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Apex Passive Income Asset Review – Something Just Aint Right

Welcome to my Apex Passive Income Review. Is a network marketing business that appears to be in the business of leasing processor hardware to a company called Safetek. They get you to invest $11K to purchase hardware which is said to be “Proprietary Hardware, AI Software and Repurposing Firmware”. Safetek then will attempt to generate a profit with your machine by doing various things such as crypto mining, AI rendering and data processing. Safetech will then lease the hardware for 60 days and pay you $500 per month guaranteed. Safetek is responsible for any costs and maintenance so it sounds like a no brainer right?

I Have Questions!

Is This A Security Offering? This sounds like a textbook case of an unlicensed security which bodes as bad news when you consider that Apex does not have a securities license. Apex have cleverly anticipated this question and have paid a lawyer to produce a letter that states the opposite. The lawyer claims that in his opinion Apex is not a security. Did you know that lawyers will tell lies for you and put them on paper for you if you ask them to? I will show you why I believe that the Apex lawyer is telling pork pies and why I believe that the Apex offering is in fact an unlicensed security offering.

Is Apex a Ponzi?

I get a lot of hate when I call things out as being ponzis, so I don’t do it lightly. With Apex, I have strong suspicions but I will stop short of calling it a ponzi. The guaranteed returns of $500 per month look very fishy. So many things don’t add up….Why would Safetek commit to such a long term 5 year lease of these computers? Is crypto mining completely free of risk or is it sometimes unprofitable? Some people think crypto mining is like printing money. If you had been doing crypto mining for the last year you would have gone bankrupt so leasing unlimited machines for 5 years seems unwise to say the least. If bitcoin goes down, will Safetek continue to lease the machines for 60 months because that would surely cause them to go out of business?

Now that bitcoin is going back up, Apex (or rather Safetek) will be able to claim that they are doing crypto mining to meet the $500 per month returns. Apex have been clever by claiming that Safetek can make money through alternative sources like AI Rendering or Data processing, whatever the heck that means. If crypto goes down they will be able to claim that these alternative methods are how profitability is being achieved. I would be very interested in seeing proof that the machines are real and how exactly they are generating these returns.

There is enough smoke and mirrors here to make me reticent to call it a ponzi. That being said, it looks incredibly likely. Either way, I think that the SEC will intervene before Apex runs it’s natural life as a ponzi.

This Review Will Not Be Light Reading

We are going to be discussing securities law which some of you will find fascinating. I empathize for those of you that find legal discussions boring! Disclaimer: Whilst I did study securities law electives, I am not a lawyer!

Whilst I really have a lot of questions about the legitimacy of Apex, I also want to do a full review of the opportunity itself.

Once you read the review, you will be able to decide if Apex is one of the many legitimate ways to make money onlineI do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Apex.

Apex Passive Income Asset Review – Summary

Key Figures: Jeremy Roma

Product Type: Asset Leasing.

Summary: To earn you must be invest  from $11K to $44K. From there you get paid passively from $500 per month for 60 months.

Affiliates earn from commissions on sales. Apex also have MLM commissions for team builders.

See The Comp Plan Here.

This program fails the common sense test. I am extremely sceptical that their are really any machines being leased. I am not going to call it a ponzi but it sure as hell looks like one. In my opinion it definately is going to be shut down by the SEC so don’t get too attached to your $11K investment.

Rating: D

Verdict: This one will not last the distance.

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What Is Apex Passive Income Asset?

Apex have come up with a computer leasing scheme in an attempt to look legit. Investors drop a minimum of $11K which purchases some sort of high powered computer rig. Another company uses the computer for 5 years and pays you back $30K for the privilege. This $30K is paid back in $500 monthly payments. Apex claim that this is a lease and not an unlicensed security. I will tell you why I call BS on that in a moment.

Whilst, I am pretty happy with the income from my top way to make money online. I still find Apex to be very interesting. I literally have never seen anything like it. Scam or not scam???? You be the judge!

Let’s get into the details with the Apex program and products.

[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.12.2″][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”3.12.2″ parallax=”off” parallax_method=”on”][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.12.2″]Residual Income On 5 Year Leases

You purchase your APEX and earn $500 per month for 5 years through Apex’s “lease contract” with Safetek

‣ $13,750 with Principal Trust Plan
‣ $11,000 without Principal Trust Plan
Buy 4 Get 1 FREE + Quarterly Bonus Pool
‣ $55,000/5 apex with Principal Trust Plan
‣ $44,000/5 apex without Principal Trust Plan

The principal Trust Plan is an extra $2750 added on to the price.

Pays in addition to your lease income.
– $4,500 after 5 years (33%)
– $9,075 after 9 years (66%)
– $13,750 after 12 years (100%) 

Compensation Plan

Direct and Indirect Bonus Commissions

$500 once off bonus for each direct sale.

$100 once off bonus for each indirect sale (level 2)

Unlimited Free Apex

When you personally buy 4 Apex or you sell 4, you get a fifth at no cost.

Or you can buy one and get three referrals to get another free Apex.

3 X 3 Matrix

When you refer 3 people who get three of their own, the matrix cycles. The following then happens:

  • $1,000 Cash Bonus
  • $40 per month is paid for every Apex in the matrix.
  • $30 per month is paid for every Apex in the matrix on qualified levels 1 through 9
  • 1 Share in Quarterly Bonus Pool
  • Unlock 1st Generation Check Matching
  • Unlock $100 Bonus on new Team Sales

10% Leadership Checkmatch

10% matching is paid on the residual income made by your entire team:

  • 10% is paid on Generation 1 when you qualify by filling the 3×3.
  • 10% is paid on Generation 2 whenever your referal fills their 3×3.
  • 10% is paid Generation 3 whenever a second referal fills their 3×3.
  • 10% is paid Generation 4 whenever a third referal fills their 3×3

Leadership Bonus 

80% of profits generated from SAFETek’s use of every Apex capped at 10X scaling

This amount is paid out via shares to a maximum of $15K per individual share.

  • 1 Share – When you buy 4 apex to get one free, you also get 1 share in this pool
  • 1 Share – earned by qualifying for the 3×3
  • 1 Share – Earned when you get your first referral qualified for the 3×3

*Note This leadership only starts after 1 year has passed and is paid every 3 months from that period on until end of lease period.

Requirements To Open Up Levels

Level 1: get your first paid signup
Level 2: 2 direct sales
Level 3: 3 direct sales, 20 Team sales or 50 direct sales
Level 4: 4 direct sales, 50 Team sales or 125 direct sales
Level 5: 5 direct sales, 150 Team sales or 375 direct sales
Level 6: 6 direct sales, 250 Team sales or 625 direct sales
Level 7: 7 direct sales, 500 Team sales or 1250 direct sales
Level 8: 8 direct sales, 1000 Team sales or 2500 direct sales
Level 9: 9 direct sales, 2000 Team sales or 5000 direct sales

What I Like About Apex

Big Ticket

Even though it will take quite a considerable effort to make an $11K sale, it will be pretty lucrative when you do. I mean you get a $500 commission plus $1000 whenever the 3×3 cycles. If you are willing to lock up $11K per Apex machine for 5 years you can also enjoy the roi payments of $500 per month.

Very Unique

On the surface this sounds completely legitimate. That will be enough for most people so I can see this this being appaeling proposition to many people. When you explain to people that a leasing contract and not a security, I think most people will buy that response, as false as it may be.

What I dislike about Apex

Unlimited Apex’s? What Company leases unlimited machines?

Even Nasa would not sign a deal which forces them to enter into unlimited 5 year leases for expensive machines. Who knows where we will be in 5 years. What computer is still useful after 4 or 5 years. What the heck is Safetek going to do with unlimited machines…..have unlimited 5 year lease debt???  It just doesn’t make any sense to me.
[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”” align=”center” _builder_version=”3.12.2″ max_width=”71%”][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.12.2″]Apex Paid A Lawyer To Say That Apex Is In Compliance With Securities Law.

If you are offering a security investment then you will be shut down by the SEC unless you have a securities license. Apex do not have a securities license, which begs the question:  Would you really want to lock up an $11K investment in an unlicensed company for 5 years??? The SEC might be slow, but they will be responding with a cease and desist before the 5 years is up. When that happens good luck getting your money back.

But Is Apex offering a Security?

The SEC evaluates investments via something called the Howey Test.

Basically an investment is determined to be a security, if the following three conditions are met:

1. An investment of money.
2. In a common enterprise.
3. With an expectation of profits predominantly from the efforts of others.

As is usually the case 1 and 2 are clear but number 2 is unclear. With Apex there is 1) An Investment of money and 3) an expectation of profits predominately from the efforts of others. But we need all 3! Is Apex in an “uncommon enterprise”? That is what we need to determine.

Number 2 is the only condition that Apex thinks they have any chance of convincing people of so they got their attorney to draw up a convincing letter in support. Whenever people ask if Apex has a securities licence they can just whip out this official looking later and say “tada”, we don’t need one. Remember folks an attorney will do a lot of shady shit if you ask….an attorney is not a judge nor do they represent the SEE. A letter is just a letter unless it has been signed by a judge or if it comes from the SEC itself! This is just a letter written by a lawyer and has no legal weight whatsoever! Does anyone remember when Usi-Tech had a similar letter written by a lawyer? Look how that turned out!
[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”” _builder_version=”3.12.2″][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.12.2″]Somebody Already Tried This And The SEC WRECKED THEM

So the lawyer is claiming that APEX are just facilitating a leasing contract between the Apex purchaser and safetek and therefore there is no “common enterprise” which therefore means that Apex is not offering unlicensed securities. Hmm where have I heard about this tactic before???

Somebody tried the old “it’s just leases, not securities investments” trick in 2004 and they lost the case to the SEC.

In a case known as the SEC Vs Edwards , Edwards was running a scheme called ETS payhones and it is virtually identical to Apex. Instead of Apex machines purchasers would buy a payphone. ETS would use the payphone to generate profits and they would pay leasing payments back to the purchasers. Exactly the same scheme as APEX!  ETS was fined and shutdown because they lacked a securities licence. This is exactly what will happen to Apex. The only question is what happens to all that money locked down for 5 years, will it be paid back or will it disappear when Apex gets shut down…hmm!

The Real Deal With Apex

I thought this was going to be a positive review….sorry. This is actually very shady.


The SEC will be strapping on the boots for a butt kicking. This will get shut down and therefore gets a D grade.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

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