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Arbistar Review – Smells Like A Ponzi Scam

Welcome to my Arbistar Review. Arbistar is a crypto arbitrage network marketing business. It’s funny how these things pop up ALL THE TIME. I guess I can see how people fall for it, I mean technically its possible to make money doing arbitrage trading, it is just extremely difficult to do these days.


A crypto MLM needs to attract distributors to survive. Unfortunately the returns from genuine trading are not good enough to excite and attract affiliates. To get a real buzz, many Crypto MLM founders realize that it’s hard to beat the good old ponzi structure. Give the people what they want, I say! (Joking!).

As expected with all ponzis, Arbistar are advertising expected returns of 1% per day.

This really, really, really looks like a ponzi to me. Hmm, time to start snooping around to see what I can find about the Arbistar founders!

Arbistar is headed up by Santiago Fuentas Jover.

Santiago Fuentas Jover is an experienced ponzi scammer, but you have never heard of him! That’s because he has done most of his shady scamming in Spain. Thanks to google translate, I have discovered a trail of destruction which leads all the way to the USA and with $600 Million stolen from investors, read on for details.

Our man Santi is currently being prosecuted by the CNMV for being master distributor of the Finanzas Forex ponzi scam. The CNMV is Spain’s version of the SEC. How long do you think it will take for the CNMV to let the SEC know what Santi is now up to? Not long I think. When that happens, it’s game over for Arbistar.

Arbistar have commissions for retail sales. They also have a networking marketing compensation plan, that rewards affiliates with residual income.

Once you read the review, you will be able to decide if Arbistar is one of the many legitimate ways to make money onlineI do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Arbistar.

Arbistar – Summary

Key Figures: Santiago Fuentas Jover

Product Type: Crypto Ponzi MLM, they have a bot also!

Summary: They have two sides to the business. One is a trading bot that costs $5000. The other part is a ponzi which pools members funds and pays out pretend trading profits.

To use the bot you pay $5000 every 2 years.

The ponzi part is called the “Community Bot”. This requires a min €100. It will pay a percentage of “profits” each week several levels deep.

See The Comp Plan Here.

This is illegal in 2 ways. I predict it to be shut down or collapse in about 6 months.

Rating: F

Verdict: What nobody will tell you is that the days of easy arbitrage trading are over. Every exchange is flooded with bots. If a large arbitrage opportunity occurs, exchanges halt trading or deposits until it corrects. So how are Arbistar paying profits? Arbistar are NOT doing any arbitrage trading in the “Community Bot”. They will have to shuffle member funds around to show “profits”. It’s a ponzi and will fall over.

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What Is Arbistar?

The funny thing with Arbistar is that they have 2 sides to the business. One is a little bit illegal and the other is extremely illegal.

They have a bot that they don’t want you to use. They don’t want you to use it because they cannot get access to your funds with it. That is why they put a ridiculous $5000 euros price tag on it. Most people will opt for the “Friend Plan” ponzi scheme which requires only 100 euros.

I prefer to make money legally with my top way to make money online. Still, I am going to do a full review of Arbistar even though it won’t be around for long.

Let’s get into the details with the products and opportunity of Arbistar.

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Arbistar Product Range

They have a personal bot which connects to the exchanges via API. If you make any money with this it will be genuine profit. The other product is a ponzi scheme called the “Community Bot”.

Personal Bot

This is the least scammy part. It will do actual arbitrage trading via API connections to the exchanges. It will perform poorly but at least Arbistar will not have control of your crypto with this one. The 5000 euro price tag gives a perception of value and will push most people to join the “Community Bot” ponzi, which is what Arbistar really want.

Community Bot

Arbistar will take everyones crypto in amounts of 100 euros or above. They claim that they will conduct arbitrage trading with the money. Investors will get paid can expect 7% per week. They will also earn 2% of of the profits paid to affiliates each week. 

Compensation Plan

Personal Bot Commissions

6% commissions is paid on direct sales. Commissions are also paid 10 levels deep.

Community Bot Commissions

2% is paid on the trading profits made on direct referrals and indirects up to 10 levels.


Level 1 – at least 3 active referrals. (Earns 6% Personal Bot, 2% Community Bot Profit)

Level 2 – at least 9 active referrals. (Earns 6% Personal Bot, 2% Community Bot Profit)

Level 3 – at least 27 active referrals. (Earns 6% Personal Bot, 2% Community Bot Profit)

Level 4 – at least 81 active referrals. (Earns 6% Personal Bot, 2% Community Bot Profit)

Level 5 – at least 243 active referrals. (Earns 6% Personal Bot, 2% Community Bot Profit)

Levels 6 to 10 – Are unlocked when you have 30K at level 1. (Earns 6% Personal Bot, 2% Community Bot Profit on each level 6 through 10)



What I Like About Arbistar

Accumulate Crypto

I really like the idea of accumulating crypto. Arbistar are getting much better returns than I can ever dream off. If you don’t mind joining the scammers, you can really beef up your bitcoin wallet with Arbistar. Some of you will be tempted, some of you will lose the lot when it collapses.

What I dislike about Arbistar

1% per Day Is BULLSHIT

If you are getting 1% per day in a crypto or forex MLM, you are in a ponzi scam. End of story!

Founder Santiago Fuentas Jover is currently under investigation by the CNMV

Santiago knows that their is no business like ponzi business. As lucrative as it is the Spanish SEC (CNMV) has been trying to catch up with Santiago for a long time. If you can read Spanish you will find out that he has a history of setting up very short term MLMs and disapearing with the funds!

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If you want to read more head try here

Forenzas Forex Currently Being Investigated By The Department Of Justice 

Santiago’s last ponzi was BIG, with an estimated $600 million stolen from investors. It has been liquidated by the Department Of Justice.  The image below is from a law firm representing victims. You can also go to the Florida Department Of Justice to read the Case File.

The Real Deal With Arbistar

Santiago Fuentas Jover is a serial ponzi scammer and Arbistar is his brand new scam. Arbistar will get shut down by the SEC or the Department Of Justice, just like Finanzas Forex did. Of course they won’t find any funds and Santiago Fuentas Jover will be free to set up his next ponzi out of the ashes. How depressing.


Another Dirty Ponzi Scam. Arbistar gets an F.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.


  1. Chris

    This seems pretty bogus. Firstly, Jover is last mentioned in a 2008 incident, there were no allusions to a 600 million dollar theft/scam. Also, it seems like you are going after a system you have not even investigated. You are just attempting to cast aspersions on a possibly lucrative scenario. Have you looked at the daily returns, and the trades that are given to each investor to see exactly where the profit is being made? They are not promising people getting rich in a day. It’s a process but compounding works and it is not 1% per day promised. You need to do more research and present a more accurate picture. This article is bordering on slander/defamation of character.

    • Julian Leahy

      “This article is bordering on slander/defamation.”
      Why don’t they sue me…thats because I am telling the truth and they know it.

      “Its not 1% per day promised”
      They are advertising expected returns of 7% per week. Which is 1% per day.

      “Jover is last mentioned in a 2008 incident, there were no allusions to a 600 million dollar theft/scam. ”
      Jover is pegged as the top distributor for Finanzas Forex which was a $600 million scam.

      You are in denial. I bet you are invested in Arbistar.

  2. chris wilson

    Against my better judgement, I invested a small amount into this. So far my experience hasn’t been a good one. No response to any of my emails to support, data that is supposed to show profits and payouts not making any sense whatsoever and an overall general lack of transparency. Of course, when you raise any of these concerns in the message groups all you get are accusations of spreading FUD from so called leaders whose only concern are their own commission payments. I most certainly will NOT be promoting this to anyone.

    • Zarkho

      You are the only person who says that he has invested and that he has not achieved results and besides that the emails do not answer him … thing COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE … that is, either you are lying or you are lying.

  3. Domenico

    I put an amount of money on Arbistar’s community BOT and I’m receiving payment every week. I’ve been partecipating to several webinars with the creators of the platform and I can say they are very professionals and serious people. I think your verdict is pretty superficial. There some videos on Youtube where some guys demostrate that all BOT’s operations are correctly displayed on the exchange transaction history. So if you check it out you will get more evidences, if you intend to inform in a such correctly way your followers.
    The links I’m talking about are:
    (links to take visitors offsite – removed)

      • Marion Manning

        You are not as smart as you think you are. I have an account with Arbistar and have for a while now. It is doing great and many of my friends say the same. Go talk shit about something you know about, not things you don’t…!!!

  4. MIka

    Is there any proof of Fuentes doing the things you mentioned he did ? And if so and youre very well informed about him and the company why didnt you put files or any proof actually showing his past and what he did ? You sure mentioned alot about his past so wheres all the proof

  5. Ramtin

    Arbistar is good company, i searched and find out all the proof and documents of legality. They grow every each day and have plan. arbistar exchange and arbistar coin will be coming by end of the month.if anyone wants to know about arbistar i am at your service. It pays 4.7 to 5.4% daily. And it is fairly. Have a lucky life guys🌹

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