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Arbcrypto Review – UNSTABLE Crypto Ponzi Scam From Brazil

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Welcome to my Arbcrypto review. When I saw the name ARB I had a flash back to another spectular ponzi collapse by the name of I remember that ponzi in specifically because it’s investors were just so excited! The live events had all of the fervour of religious experiences. I kept expecting Benny Hinn to appear! Anyway all of that hype is just a distant memory now that is a pile of smouldering ashes. But in those ashes we find a new saviour in Johan Hernando!

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According to google cache, Johan was a key player in and it looks like has decided to run his own crypto ponzi scam. Well, they are tempting because most of the stolen crypto goes to the owner. One of the many downsides is that you will be have a lot of explaining to do when it collapses. If you happen to live in Brazil like Johan Hernando, at least you have have to worry about the law catching up with you because the regulators simply lack the resources required to prosecute scammers. Oh well, we can live in hope at least.

The reason that I bash ponzi scams is simple…there is zero real profits being made. It is just s reshuffling of the funds put in by innocent investors. The top people know that they need to cash out early. When they manage to cash out, they are cashing out funds lost by the later investors. Maybe you don’t care about that, as long as you make money. That is your decision, but you would make more in the long term with a legit program. With a little hard work, you can make money the legitimate way online and you never have to ruin your reputation whilst hopping from scam to scam every few months! Anyway on with the review of Arbcrypto.

Arbcrypto Review – Summary

Key Figures: Johan Hernando

Product Type: Crypto Ponzi MLM.

Summary: To earn you must invest at least $100 plus a $10 fee, paid with BTC. You get paid paid an extremely high ROI of between 1.5% to 2.5% per week day. That’s 550% per year!

Arbcrypto need to attract new money into the scheme and they do that by heavily rewarding recruiters with the compensation plan.

See The Comp Plan Here.

Paying out up to 550% (with even more being paid to sponsors) is extremely high even for crypto ponzi standards. Arbcrypto will have an extremely short life as a result.

  1. Ponzi Scam with very high ROI
  2. Unlicensed Securities Offering
  3. Crypto or Forex MLM

EXTREMELY Unstable – Arbcrypto will collapse fast.

Rating: F

Verdict: Another scam that will leave a trail of victims.

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What Is Arbcrypto?


Arbcrypto is like every other crypto ponzi out there. Every single one of these schemes claims to do arbitrage trading or regular bot trading with extreme profitability and zero losses. Every single one of these programs has collapsed in a short time because the profitability has been proven to be fake. Arbcrypto is also fake. You can still make money but it’s not from profits, it just comes from the funds put in by later investors.

Arbcrypto Are Doing ZERO Trading

Investment Packages

Packages accumulate gains until they reach 200%, then they can be reinvested or withdrawn (in the beginning at least). At some point withdraws will be stopped and all funds stolen.

Start – $100 min, ROI up to 1.5% per weekday

Prime – $600 min, ROI up to 2% per weekday

Infinity – $3100 min, ROI up to 2.5% per weekday

Compensation Plan

Direct Referral Commissions

Earn 10% of funds invested by your sign ups.

Binary Bonus

Earn between 6% and 10% on your weakest leg

Renewal Bonus

Every time your signup reinvest back into the program rather than withdraw, the sponsor will earn 50% of the amount paid as binary points.

What I Like About Arbcrypto

Prelaunch Period is CRUCIAL With Ponzi Scams

Assuming you have no ethical dilemmas, then you can definitely make some money with Arbcrypto. If you do want to get involved, you need to be aware that timing is crucial. I am assuming that Arbcrypto have a seed fund which will be used to pay the new investors. Remember, Arbcrypto are not doing ANY trading so ALL of the returns are being paid out of the funds.

You should have a pretty safe 4-6 months to invest funds and start recruiting like a maniac. With referral commissions you then should withdraw your initial investment. From that point you are playing with profits. Assuming you are recruiting, as well as compounding, you can push your profits (AKA numbers on a screen) to a tidy sum. From the 6 month mark I would stop compounding and try to withdraw as much as possible. Make sure you buy some Nike shoes because you will need to do some running from your referrals when the whole thing collapses. PLEASE NOTE – I advise you NOT to do this!

98% Of Prospects Will Think ArbCrypto is the answer to their dreams.

98% of people fail at online marketing. They couldn’t recruit a labrador to steak night, so they are looking at a way to make money “passively” ie by doing nothing. You show these people Arbcrypto and they will dive in head first and tell all their friends and family. The point is Arbcrypto will be extremely easy to promote to the masses.

After being burned, some will decide to knuckle down and do legitimate marketing and avoid scams forever. If you are not afraid of 6 months hard work you can make 6 figures whilst sleeping like a baby, and nobody will call you a scammer. Other people will learn nothing and keep investing in ponzi scams.

What I dislike about Arbcrypto

Legit ROI or Just Stealing From The Gullible?

Those of you that are experienced with online marketing know what is really going on with Arbcrypto. You will notice that recruiters on youtube only invest a small amount of their own funds, with the majority being made up from referral investment. That is because Arbcrypto is just a big re-shuffling operation. All the funds invested are split with the recruiters and the owner. Yes daily ROI is paid to everyone, but the MAJORITY will never be withdrawn. The gullible investors have no idea what is going on and will keep re-investing. When it collapses all of that money goes to the owner….everything else gets withdrawn by the recruiters. Every body else is left with NOTHING!

Arbcrypto Is Extremely Unstable

Johan Hernando is kind of new to scamming. I doubt that he has a big balance in the seed fund. This means that ARBcrypto will need to get popular very fast or it will simply collapse during prelaunch. Other ponzis have million dollar seed funds and can last long enough to experience explosive growth. Arbcrypto looks pretty amateurish and I doubt they have the funds to pay ROI for very long without some big promoters getting involved. They are also offering extremely high returns which will put the program under even more pressure.

The Real Deal With Arbcrypto

Of course it’s a scam but it doesn’t even look to be well funded. If I was into ponzis, I would choose another one. My advice is of course to never invest in any ponzis, but that is up to you.


Ponzi scam. I give it a F.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.

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