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Bitles Review – Smart Russian Ponzi Scam

Welcome to my review. 

Bitles is a passive crypto program from Eastern Europe, most likely Russia. One thing that I noticed was that these guys put quite alot of effort into the site and the comp plan. This might mean that they are going to try and last a little longer.

That being said Bitles has plenty of red flags. First thing to mention is that it clearly is a ponzi. That does not mean that you cannot make money with this. Quite the opposite really. You could stand to make a lot of money with Bitles. Just keep in mind that all ponzis collapse and this is inevitable.

Will it last? This one is kind of hard to predict. The ROI is pretty high and that is going to put them under pressure. They will need a lot of new members coming in each week to keep paying out.

Bitles looks pretty professional. They impressed me with the detail that they put into the comp plan and packages. This might mean that they want to last the illusive 12 months which is kind of a unicorn for most ponzis. DISCLAIMER – Plenty of professional looking crypto ponzis collapse in under 3 months. So be careful. If you have a good stomach for risk though, you might get tempted.

Personally, I would like to see if the CEO is willing to talk to influencers. If he stays silent, I would be very wary of this. If Bitles starts planning events and such, it should last longer. Either way, this is very high risk.

Bitles Review Summary

Key Figures :  Janis Lacis 

Product Type : Crypto Ponzi MLM

Summary :  Fake arbitrage trading is said to generate profits of  0.35% to 5.5% per weekday. The minimum package is $50. You can choose to have daily withdrawals or lock up capital to get highest ROI . Bitles also have a very detailed comp plan to entice recruiters.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  Might last a while? Could Be Lucrative…High Risk

Verdict:  This looks better than most passive crypto programs. It is however a ponzi and will collapse. Be careful.

Quick Summary

What Is

Basically you put your crypto in and Bitles will pay you a very high ROI on your returns. You get paid in Bitles token and exchange it back to bitcoin to withdraw.

Are they doing real trading? No. This is a ponzi. The ROI is coming from new investors.

Can You Make Big Profits? Absolutely!

Is it risky? Extremely. It will collapse within the year.


PackageDuration (days)ROI DailyROI TotalWithdrawals
Limited285.50%110%End Of Period
Stable2800.80%160%End Of Period

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan looks very professional. It makes me think maybe this could last pretty long.


Direct Bonus

You start with 10% which you can allocate how much goes to which level. For example:

Levels PaidDirect Bonus
Level 15%
Level 20.5%
Level 31%
Level 40.5%
Level 50.5%
Level 60.5%
Level 70.5%
Level 80.5%
Level 90.5%
Level 100.5%

You get more than 10% direct bonus when you ascend the ranks.

Binary Commissions

When ever you have 2 active signups, one goes on the left and the other goes on the right. Whatever the total invested on the lower side, you will earn a binary commission, calculated daily.

PackageBinary %Daily Limit USD

Ranks & Rank Achievement Bonus

RankCombined VolWeak LegEach Leg ReqPers InvAchiev Bonus
Coordinator2K1K 50 
Man5K2.5K 100 
Sprvsor10K5K 250 
Reg Man25K12.5KMan50025K
Country Man50K25KSprvsor1K50K
Director100K50KReg Man2.5K100K
Gldn Dir250K125KCountry Man5K250K
Saph Dir500K250KDirector10K500K
Dmnd Dir1Mil500KGldn Dir25K500K
Pres2.5Mil1.25MilSaph Dir50K500K
Gold Pres5Mil2.5MilDmnd Dir100K500K
Saph Pres10Mil5MilPres200K500K
Dmnd Pres25Mil12.5MilGold Pres300K500K
Shareholder50Mil25MilSaph Pres500K500K
VIP Sharehdr100Mil50MilDmnd Pres1mil500K

What I Like About

Early With Strong Traffic

Some of you will already know why this is important. Others will have no idea. The ROI payments need constant new investment into the Bitles platform. That is because they have no external ROI. They are not really trading. So if week 1 they have 100 investors, they will need 150 investors to pay all the old existing investors. IE they use the new funds to pay the old. This balancing act might last for a year before collapsing. But you need to see an upward growth in web traffic at all times.

Currently according to Alexa, Bitles have strong traffic growth.


What I Dislike About

Fake CEO

Janis Lacis is an extremely common name in eastern Europe. When you google it, you will get lots of different unrelated results. However you will never find the Bitles CEO in any of the results, except for those from Bitles. Its almost as if he never existed before

That Is Exactly The Case With Bitles CEO Janis Lacis

The CEO is a paid actor playing the part of CEO. You probably think that sounds ridiculous….and I would agree. But this exactly what the slicker ponzi scams do. If you go through my blog there are hundreds of reviews with collapsed ponzi schemes that all had fake CEOs. It is extremely common with passive crypto mlms.

They know it will collapse so they do not want to put the names and faces of the real boss on the website.

IMPORTANT – It doesnt matter so much that Janis Lacis is a fake CEO. You can still make money with You want to look for signs of longevity. Is he booked for scheduled promo events etc. Is he doing interviews with bloggers and youtubers. These types of behaviours usually mean that the problem will be one of the longer lasting ponzis.

If he stays out of sight, then consider to be at high risk of early demise.

The Real Deal

There are some good signs. It looks like they have done a professional job. It could last a year. Keep an eye on the CEO, if you dont hear much from him then you should run.


You need to be aware of the risk. I am really on the fence with this. It could be massive. I think really that it will run for 6 months in all likelihood.


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