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Argus Trade Group – Scam, Fake CEO & Fake Office

Welcome to my Argus Trade Group review.  

First thing I want to say is BE VERY CAREFUL with this program. Those of you that read my blog will know that I am pretty fair on most programs, even the ones that are obvious ponzi scams. That is because I am aware that a lot of you like to invest in ponzis and that is fine by me. You see most ponzis will last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. That is more than enough time to get in and promote quickly and get out in time with your profits. Obviously ponzis always collapse so you need to always plan your exit carefully. HOWEVER Argus Trade Group is not one of these “stable” ponzis. It is what I call a “smash and grab” ponzi. These ones have no intention of growing big. As soon as they have enough money they will simply disappear. This could happen in weeks or a few months.

Even For Ponzi Fans – Argus Trade Group Should Be Avoided at all costs!

This particular type of ponzi is the hallmark of a group of highly organized Russian criminals. They spend money on getting flashy video presentations which look very professional and “real”. The problem is that they always leave clues and use the same script in their videos. Everything listed on the Argus Trade Group is fake, right down to the CEO and board which are all just stock photos and fake names. This will exit scam far sooner than most other hyip/ponzis…so consider yourself warned. Why would a legit company use stock photos on the website? If you are particularly naive you will justify it by saying “lots of people in crypto want to be anonymous, that doesn’t mean it is a scam”….yeah right! Review Summary

Key Figures :  Bulent Kazan (Fake)

Product Type : Crypto Ponzi MLM

Summary :  Fake trading is said to generate profits of 1% – 2.9% daily for 21 – 252 days. The minimum package is $50. Argus Trade Group also have a very lucrative comp plan to entice recruiters.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  F

Verdict:  Sometimes I give people a safe time frame to invest in a ponzi. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES. I believe that Argus Trade Group intent to exit scam very soon. This project will be gone in WEEKS not months. Extremely unsafe.

Quick Summary

What Is Argus Trade

The program uses the guise of “Crypto Trading” to explain how it generates profits. What you need to know is that:

Argus Trade Are Doing ZERO Trading At ALL

The profits are just allocated from new investor funds. It is a classic ponzi. Normally that is not a big deal, but I thinks that Argus Trade will exit scam a lot faster than most other ponzis.

Profits are paid at a rate of between 1% – 2.9% daily. Capital is held for a period 21 – 252 days (depending on package).

Investors can buy “packages”, which range from $100 to $100K.Argus Trade Group1% – 2.9% daily for 21 – 252 days

Compensation Plan

What I Like About Argus Trade Group

Usually when I review a ponzi, I will state that you can easily make money by timing your exit. Unfortunately, I do not believe that to be the case this time. Argus Trade group is unlikely to be around for even 3 months. This is not like more “stable” ponzis like Cash FX group. Argus Trade has been designed to scam out as soon as they have taken in enough deposits. The chances of you making significant money with Argus Trade is extremely slim. Even promoters are going to lose money on this one. So in summary, there is nothing about Argus that I like.

What I Dislike About Argus Trade Group

Broadly speaking there are 2 types of crypto ponzi:

1) Long Con ( ie Cloud Token)

2) Short Scam 

The “Long Con” will string investors along for as long as possible often paying out massive amounts to affiliates. Usually they make a lot more money for the owners but they require a lot of work, updates and conferences to keep the money rolling in. Eventually like all ponzis they eventually exit scam when there is just not enough new money coming in to feed the scam.

The second type is the “Short Scam”, these guys pay money up front to produce the website, hire an office and shoot a few high quality videos….but that’s it. They have no intention of holding meetups or webinars. There will be no updates after launch. They cannot be bothered with all the hassle of keeping investors “convinced”. As soon as there is any sign of investments slowing down or there are too many questions being asked, they shut the website down and disappear. These scams are only trying to keep running for weeks or months.

Argus Trade Group is the worst of a bad bunch. There is no point for even ponzi promoters to get involved. Everyone will lose.

The Real Deal

This will disappear in the blink of an eye. Don’t get invlolved.


This gets an F grade.

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