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Auvoria Prime Review – Forex Education Not For USA?

Welcome to my review of Auvoria Prime. Auvoria is a network marketing opportunity based around Forex education. It looks to be a legitimate offer but it looks like the best product on offer is only available to non-USA citizens. I have no doubt that this is necessary in order to obey SEC regulations however it is going to really hamper growth of this market. I expect many USA prospects will baulk at the opportunity for this reason. I mean USA is the #1 market for MLM distributors so it is going to be a pretty tough objection to handle.

Regardless, Auvoria Prime is a solid opportunity, lets take a look at what is on offer.

Auvoria Prime Review Summary

Key Figures :  Sal Leto

Product Type : Forex Education MLM

Summary :  Auvoria Prime have educational productions plus trading signals to teach prospects how to profit through Forex trading. They also have automated trading, however that is not available to USA residents. Products cost $267 up front then $189 monthly. They have a pretty good comp plan also for recruiters. 

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  Legit but not really attractive for USA affiliates

Verdict:  There is nothing really bad about this, it’s just that I don’t see it experiencing much growth. It could actually fizzle out completely.

Quick Summary

What Is Auvoria Prime

Auvoria Prime is a Forex education opportunity headed up by Sal Leto. Sal most recently was VP of failed auto trading bot venture Eaconomy. Prior to that he made a lot of money push the biggest crypto ponzi scam of them all One Coin. For the purpose of this review I am not really interested in the past endeavours of Sal Leto. Auvoria Prime is completely legit from what I can see.


Alexander – Trade Alerts

Auvoria has software which observes the forex markets looking for trade opportunities. You can specify your desired strategy and appetite for risk. Users receive these trade alerts but they must manually take action by placing a trade based on the alert. Due to the fact that no automatic trades are placed, the Alexander is compliant in the USA and thus available to USA residents.


Initially users pay $304 (first month total)
Monthly subscription is $223
Qualifies for referral program to earn free subscription.

Ainstein – Automated trading (Non USA Only)

Ainstein works in tandem with the trade alerts being put out by Alexander. The big difference is that Ainstein will actually execute real trades based off the alerts. You can set your desired risk level etc, but Ainstein will carry more risk actually because it is making actual trades. Automated trading like this can not be offered legally to USA residents and thus this product is not available for them.

Initially users pay $304 (first month total)
Monthly subscription is $223
Qualifies for referral program to earn free subscription.


Compensation Plan


Customers only and must meet the following requirements:

  • Active with 140 PV for the month.
  • Must have personally signed 3 actives for the month who also have 140 PV.

Any customer that meets these requirements will get free subscription for the month and any subsequent months that also meet the stated requirements.

The 3 actives are only counted if they themselves have not yet unlocked “3 for free”. If one of your actives unlocks “3 for three”, they will no longer be counted towards your own “3 for free” status and you will need to recruit a fresh customer.

Direct Sales Bonus

Ainstein$267$40.00 USD
Alexander$267$40.00 USD





Momentum Builders Bonus

Shares in company wide profit are allocated depending on PV from new enrollees.

PV from New EnrolleesNumber of Points Earned

Auvorian Legacy Commissions

Weekly RankCommission
Visionary$40.00 USD
Visionary 600$150.00 USD
Visionary 1,500$375.00 USD
Icon 3,000$750.00 USD
Icon 5,000$1,250.00 USD
Icon 10,000$2,500.00 USD
Auvorian 25k$6,250.00 USD
Royal Auvorian 50k$12,500.00 USD
Crowned Auvorian 100k$25,000.00 USD
Auvorian Legend 250k$62,500.00 USD


What I Like About Auvoria Prime

Assuming this is profitable, then I will admit that Auvoria Prime is definitely interesting. There is huge demand for people trying to make money through trading.

The combination of trade signals plus an automatic system to execute trades, makes Auvoria Primie a pretty complete offering. I am sure some people will find value in the educational products, however to be honest I would just skip through all that. I prefer to do my own research and teach myself these types of things.

What I Dislike About Auvoria Prime

You need to build hype to make this program succeed. Once people started getting hyped about Auvori, they will start creating a buzz on youtube and social media. This makes the life of a distributor that much easier in terms of getting the sign up. The big problem for Auvoria is that it is not really a program for USA distributors. I mean the coolest part of Auvoria is the automated trading. Americans have no access to this. Guess which is by far the BIGGEST market for Network Marketing programs? You guessed it….the USA.

USA promoters are not going to get much traction with this, because I don’t thing USA customers will want a partially blocked service. I mean that could focus on UK or Australia I guess, but that is not typically how people recruit. I don’t think this program will create a buzz without USA distributors able to promote the full product. 

The most likely thing to happen is that it will fade out like Eaconomy did.

The Real Deal

I like this but I would not promote is USA customers can only get 50% of the service. Seems like a big hurdle to overcome for any distributor.


It’s legit. Might be good if you have a Non USA downline.


  1. Alex Cerer

    They do have a US based product and they also are doing a promotion so before you go on saying that stuff, please get your information straight. It really really helps from confusing people. Thx

      • Kt1569

        They state the reason why they have 2 different products. Before blasting some company and not knowing everything, why dont you do an actual job of researching it? The product ainstein is not available in the US because there are restrictions on using auto trading robots that literally do everything for you. Eaconomy didnt fail because it just failed, theres a lot of stuff behind the scenes that most dont know about especially someone on outside looking in.
        Alexander, which is the US based product, is successful if you use it properly. No matter what you still have to determine if the reward is greater than the risk. If you dont want people questioning your “articles” then dont slander a business before you know as much as you can get. It’s obvious you didnt do that

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