Welcome to my Cash FX Group review.

On the surface Cash FX group has a lot of things going for it. For one the people behind it are not hiding. I was pretty shocked to see who is involved to be honest and really have to wonder why they would get involved with this obvious ponzi.

520% per year GUARANTEED is never legit…. I can’t believe I actually have to say that, but some people don’t exactly have a firm grip on reality when it comes to expected ROI. Show me one time in history a program has ever generated 520% of real profit and not been a ponzi scam and I will eat my own hat. If these programs paid real returns people would be like “ONLY 18% PER Year???, WTF MAN!”.

So you end up in a situation where you have to offer ridiculous returns like 520% per year (minimum!) to even get people glancing in your general direction. Keep in mind that very high ROI is only the MINIMUM that will be paid. Cash FX Group claim it could be as high as 780%! Despite how unrealistic and ridiculous that sounds, I predict that this program will get a lot of traction. I will tell you why. The people involved are not hiding their identities and one of them is a well known (formerly) legitimate business man.

Its a bold move putting your mug on webinars for a ponzi scam, one that I think will backfire spectacularly. I can see why they are being open and “transparent” *shudder. Remember how “transparent” Usi-tech were? Many people chose to invest in Usi-Tech over Bitconnect because they were so open. They are now in fear of their lives but at least they got rich!

So onto the people behind Cash FX. The brains behind the operation is a Dominican called Huascar Lopez…but I will get to him shortly. What really shocked me is that Ron Pope from the Conversion Pros is involved. I was shocked to he is now getting into a 520% Per Year Ponzi scam. If he thinks their will be no blowback against him or his legit company, he is in for a big shock.

The Story Of Ron Pope And Huascar Lopez

There is a bit of a story to how Ron Pope got into the ponzi game. He owned a Travel MLM called “My Fun Life” and one of the many struggling distributors was a Dominican gentleman called, you guessed it, Huascar Lopez. Ron recounts how he remembers that Huascar was struggling financially and drove a beat up Honda Civic as he battled make money with My Fun Life. The two separated, Ron Pope founded the successfull “All In One” marketing platform, The Conversion Pros, whilst Huascar got involved in the early generation of crypto ponzis, specifically Futurenet. 

If you were promoting crypto ponzis in 2016/2017 and were smart enough to cash out, chances out you would have come away with a lot of crypto. That is what happened to Huascar Lopez. He got rid of beaten up civic and upgraded his entire life, thanks to his new found ponzi wealth.

Meanwhile Ron Pope was watching all this from the sideline. He was amazed that his struggling affiliate had become a crypto millionaire over night thanks to a magical ponzi scam. One thing that Ron Pope knew for sure, was that he wanted a piece of that pie.

I understand that it is tempting to watch such a rapid accumulation of wealth happen to somebody that you least expect, but I suspect that Ron Pope was watching it happen through “rose coloured glasses”. As an outsider looking in, Ron could only see all the money he is missed out on. What you can bet on is that Huascar hasn’t told him about all the affiliates that lost money after he referred them into ponzis like Futurenet. These people are no doubt chasing him, trying to get there money back. The other thing that Ron is forgetting is that Huascar Lopez is promoting ponzis from the Dominican Republic. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Dominican Republic, but let’s put it this way, the DR is not excactly known for having a functional legal system. If you called the authorities to report a ponzi scam in the D.R, you would probably be met with a puzzled “Que”?

Ron Pope is a well known business man as the founder of The Conversion Pros. The Conversion Pros is a legit and compliant USA based affiliate company. He is very successful and has what I would call a “big name”. Regulators love “big names”. When they sit in their depressing government cubicle, they dream about catching a big name involved in something illegal. They spend their days spying on scams, ponzis and unlicensed securities but what they are really looking for is a “big name” to bring down. Nothing would get a government SEC investigator more turgid than seeing, somebody like Ron Pope pushing a 520% Per Annum crypto MLM *cough ponzi scam. So I really have to ask:

Ron Pope WTF Are You Doing Mate!


Ok It’s A Ponzi How Long Will It Last!

I see a perfect storm brewing for Cash FX. It is one thing to offer 520%, it happens all the time but these programs collapse very quickly after launch. That is not the biggest problem facing Cash FX Group. There is a strong USA connection to this ponzi scam and the SEC will be all over this from very early on. Especially when you have a big name American CEO heavily involved. I guess Ron Pope is banking on making millions in just 6 months and he probably will…..I guess he feels that it will be worth it despite the risk of reputation damage and possible jail time.

The last American that tried to run a ponzi from the USA (there are probably more recent examples) is Paul Burks from the Zeek Rewards ponzi (currently incarcerated on a 14 year sentence). Hardly worth the risk if you ask me, even if you really, really want a big stack of bitcoin!

The other problem is that Huascar has recruited a couple of ponzi promoters (Justin Halliday and Luigi Bruni) to push this turd out to the masses. Ponzi promoters can be good for drumming up interest but they come with a big down side.  The problem that ponzi promoters have is that they are always months away from dealing with an exit scam/collapse. Bruni and Halliday are currently teetering on top of the terminally ill Cloud Tokenn ponzi. They know that Cloud Token is dead in the water. Naturally most of their downline have no idea. So Halliday and Bruni start promoting Cash FX Group and bring most of their team over which gets Cash Group FX off to a fast start.

Tainted By The Cloud Token Collapse

This will work for a short while. Soon when people try to withdraw from Cloud Token, the shit is going to hit the fan. Scammed investors will go after Bruni and Halliday and put a lot of negative attention on the Cash FX Group ponzi. This will all contribute to a very rapid demise for the Cash FX Group. On top of that is the USA connection of Ron Pope’s involvement. I expect to see a cease and desist from the SEC which will be the final nail in the coffin for Cash FX Group.

Cash FX Group Review – Summary

Key Figures: Huascar Lopez, Ron Pope

Product Type: Crypto MLM Ponzi.

Summary: To earn you must invest at least $300. You get paid paid an extremely high ROI of between 10% to 15% per week. That’s 520% to 780% per year! Sounds LEGIT *cough *cough!

For some reason which completely shocks me, Ron Pope from legit USA company “The Conversion Pros” has decided to be co-founder for this Cash FX Group ponzi scam. All I can say is WTF?!

See The Comp Plan Here.

Either Ron Pope thinks 520% per year returns are some how real or he has decided to run the risk by flouting the law. I cannot see the SEC sitting on their hands this time. This one could end in jail time like Zeek Rewards. At least Huascar Lopez has the sense to operate from the Dominican Republic where the concept of law enforment is a punch line to a bad joke. Huascar walks away with millions, Ron Pope walks away in hand cuffs. Grab some popcorn!

Rating: F

Verdict: Whilst I feel bad for the victims, I am really going to enjoy watching this unfold.

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What Is Cash FX Group?


What a time to be alive. We currently have a situation where 1% per day is considered too low too attract a buzz. We are actually experiencing the demise of crypto ponzi scams. People are getting wise, regulators are getting wise and ponzi scammers are getting more desperate. So in the desperate bid to tempt investors ponzis are now DOUBLING the already unsustainable 1% per day model. Cash Fx Group are paying at least:

520% Per Year!

Never in the history of the universe has 520% per annum been achievable through legitimate trading. Anything this high is a ponzi scam 100% of the time. Some of you will argue with me, but I probably won’t argue back. I just wait for the collapse, which does the speaking on my behalf. Anyway let’s check out the investment packages.


Investment Packages

$300 Package – $210 goes towards the passive returns. $90 goes into the MLM commissions eg binary etc (Training Academy)

$500 Package – $350 goes towards the passive returns. $250 goes into the MLM commissions eg binary etc (Training Academy)

$1000 Package – $700 goes towards the passive returns. $300 goes into the MLM commissions eg binary etc (Training Academy)

$2000 Package – $1400 goes towards the passive returns. $600 goes into the MLM commissions eg binary etc (Training Academy)

$5000 Package – $3500 goes towards the passive returns. $1500 goes into the MLM commissions eg binary etc (Training Academy)

$7500 Package – $210 goes towards the passive returns. $90 goes into the MLM commissions eg binary etc (Training Academy)

$10000 Package – $7000 goes towards the passive returns. $3000 goes into the MLM commissions eg binary etc (Training Academy)

$20000 Package – $16000 goes towards the passive returns. $4000 goes into the MLM commissions eg binary etc (Training Academy)

$30000 Package – $21K goes towards the passive returns. $9K goes into the MLM commissions eg binary etc  (Training Academy)

$50000 Package – $35K goes towards the passive returns. $15K goes into the MLM commissions eg binary etc  (Training Academy)

$100K Package – $70K goes towards the passive returns. $30K goes into the MLM commissions eg binary etc (Training Academy)


Package Duration

The amount of time that ROI is paid depends on whether you are a recruiter (Bull) or not (Bear).

Bull – Recruiters will recieve ROI payments until they have 400% paid out.

Bear – Non recruiters will recieve ROI payments until they have 200% paid out.


Compensation Plan


Fast Start Bonuses


When you refer people into the training academy products, you earn 50% commissions.


Unilevel Commissions


The other 50% from the training academy products is fed through this unilevel matrix.


Level Commission Req Rank
1 10%
2 10%
3 10%
4 10%
5 20% Executive
6 20% Executive
7 5% Manager
8 5% Manager
9 5% Director
10 5% Presid Club
11+ 1.50% Ambassador
11+ 2%
Global Ambassador

3X20 Withdrawal Fee Matrix

Withdrawals attract a 20% fee which is fed through a 3X20 matrix.

10% Check Match 3X10 Matrix

 Affiliates earn a 10% check match on the matrix of their personal referrals.

What I Like About Cash FX Group

Best Of Both Worlds

Personally I would put any of my own Bitcoin in this because it’s so vulnerable to collapse. Instead, I would promote it and collect all of the crypto commissions. That way you literally have almost zero risk. All the suckers out there will love the passive income with 10% to 15% paid weekly. That means you should have no problem getting sign ups.

What I dislike about Cash FX Group

The Compensation plan is mathematically impossible

With the unilevel they take half of the trading academy amount. They they pay 100% of it through level 1 to 10. They advertise extra percentages from level 11 to infinity, however by level 11 all commission has already been distributed. Did they think the affiliates were too dumb to notice?

The Cloud Token Stooges Are On Board

Cloud Token has already collapsed and people cannot withdraw. Most people will only know this when they try to withdraw. When they do the shit is going to hit the fan. The two main promoters of Cloud Token, Luigi Bruni and Justin Halliday have already stopped promoting Cloud Token and are now pushing Cash Fx Group.

Soon there will be a swarm o Cloud Token victims which will go crazy when they realize that their investment is worth $0.05.

Expect Cash FX Group to collapse shortly after as it will not withstand the negative posts, which will be EVERYWHERE!

Strong USA Footprint

I actually like this part, because it means that the SEC will kick some ass. It’s bad news in terms of the longevity of Cash FX Group. As soon as the cease and desist is published Cash FX Group will collapse. If this lasts 6 months I will be amazed.


This is a disaster! I give it a F.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

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