the products themselves. I try to ignore the comp plan and investigate if the products bring value to the market place. Some MLMS operate on “hot air” with no real customers using the products. When this happens the MLM will not have a long term future.

Crowd1 seem to be developing apps for the gaming and gambling industry. Affiliates can promote the service to get commissions and also ownership shares in the company itself. The products are pretty vague which does not fill me with confidence. Any how, let’s take a look at what is on offer.


Compensation Plan

Direct Sales Bonus

White Package – €99 and 90 Binary Points (BP)

Black Package – €299 and 270 Binary Points (BP)

Gold Package – €799 and 720 Binary Points (BP)

Platinum Package – €2499 and 2250 Binary Points (BP)

Matching Bonus

When a member ship is sold to 4 people you receive 10% of the BP. For every 4 sold after that you open up 10% on another level. This is repeated up to 5 levels deep.

Streamline Bonus

This will award you extra ownage rights depending on how big your downline grows.

Level Req Directs Min Package Downline Req
Owner rights per week
3 2 White 750 €7.50
4 3 White 1000 €10
5 5 Black 1500 €15
6 5 Black 2500 €25
7 7 Black 5000 €50
8 8 Black 7500 €75
9 9 Gold 10000 €100
10 10 Gold 15000 €150
11 11 Gold 20000 €200
12 12 Gold 25000 €250
13 13 Platinum 50000 €500
14 14 Platinum 75000 €750
15 15 Platinum 100000 €1,000

What I Like About Crowd1

It Should Last Over 2 Years

There are alot of different programs that offer passive residual income for doing nothing. 99% of the time these programs collapse quickly because they are highly unstable ponzi scams. With Crowd1 it seems far less scammy on the surface. Most investors will not really look beneath the surface. It should outlast many other types of passive income ponzis out there. It really comes down to how much ROI will be paid to holders of the shares or owner rights. The higher the ROI, the more buzz and more money flowing in. The down side is stability. Either way Crowd1 looks less scammy than most ponzis so investors should be confident enough to leave there money in the scheme. Eventually though Crowd1 will buckle under the ROI payments and collapse.

Explosive Growth

These types of schemes typically experience very fast growth. Once people start making money by holding the owner rights, there will be a lot of demand for the program. If you get in early you should be able to rise from the growth. Keep your head and look for an exit before any negative announcements are made. You can be sure that bad news will be around the corner. Even just from having unlicensed securities options, the SEC will have to act at some point. When this happens people will start cashing out causing the whole thing to implode. Personally I would rather make less if it means I am doing the right thing. If you want to make 6 figures whilst sleeping like a baby, check out my program here.

What I dislike about Crowd1

Do You Want To Be A Program Hopper Forever?

Maybe you don’t belive that the owner rights look highly suspect. Maybe you believe that the ROI on the owner rights come from real profits and not from the funds of new investors. Even if that is the case, you can’t deny that offering ownership shares is an unlicensed security offering. What happens when it’s all over…you have to start again and join another short lived program.

Imagine if you had joined a legit program that taught you how to make consistent long term income. You would just keep on building!

It’s An Unlicensed Securities Offering

Crowd1 will get big enough to catch the attention of regulators like the SEC. Maybe you think it is not a big idea that the owner rights are an unlicensed security offering. WRONG – It is a big deal and I will tell you why. Crowd1 could never even get a securities license because this means that every affiliate would need to also be licensed. So they intend on just ignoring the law, which you can do for a while. Eventually Crowd1 will get hit by a cease and desist and the whole thing will be finished with

The Real Deal With Crowd1

I believe that passive ROI is paid to holders of the owner rights. If this happens then Crowd1 is a ponzi scam. If I am wrong, I will happily retract this review.


Pretty Fishy I give it a F.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.


  1. Jo

    Hi Julian,

    much obliged for your info and opinions on Crowd1.Please advise, where did you find your information stating that Stelios Piskopianos is a Key Figure in this?
    I cant seem to verify that although I have found that 2 of the companies he recently worked for either no longer exist or never did.

    kind regards,

  2. Anonymous

    how can it be that a fake company pays your bonus and like with most MLM companies you only have to make a deposit once with Crowd1 and not with a fake MLM company you have to pay an amount every month. Regarding Crowd1 as far as I know it has been around for several years and they were first in real estate.

    • Anonymous

      Even countries collapses when you think that you have selected a good political comrades.I think all things has it’s own duration.

  3. Gugu

    It is a scam.even when they r doing presentation they talk about themselves not the product or how did they get this money from.and this things can brainwash you if ure don’t think carefully.

  4. Mandisa Ngubo

    I know it sounds too good to be true,it is very normal for anyone to be sceptical…honestly people are making loads of money out of Crowd1 but like Mr.Leahy said it will most definitely collapse!

  5. Inno

    You got to be in it to win it, don’t be sceptical, if you don’t take the risks you will never succeed in life. Impossible is Nothing

  6. Solomuzi

    Julian I don’t blame you for being quiet obviously we people are stubborn and then when we lose our friends and family trust, we cry and play victims.
    Guy we do not argue that you have gained money This is how scams /ponzi scheme works they do pay the first crowd of people so that they reinvest what they got out of it even add extra hoping to make more money out and then they vanish.
    You must be careful what you associate your name with.

  7. Edward

    Great platform to be in join now and remember every platform is a scam if you don’t work on it. So join now and stop whining, it’s an opportunity you have now to be in the early stages

  8. PEPSI


  9. Nono

    Eish we never learn as people it will collapse there is no two ways sooner or later it will happen. Julian is being truthful with us but we never listen.

    • Zee

      You people fail to learn that people like Julian don’t write such things out of the goodness of their hearts without their own motives imbedded behind…..this is very simple… if its a scam, it will collapse, those in it will loose those who didn’t join won’t…. buff its legit, then it’s visa versa…. so, make your own mind and stop trying to get others to go with your perceptions and decisions please

  10. Dido

    Hello Julian,

    Please advise, are you able to share a review on the following, that will be very much appreciated:

    1.”Mining City”
    2.”Greenly coin”
    3.”Bitclub Network”


  11. Feh

    I have joined most networking, believe me it was all scam and dishonest. that is its nature. But I never complain because those ponzi scam networking gave me benefits, either it be money or products.
    The only thing that people think it’s a scam because PEOPLE wants MONEY in long term- like forever like a money tree.. . That’s not how it works. If you work for it, you shall earn what you’ve been doing.
    And make sure that you have received what you deserve,. Yes although it’s a scam, as long as you have received the benefits, what shall you complain? You know what they say, the more you are being thankful, the more blessings you shall receive.
    It’s our choice and we are rejoicing because we have received something. The thing is, PEOPLE ONLY WANTS MONEY TO GROW FOREVER BECAUSE IF THAT DOESN’T WORK- IT IS CONSIDER AS SCAM.

  12. Pam123

    Is it true they say the amlest amount to invest is R1800.That is a prome that end August and feom October that R1800 will change to R5500?

      • Geir

        Hello again Julian,

        By using a laptop and Firefox I got access to the website. So as for me, everything is ok.

        My initial attempt was by using Chrome on an andriod phone which then blocked access to the site stating information exchanged is not secure.

        There may be something with web-site certificates.

        It is not the first time I have experienced such things – and while a warning is a good thing, the problem is that you don’t get the option to proceed.

        This just for info.

  13. Geir

    Hello again Julian,

    If you are moderating the comments in your posts, then there is no need to let this comment go online.

    I have enrolled into the LeadLightning system with you as a referral, paying those 7 dollars, but want to proceed to a higher level. In that respect, I am a bit confused and need some advice. Could you please send me an email to the address I give with this post?

    Thanks in advance


  14. Black

    I don’t know what the FUSS is all about. These things they come and go, whether is a scam or not-We are in. Only the brave join. We enter-make money and leave with something. The time you are wasting here with chit chat. I would have made a million.

  15. Glenn

    is it true that there is launching of this app on Oct 20,2019? and we’ll have to watch for the price to go up post launching so when the price goes up you’ll get huge profits by selling your shares (owner rights). when i asked the presentor what’s the name of the stock… “there’s no name yet except the owner rights…they’ve plans after launching,” he said. but the presentor has so much to say about how he earns by getting more people join in. it sounds vague and doubtful to me. I don’t want to encourage anyone…esp my family to even try this questionable business.

  16. Maverickcrypto

    yeah its too good to be true,as Julian have said “Keep your head up and Look for exit” if you have joined the get rich quick movement, what ever ROI you make buy Bitcoin

  17. Richard Thompson

    Crowd1 is not scam.
    These fake reports spoil good company reputations, make people leave and frustrate other efforts to building something long term.

    If you want to keep analysing shit.. keep it up.
    Am making money on crowd1 and it’s real for me.

    If you’re ready and can afford package of your choice, contact me.
    I can add you to my team and we also build your network because, in building you, we build ourselves.

    Crowd1 is not scam!!!

    • Unknownimous

      Why are you quitting Mfundo,is it because you joined with he hopes that you will earn something even if you dont recruit,this is a network marketiing if you dont recruit you lose

    • Tony

      its real opportunity, try it and watch while your money grow. you have nothing to lose though since you retain your money in few weeks.
      (Affiliate Link removed)


    I’M here in CROWD1 which has fetched me thousands of EUROS. Making Money 💰 Money EVERYDAY…And u are all here making noise…toomuch analysis leads to paralysis.
    The writer of this blog himself is the very ponzi Scam himself..I love..are you all aware that even Jesus Christ was labeled Scam?..tell me one business that’s not Scam.. JOIN people there is a lot of money to be MADE in CROWD1
    No taking risk itself is a bigger risk. Even the life you live is not’s risk too
    Reach me via Email for for your activation into CROWD1 for real money making EXPERIENCE


    CROWD1 is everything you need right now to change your financial situation
    Take it or leave it… anyone telling you CROWD1 is scam is the real scam
    I have made alot of money from the system and still making…join me u can come for my evidence I will show u

  20. Anonymous Anonymous

    It’s so sad that white people will always criticise any platform that will financially help black people. It’s okay, it’s so right, carry on… even getting employed nowadays is a scam, just before you know it *boom* you get retrenched, there are no guarantees to anything so work while you can and join scams while you can too.

    • Nkosinathi

      Very profound. These people are against anything that will change other people’s lives. If something did not come up with them it’s a scam.

  21. Anonymous

    I think your blog will be proven wrong by crowd1, I will take what you said as an “ASSUMPTION” but not “FACT” your information is not straight at all.

  22. Babylyn Lopez Gonzales

    Crowd1 is helping People but talking too much about it cannot help You so do You think this Person will spend money for You to go to Cruise 🚢??? No!!! Only talking too much and it’s not a huge money actually but in return to You is more than what You expect 💶💚

  23. Anonymous

    There’s only one person who is against Crowd1,and trying to draw people towards the hatred he have with it we don’t know your story Julian except the hatred you trying to plant,what I know dogs doesn’t bucked for an object that is on motion but to the ones moving,maybe he was your friends you fought now that he’s doing something you trying to drag his name and work down,Cain didn’t benefit anything when he killed his brother so stop staging other people’s down so as to get to the top,people has build houses,bought cars but you still here mourning,that’s being a coward cos you should have done better than try to go behind other successfully people try to dig their skeletons or dirty laundry,STOP IT ,Just Man Up and stop being like media ruining people’s life nx

  24. Mycie

    You gain nothing by doing nothing…. Why not join the company at its peak !!!….thank goodness I took the fearful risk ……. I don’t know if am allowed to post my invite link …but still taking the risk welcome to crowd 1 Julian Spamley !!!!

  25. Bongi Maphanga

    I joined Crowd 1 in October 2019 .From the look of things it’s going strong.They have offices in Dubai its for legalities concerning the company.I have converted my owners right and they are safely stored in a block chain.So far I see nothing but transparency.We are in the process of receiving cards to use on ATMs worldwide even in shops.On the 22/2/20 the company is hosting an event which includes training of members at ICC Dbn and booked the whole of Shaka Marine same day for the Party.As we speak top earners are in a cruiseship will be visiting countries including Manilla Spain etc.Crowd 1 is here to stay I don’t care who says what.For those who like to join do so as we are talking there is a promotion you buy white you immediately jump to black,Blck pack jump to gold etc . By the way the founder is Jonas Werner CEO is Johan Van Holstein .For registration If you want to join I am avaiable.

  26. Jimmy

    What you did here is make a good business look bad because you lack adequate knowledge of the business.. Crowd1 isn’t the first business to give out owners right and OR are not shares, they only work like shares, so you the company doesn’t need a license to sell owners right.

    Crowd1 is currently partnering with popular gambling companies in about 11 countries and still counting. This negates your claim of having Zero customers.

    Simply put, Crowd1 is uberfying the gaming and gambling industry and what you’ve written about Crowd1 isn’t entirely true…
    I won’t be surprised if you’re into the business now and making good money already.

  27. Ben

    Be carreful guys , all those people rating 5* trying to save this fake bizness who is absolutly not legit.
    By the way you check on alexarank that 50% of the trafic is fake , the society isnt registered in any EU or US country .
    There is any product to sell…. The crowd1 partners have exactly same owner as crowd1 , those compagny share are fake because those compagny arent registered anywhere… easy to check , take 5Minute on google you can check everything very easily.

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