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Becoming a Trusted Authority With Deb Beroset


Well I come to this business with a kind of a dual background as a journalist for many years, writing for major publications and then I was in public relations for many years internationally.

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What I do now with Moxie creative and consulting is, I’m the influencer stylist . I concentrate on helping people who are hidden gem experts move from that and transform into being go-to trusted authorities making a big impact. So it’s basically visibility and thought leadership strategy.


One of the things that I find is often the case is that you know people get to a certain point in their career say they’re a coach or a consultant or a speaker author or some other change maker for example and they their clients love them they do great work they’ve got real mastery but the general public doesn’t know about them so you don’t know to find them to use their services so what I do is help people stand out in a very crowded noisy marketplace where you know there’s some any options that people have and one of the keys to that Julian is to help people discern what is it about not just what they do but how they do it and their own personal style their own personal philosophy that really makes what they offer distinctly their own.


For example one of those services I offer is, the whirlwind influence makeover and that’s where we spend a day either in person or virtually and and I encourage people to do this on their own if possible and that is to really look at what’s important to you what is the beating heart and soul of your business that really determines how you approach things how you operate and and what has the people who love working with you love working with you and then the thing is that needs to get communicated that needs to be something that imbues your website. So that when I go to your website I get a sense of what it’s like to work with Julian I get a sense of you, the person you’re not trying to be for everyone but you want to be the obvious choice for the right people yeah that’s such an important message I think a lot of people sort of think you know why me I’m on this way or I look this way or you know but it really is there’s your individuality is your biggest asset so I guess what you’re doing is digging in finding what that is and just putting it out there so people can see it is one of the first things that they do about the person so that’s right and I really encourage people to think about their business and the service they provide in terms of you know I just coming up with three themes.


My three themes are creative confidence, hot thought leadership and big impact so when I’m puttingย my own content it tends to fall into one of those three categories that’s how I basically stay true to what I’ve created for the Moxie brand and then there’s aspects for example of my brand like the very name Moxie. Moxie is all about you know having nerve being bold having some savvy and pizazz right that’s kind of what interests me and what also is something important to me is love basically and so for example in my whirlwind influence makeover in the copy on the website it starts out talking about the before play instead of the pre work for the day right and then there’s Fanning the flames and then there’s the aspect of it that of the process I talk about you know the heart of the matter falling in love and that’s about falling in love with what you’re up to falling in love with your business and your own brand and then when I talk about what I send to people after that day I call it the afterglow.



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