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Welcome to my review. For a long time, I refused to promote any crypto programs. This is weird, considering that I love crypto. I observed the rise of crypto ponzi scams and I decided not to get involved. I really really wanted a way to earn passive crypto that would be safe from exit scamming. is one of the new breed of smart contract Dapps that are a much safer alternative. This is the second one that I have reviewed, the first being Gandhiji. The power of “Dapps” can be found in their name, Decentralized Applications. They live on the blockchain and cannot be altered. Best of all, you can earn passive crypto with them.  This is not like any other “passive crypto schemes” at all.

The way it works is that people buy “blue tokens”. When they buy Blue, a 20% fee is taken and given to all the existing Blue holders, in the form of Ethereum dividends. For every purchase of Blue, the smart contract increases the Blue price by one unit. When people sell Blue tokens, the price goes down and there is a 20% fee, once again. This fee is distributed to all those holding Blue tokens.

The prospects are very good for the Ethereum price and these Dapps are catching on like crazy. People are getting sick of ponzi scams and Dapps seem to be a great option. Much safer, yet safe from exit scams.

These types of Dapps are also known as “hourglass” Dapps. They are design to go up and down. When the price goes down from a sell off…the hourglass resets and starts going back up. Remember that regardless of what happens, you get paid in Ethereum every time somebody sells or buys BLUE. Even better is that the buy and sell fees are 20%. This is double what the Gandhiji smart contract has and means you get a lot more Eth dividends paid. Review – Summary

Key Figures:  “Marty”

Product Type: Ethereum DAP.

Summary: is basically a currency speculation game which rewards BLUE holders in two ways.

       1) Possible appreciation of BLUE price

        2) every transaction attracts a 20% fee which is paid                    back to holders as dividends.

Scam Proof but not without risk. The risk is inherent to any speculative investment and not per say.

See The Comp Plan Here. 

Do you believe in Ethereum? If so (like me) you should check out I am extremely confident in the BLUE token going up considerably.

Rating: A

Verdict: This is just what I have been looking for.

What Is

It is a smart contract that is designed to pay dividends to those that hold the BLUE Token. Here is how it works.

Somebody Buys BLUE – 20% Exchange Fee Is Distributed To BLUE Holders – And BLUE Price Goes Up.

Somebody Sells BLUE – 20% Exchange Fee is Distributed To BLUE Holders – And BLUE Price Goes Down.

Dividends – Dividends are the exchange fees (ie 20% for buys and 10% per Sells). It is divided amount BLUE holders. For example if you hold 5% of BLUE tokens, you get paid 5% of transaction fees for every transaction. Encourages BLUE Holders to HODL

If the market panics and a sell off occurs, those with courage are rewarded with eth dividends. Why would you dilute your share in the dividends by selling your BLUE tokens? Is NOT A Ponzi

You will still get passive returns but depends on the amounts of BLUE being bought and sold. It’s not through fake trading bots or whatever ponzis claim. Everything is written into the smart contract. 20% for every buy or sell is shared among BLUE holders, simple. Cannot Exit Scam Or Collapse is immutable, it cannot be changed. Even the person that wrote the smart contract for has no control of it. Everybody keeps their own funds and tokens safely in their metamask wallet. Nobody can steal the funds because nobody holds any, except for their own. The only risk is the token price collapsing and never going up again. But if that happens and you hold on, you get all the BLUE tokens if you rebuy and all the Eth dividends from the people selling up to leave.

BLUE Token does not have “packages” or any of that silly stuff. Participants buy simply buy or sell BLUE tokens.

BLUE Tokens Go Up when people buy in

BLUE Tokens Go Down when people sell

Each transaction incurs a 20% fee which is paid to all remaining BLUE holders.


Compensation Plan

33% Of Buy In Fee

Remember how BLUE buyers pay a 20% fee to purchase. If they buy through your link or “masternode” you earn 33% of that amount. If they invest $10K you would earn $660 worth of Ethereum. You will find may people invest this much and even more.

What I Like About

Scam Proof

Your funds are never sent to anyone….they sit there safely in your metamask wallet. When you participate in the smart contract, you pay 20% when you buy or sell BLUE tokens and you get paid dividends in ETH. Nobody can alter the smart contract or take anybody elses funds.

Much Higher Dividends

When I was testing this with a small amount of money, I was surprised to see the Ethereum start to pile up from the dividends. The 20% fee seems to make it much more lucrative to those that hold BLUE and accumulate it.

This Is BLOWING UP but Still Early

I rarely catch things early, but this seems to have a lot of upwards growth and strong earnings for quite some time. These Dapps are hot right now and has alot of buzz around it. You might regret missing out on this one!

What I dislike about

The Developer Is Very Secretive

Some times the worst scams have “transparent” founders and the best ones have unknown founders. The mysterious “Marty” does not seem to want to show his face anywhere. As longs as the smart contract is public and visible, then I would not worry too much. That being said, I sure would like to learn more about Marty. Feel free to contact me Marty!

Metamask Has A Slight Learning Curve

Most people are familiar with the more traditional crypto wallets. Metamask is a little different and will possibly confuse some newbies. Its actually very easy to use, so I cannot see it being a big issue.

This Is Somewhat Risky

You cannot get scammed but the BLUE price could collapse which would be rather unpleasant. Make sure you cash out at least some of your ethereum!

The Real Deal With

I love this because it is an alterantive to HYIPs and ponzis. Everybody loves passive crypto and now you can do it without being scammed.


I love gets an A.


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  1. arena

    Hello! Thanks for the review. As I see it requires a learning curve to understand everything. Can you give me a calulcation let’s say I invest $500, what can be the earnings? I know it can be fluctuating, but just a starting point would be cool.


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