Welcome to my Aquilon Trade review. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you should be aware that crypto ponzis are extremely popular. The reason is due to the extremely high returns that these programs advertise. They are very addictive and very dangerous. People tend to lose their minds when they get involved in ponzi schemes. As a result they often experience explosive growth. Human beings are a very flawed species. We think we are smart and sceptical, but something very strange happens to us when large sums of money are promised. We REALLY want to BELIEVE that it is true. Usually we invest a small amount to test it out. Sure enough the returns get paid as promised. Then we do a couple of test withdrawals to make sure it is legitimate. Then we invest a little more……WOW more returns. We withdraw again….it works!

It is from this point that human psychology fails us. We are HOOKED and it is very difficult for us to believe that a deception is taking place. It is similar to how gambling is so addictive. Many gambling addicts got started with a big win. We think we can keep winning so we keep putting money in. Ponzi operators realize this. All they have to do is make the high payouts for a while….word of mouth takes care of the rest. Soon enough millions of dollars start pouring in and hysteria takes hold.

The important question that most people ignore:

Are The Profits Real?

For a ponzi to get traction they need to offer fake returns. Anything less than 1% per day just will not generate enough excitement. Creating excitement is essential because it will attract a lot of new money. Now 1% per day is 365% per year. There is no hedge fund or crypto trader that can achieve this consistently. Aquilon Trade are promising 2% to 3% per day!

So even by ponzi standards the returns paid by Aquilon are extremely high. Do you know what that means.

Aquilon Trade Will COLLAPSE Very Quickly

The other thing that I notice with ponzi scams is that they focus on getting started in poor asian countries like Vietnam and the Phillipines. Obviously people in these countries are more desperate for ways to make money. They seem to be a bit more trusting as well, which can be to their detriment. They are perfect for manipulative scammers to take advantage of. I know many wonderful people in Vietnam and the Phillipines and it really angers me that they keep getting targeted in these scams. Aquilon Trade already has spread like wildfire throughout these asian countries. There will be many people that will suffer as a result.

Anyway, let’s take a look at how Aquilon Trade operates. As with all crypto ponzis,  you purchase “packages”, in this case from $20 up to $500K. Aquilon will then hold your crypto for a period of time ranging from 25 days to 360 days. Whilst holding it, Aquilon will pay investors pay very high returns of up to 3% per day. We have heard it all before so I am not going tell you how Aquilon claim to be able to generate the miraculous profits. By now, hopefully you know that there are no profits and you are just being paid back with new investor funds.

The mystery men behind this scheme are so called “Alexander Werner” and “Victor Savin”, both of these are more than likely to be fake names. Most ponzis dont bother to produce much in the way of marketing. Aquilon on the other hand has produced several big budget videos. This is a very sophisticated scheme run by well organized scammers. When I watched the Aquilon video I started to feel like I had seen a similar style of Ponzi video previously with the now collapsed Questra World… same owners?? maybe! The master mind of Questra was Pavel Krymov and he is currently out on bail. He is extremely well financed and is known for using Fake CEO’s and paid actors in very well produced marketing videos. All of the original Aquilon Trade videos are in Russian and that is not the only connection. The earliest Aquilon Trade promoters are all former Questra World promoters. Look, it’s circumstancial evidence, but to me Aquilon Trade has the finger prints of Pavel Krymov all over it. Alexander Werner and Victor Savin are merely paid stooges.

Questra World was an incredibly slick ponzi scam. They hired a fake CEO called Jose Manuel Gilabert and paid him millions to attend all the events. He is now in hiding and fearing for his life. As Aquilon Trade seem to be using the same playbook you can expect to be seeing a lot more of Alexander Werner and Victor Savin, until of course they disapear!

Ponzis like Aquilon Trade and Questra World cause massive harm to the community. You will never hear about all of the ruined lives…..but it is happening again with Aquilon Trade.

Aquilon Trade Review – Summary

Key Figures: Pavel Krymov, Alexander Werner, Victor Savin

Product Type: Crypto Ponzi MLM.

Summary: To earn you must invest between $20 and $500K. You get paid pay profits at a rate of 2-3% per day!

Affiliates commissions for referring investors into the Aquilon scheme.

See The Comp Plan Here.

Aquilon is paying extremely high returns. These program will experience huge viral growth only to quickly collapse in 6 months.

  1. Ponzi Scam
  2. Unlicensed Securities Offering
  3. Crypto or Forex MLM

Tick Tick…..KABOOM

Rating: F

Verdict: I wonder how many lives will be ruined from this one?

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What Is Aquilon Trade?

As one of my readers, you probably already know how these ponzi scams operate. Basically they have a vague “cover story” to explain how the extremely high profits are achieved. With Aquilon, they claim to be using everything from binary options, futures, securities transactions, promissory notes and banking assets in the sphere of financial management and investment business. All of that is lies but most investors will believe it whole heartedly! There is no profit….nada…..zip….nothing. They are not trading…trading is actually quite risky. Far easier just to pretend and payout old investors with new funds….until they cannot. Aquilon will keep a close eye on deposits and withdrawals as they ready the big exit scam. The moment deposits slow down they will start delaying withdrawals due to “wallet migrations” or some other baloney. Once the deposits dry up, they take off with the funds!

Any way let’s check out the phony investment packages. I mean you can possibly get in early and clean up although I don’t recommend it as you essentially are stealing from the gullible.

Standard (USD) Business (USD) Crypto (BTC) Capital (BTC) Capital (USD)
Min $20 $50 0.1 BTC 0.01 BTC $50
Max $5Mil $5Mil 50 BTC 50 BTC $2 Mil
Days 25-90 180 360 100 100
% 1% to 3% 1.4% to 3.4% 1.7% to 4% 2% to 3% 2% to 3%
Profit Mon-Fri Mon-Fri Mon-Fri Mon-Fri Mon-Fri

Compensation Plan

Direct Signups


 Receive a percentage of funds invested. 


  • Earn 7% on direct referrals when they invest.
  • Earn 5% on level 2 investors.
  • Earn 3% on level 3 when they invest.
  • Earn 3 % on level 4.
  • Earn 1% on level 5,6 and 7.
  • Earn 0.5% on level 8.
  • Earn 0.3% on level 9
  • Earn 0.2% on level 10.


 Ranks & Bonuses


Ranks Team Turnover Personal Turnover Rank Bonus
1 20K 1,000.00 200
2 50K 3000 400
3 70K 5000 700
4 100K 7000 1000
5 150K 8000 2000
6 200K 9000 4000
7 300K 10000 8000
8 500K 12000 10K
9 1 mil 15000 20K
10 2 mil 20000 50K


What I Like About Aquilon Trade

Absolutely Insane Returns

Don’t lose your head because these returns are so high that Aquilon will be a very short ride. That being said you could absolutely make a fortune IF…you can get your money out before it collapses. Here is the kicker, once you join you will get so addicted that you will just keep saying, ” I will compound it for another month”. It is like leaving the casino while you are up, easier said than done. I do not recommend you try either.

This Thing Is A Newbie MAGNET

If you offer something like this, it will be easy to get plenty of sign ups. People want the impossible and Aquilon is paying the impossible. I mean if I advertised this on youtube I would clean up….I just don’t want to deal with all of the devestation when it collapses. I mean do you really want to deal with your signups when they lose their house with this. I don’t. You are better off with a slow and steady but reliable program, that actually teaches you how to make money online forever. If you want to make 6 figures without having to look over your shoulder all the time, then click here.

What I dislike about Aquilon Trade

Do You Really Want To Partner With Russian Gangsters?

These guys are high level criminals. I am kind of scared about doing this review. It is too easy to disconnect ourselves in the pursuit of money online. When you really think about what is going on here and who you are dealing with, its sobering to say the least.

Stuff Get’s Crazy When Investors Lose Everything.

Everybody seems to have forgotten about Bitconnect and USi-Tech. Did you know that the wife of the top Australian Bitcconect promoter is missing and presumed to be murdered? Your affiliates will be looking for YOU when this thing collapses.

The Real Deal With Aquilon Trade

The fallout will be huge. People will lose their houses. People may even lose their lives. 


Complete scam I give it a F.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

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