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Bitalium Review – Sketchy Ponzi Scam From Ukraine

Welcome to my review of Bitalium.

Bitalium is a crypto ponzi scam from Ukraine. Ukraine seems to crank out a lot of ponzis that all have one thing in common, they only last around 4 months maximum.

That means that it is going to be pretty unlikely that anybody exits from these scheme with a significant profit on their investment.

These guys are professionals when it comes to ponzis and they always have a couple ready to go as soon as the current ones collapse. I have reviewed many Ukrainian ponzis and I suspect that they are all done by the same group of scammers.

Should You Invest In This One?

Some of you are experienced ponzi investors and have made some good profits by investing in these types of schemes. Unfortunately there is a very low chance of getting a good outcome with Bitalium. This thing will collapse fast, so I would advise you to stay well away.

They Claim to An Office in Sydney

They have no office space in Sydney. They have simply registered a company online for about $100 and are using a virtual address with no actual staff there at all. We see this all the time. It is easy to register a company. You could even register “This Is A Scam PTY LTD” and you will still get a registration certificate.

Bitalium Review Summary

Key Figures :  Fake CEO “Samuel D. Walch”

Product Type : Crypto Ponzi MLM

Summary :  Fake arbitrage trading bot ‘”Gilgamesh” is said to generate profits of  up to 1.4% per day. The minimum package is $100, however you can invest up to $30K. Bitalium also have a very lucrative comp plan to entice recruiters.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  F

Verdict:  It’s no so much that it is an obvious ponzi scam but that it will collapse so fast, at around the 4 month mark. It is not even worth looking at even if you love ponzi’s and HYIPS. Stay away!

Quick Summary

What Is Bitalium

Fake trading, fake CEO and fake office, need I say more.



Basic$100 to $9991.4% Daily180 days
Premium$1000 to $49991.4% Daily210 days
Business$5000 to $14,9991.4% Daily240 days
Platinum$15,000 to $30,0001.4% Daily270 days

Compensation Plan

When you buy a package you only earn ROI on 67% of your investment. The other 33% feeds into the comp plan.

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 15%
  • level 2 – 12%
  • level 3 – 9%
  • level 4 – 6%
  • level 5 – 3
They also have a binary compensation model which allows you to allocate volume on the left and then right side. When you have equal volume on both sides a binary commission is paid as follows.



Volume Prizes


Team VolumePrize Reward
$500KRolex+Office Program
$2MilCar+Special Contract
$8MilCar+Company Shares
$15 MilBali Villa

What I Like About Bitalium

Being Pushed On Youtube

Some of the main ponzi youtubers are promoting this on youtube which may help it get going. KingOfFomo seems to have risked $15K which I doubt he will get back. At the end of the day, this project is doomed to a quick end, so I doubt this will count for much.

Early Access

This program is new, so I guess that it is less risky than it will be in 2 months. To be honest you need something to last over 6 months to make any profits and I cannot see this happening with Bitalium.

What I Dislike About Bitalium

No Public Events 

These Ukrainian schemes have no intention of lasting. Do you remember Usi-Tech and Bitconnect holding events all over the world to drum up excitement? That is what you MUST do to last a long time with a ponzi. Bitalium will hide in the shadows and that is why they are not going to last.

At Least Try And Look Real!

Bitalium is only chasing the “Dumb Money”. It is obvious that they are faking everything including the real CEO. There are a lot of people that will invest when they can see evidence and history of real people behind the scheme. When you google Samuel Walch you will discover that he only seems to have existed since March. Prior do that you can not see him anywhere or in relation to any previous companies. That is because he is a character that has been created solely to push the Bitalium scam. A lot of people are smart enough to do some googling and will avoid Bitalium for this reason.

The Real Deal

In a couple of months Bitalium will slink of to the ponzi grave yard. The real owners will have everyones bitcoin. Avoid this at all costs.


This gets an F grade.

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