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Bioreigns CBD Review – Very HIGH Bioavailability

Welcome to my Bioreigns CBD Review. Let me be upfront in that I am a pretty big fan of CBD in general however that doesn’t mean that I automatically give all CBD programs a good review. I look for quality first and foremost and related factors like bioavailability. The CBD industry has evolved rapidly and bioavailability has become a key factor in evaluating CBD companies.

Raw CBD Oil has One BIG Problem

Traditional CBD companies are using pretty much raw CBD oil which sounds good in theory but really lacks in terms of bioavailability. Anything oil based gets passed through the liver where much of the CBD is lost. The actual amount of CBD oil that gets absorbed is only around the 20% mark. When you think about it, this is extremely wasteful!

Fortunately there is a new breed of CBD extraction which cutting edge companies like Bioreigns are right in front of. The new process developed by Pure Xyience Lab puts CBD through a process known as nano-amplification. Initially when I heard about this process, I was skeptical to say the least. As it turns out, it’s backed by real science. The CBD is subject to high frequency sound waves which separate the CBD from the oil. This allows it to be truly water soluble. “Big deal” you say? Yes, actually it is a big deal because water soluble CBD has extremely high bioavailability. It will work faster and you only have to use a fraction of CBD to get the treatment effect.With Bioreigns you can realistically expect to get very close to 100% Bio-availability.

Any company still using oil based CBD has a needs to seriously think about adopting this process. Water soluble CBD with high bioavailability is the new standard. Bioreigns is one of the first CBD companies using this technology.

In addition to being on the leading edge in terms of biovailabilty, Bioreigns also have a pretty darn good income opportunity as well. You can earn commissions for retail sales. They also have a mlm structure, that has potential for serious income should somebody get serious about promoting it.. Whilst it’s not the juiciest comp plan I have seen, it should be good enough for most affiliates.

Once you read the review, you will be able to decide if Bioreigns CBD is one of the many legitimate ways to make money onlineI do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Bioreigns CBD.

Bioreigns CBD Review – Summary

Key Figures: Bryan Reed and Domenic Contino

Product Type: CBD and associated supplements.

Summary: To get started, you purchase 1 of the 3 available enrollment packages: $50, $200 or $300

Affiliates earn  commissions on sales. Plus Bioreigns have a network marketing comp plan that rewards recruiters.

See The Comp Plan Here.

Bioreigns is one of the better CBD launches. The high bioavailability is going to be a game changer for the industry.

Rating: B+

Verdict: Great CBD launch.

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What Is Bioreigns CBD?

Bioreigns CBD is a company selling CBD associated health supplements. They are using an MLM model to sell which rewards affiliates with commissions on several levels. For the most part, I like the product range. I really like the bioavailabilty which will leave many of their competitors dead in the water.

Whilst, I am committed and happy with my top way to make money online. I still think that Bioreigns is a very tempting and solid CBD opportunity.

Without further ado, lets get stuck into the Bioreigns CBD program and products.

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A. CBD ZZZ tincture drops – CBD with valerian root, passionflower, and magnesium to help you sleep.

B. CBD ZZZ Rapid Tabs – CBD with valerian root, passionflower, and magnesium to help you sleep.

C. Limitless – CBD with curcumin and PBDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) both of these compounds can lift your mood, control stress and anxiety, and protect your brain against aging and neurodegenerative disease.

D. CBD Tabs – CBD plus curcumin

E. CBD Tincture drops.

Compensation Plan

Direct Sales Commissions
– Level 1: 10% of all personal sales 
– Level 2: 10% of all sales your referred affiliates
– Level 3: 5% of all sales made by your affiliates, referred affiliates.
– Level 4: 2.5% of all sales made by the affiliates of your affiliates, referred affiliates.

Binary Commissions

To activate your binary an affiliate must have 2 active affiliates signed up, one on each leg.

This is 10% of the weaker legs volume and is paid weekly.

Founders Pool

1% is of total company revenue is set aside for the Founders pool. This is only available to founders. Shares are divided depending on which starter pack the founder purchased. Ie if you got the $50 kit you have 1 share, the $200 kit for 2 shares and you get 3 shares for the $300 kit.

What I Like About Bioreigns CBD

Very High Bioavailability

This is a big point of difference for Bioreigns. They have a company using a nano boosting extraction process. Basically it just means that high frequency soundwaves are applied to the CBD during extraction which creates a truly water soluble CBD product. Anything water soluble can get straight into the blood stream without being filtered out by the liver. This is a much more efficient way to consume CBD.

What I dislike about Bioreigns

Comp Plan is A Little Too Basic

I always think big when assessing a comp plan. You want to have enough depth so that small volume recruiters will get something but still you want to attract heavy hitters. I feel that this compensation plan is not juicy enough to attract big recruiters.

The Real Deal With Bioreigns CBD

This is a very solid program. For most people the comp plan will be fine. The bioavailability is EXCELLENT


Great CBD opportunity, I give it an B+.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.


  1. Linda

    Bioreigns is not the first company to come out with water soluble CBD. CTFO came out with it’s 10xPure last year. 10xPure allows the CBDs to work hand-in-hand with CBDa.

    • Mysti

      CTFO does not have a 100% water soluble formula, therefore it is NOT 100% bio-available. BioReigns is the first and only company currently with a 100% water soluble CBD.

    • JoJo Contino

      Linda Bioreigns is oil free. Many companies claim to be water soluble. However by scientific definition they are not. They are using nano technology which is just grinding the oil down to particles and nevertheless still an oil. BioReigns has zero oil .
      It’s not nanotechnology
      It’s not emulsification
      It’s not Liposomal

      • Emily

        Has any body in this forum ever tested your urine for the traces of THC with the limitless. I have to take a drug test that is extremely crucial and I cannot come up positive for THC? Has anyone attempted to find this out?? Very important question here.

  2. Rick

    CTFO does not have a 100% water soluble formula, therefore it is NOT 100% bio-available. BioReigns is the first and only company currently with a 100% water soluble CBD.

    • JoJo Contino

      There sure is a lot of confusion out there.
      Yes BioReigns is 100% oil free. I hope people learn about Company is claiming to be water soluble that are using nanotechnology. They are grinding the oil down to find particles in calling it water soluble but it still has oil.

      • GEORGE

        Cannabinoids are hydrophobic and unless exquisitely pure will form oils…interesting how you say what it is not, but will not say what it is…what are the concentrations of the CBD?

    • Joseph Contino

      Julian if you go to the website they refer to themselves as an oil throughout the description. I hope you understand Bioreigns is oil free. There’s no oil at all.
      There’s many companies that claim the water soluble and using nanotechnology, emulsification ,Liposomal etc.
      what this is is just taking the oil grinding it into fine particles. Then saying it’s water soluble. This is never been the scientific definition of water soluble and BioReigns is the first company to truly have oil free water soluble CBD.

      • Julian Leahy

        Jojo, I have heard you guys say this before. Back when I wrote the review I asked someone for a pdf of the extraction process and or lab testing and I didnt get anything, so I have not seen anything that would prompt me to update this review.

  3. Ryan Lorge

    Great article! Hard Launch for the revamped comp plan and product line is at months end. You are correct that there is NOTHING like this company in the market as of right now. Comp plan is now on steroids and the best in the market. Comp plan is available here: {Affiliate Link Removed}

  4. John Jacobs

    A vast majority of people lose money in MLM’s. Bioreigns also doesn’t have 100% bioavailability unless it’s taken intravenously (per their own tests) and lets be honest no one purchasing their product is taking it that way. To say it has 100% bioavailability without qualifying it by saying “intravenously”
    Is very disingenuous and isn’t surprising that is how people in an MLM are trying to spin it. Beware.

    • JoJo Contino

      It’s 100% bioavailable to the body. You might use 95% I might use 92% everybody is different. This CBD product has no oil at all.

  5. George

    There are NUMEROUS false claims and egregious scientific errors in this. To start, separating CBD from raw oil does not reder it magically water soluble.

    They are making an emulsion and using sonic energy to make vesicle encapsulated CBD. The absorption comes from the micro/nano particulate size!

    ALSO, just making something water soluble does not prevent the liver from modifying it!!!

  6. Emily

    Has any body in this forum ever tested your urine for the traces of THC with the limitless. I have to take a drug test that is extremely crucial and I cannot come up positive for THC? Has anyone attempted to find this out?? Very important question here.

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