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AI Trades Review – Long Term Crypto Ponzi

Welcome to my AI Trades review. AI Trades are not really a prelaunch but they are what I consider a new program because they have been around for about a year. I found AI Trades pretty interesting because they seem to be what I call a “stable ponzi”. If you are looking for “passive crypto” you are going to have to come to terms with the fact that 99% of passive crypto programs are ponzis and will eventually collapse. That being said, some ponzis offer lower returns which allow them to last for several years. I would not be surprised if AI Trades lasted for more than 3 years. This is a much better option that some of the alternatives which barely last 3 months. Right now, some of you will be getting angry because you believe AI Trades to be legit but you need to apply some common sense.

The Ponzi Rule Of Thumb

Basically, anything over 20% per year passively is more than likely a ponzi. That seems low I know but it’s true.

Yes you can make more than 20% trading, however 95% of traders do not make 20% per year. The reason is that trading is extremely risky and most people lose money.

Over 20% per year passively in a crypto MLM is just not going to be legit. You say I am wrong, but I don’t care.

High Returns… But Not Too High

AI Trades have taken the approach of high returns, but not too high. They are too high to be real, but compared to most ponzis, they look way more realistic.

Paying only moderately high returns is a good way to make the ponzi last for quite a long time. Nevertheless, It will still collapse but probably not for several years. Bernie Madoff ran a ponzi that paid 16% per year and it lasted 20 years. Now I know that Madoff never traded crypto but I think that the rule of thumb will give you some much needed perspective.

AI Trades are advertising 24% To 56% per year which makes it definitely a ponzi. I have no proof, but if you apply some common sense you will start to see how unlikely it is that AI Trades are generating a genuine ROI.

AI Trades Are Really Claiming DOUBLE This ROI

If you think these returns are realistic, you need to make sure you know how to calculate properly because they are actually claiming an ROI of double what they claim on their calculator.

You see, only 50% of funds invested are being used to somehow make these returns. The other 50% feeds the compensation plan. So they are making their promised ROI from only HALF the money!

So really AI Trades are paying 48% to 112% per year, passively with zero risk. They are not saying “maybe”, they are saying this is what you will make and continue to make in the future.

If 48% to 112% still sounds realistic to you, well you are going to be in for a big shock when AI Trades collapses. But don’t worry you are not alone. AI Trades will have a slow build up and be quite stable. The majority of investors will have complete confidence that AI Trades is legit and will not forsee the inevitable collapse.


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Ai Trades Review – Summary

Key Figures: RV Palafox

Product Type: Long Term Crypto MLM Ponzi.

Summary: To earn you must invest at least 0.1 BTC You get paid paid an a variable ROI of approx 24% To 56% per year. 

This should be pretty stable and could last several years before collapsing.

See The Comp Plan Here.

If you like passive crypto but want something that is a bit more stable then AI Trades might be a good option. Keep in mind that it is a ponzi though and will collapse in a few years.

Rating: D

Verdict: A stable ponzi with moderate returns that could easily last 3 years.

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What Is AI Trades?

AI Trade are what I call a “stable ponzi”. These type of schemes offer lower returns than most other ponzis, which helps them last a lot longer. Most people will say I am wrong but you need to realize:


Ai Trades Are Actually Paying 48% to 112% per year. This is NOT Coming From Trading!


Investment Packages

 Ai Trades don’t have packages. You just invest a minimum of 0.01 BTC and collect the daily ROI. 


Compensation Plan

Direct Referral Commissions

Any participant can earn a % of money invested by referrals

Level 1 – 8%

Level 2 – 9%

Level 3 – 10%

Level 4 – 11%

Generation Plan

Level 1 Level 2 Level 4 Level 5
2 2 4 2 4 6 2 4 6 8 10
3 3 5 3 5 7 3 5 7 9
Bonus % 2% 2% 1% 2% 1% 1% 2% 1% 1% 1% 2%

Binary Commissions

10% paid daily on the volume of the weakest leg

Binary is capped as follows – Level 1 – 1btc | Level 2 – 5btc | Level 3 – 10btc | Level 4 – 20btc

Matrix Bonus

Once you are earning 0.1 BTC per month in commissions, you activate this bonus.

The 3 by 15 matrix is worked out monthly and everybody gets paid 0.001 BTC.

                  Matrix Fee        Pay Tiers

LEVEL 1        0.010                  5
LEVEL 2        0.015                  7
LEVEL 3        0.020                 10
LEVEL 4        0.025                 15

What I Like About AI Trades

It’s A “Stable” Ponzi

We all now that passive crypto returns like this are not sustainable, but at least AI Trades is much more stable than most ponzis. What is the point of joining a 500% per year program if it just collapses in 3 years. AI Trades are paying much less but at least we know it should keep running for a few years.

Passive Crypto For Longer

Passive crypto is the dream and you can achieve it (sort of) with AI Trades. Even though it’s a ponzi, I would feel less guilty referring people into this because they will have much more time to profit and then withdraw everything before it collapses.

What I dislike about AI Trades

Skeletons In The Closet

The problem with ponzis is that they ruin your credibility. It’s hard to build a loyal following that trusts you when you push ponzis. Eventually AI Trades will exit scam….It won’t happen for a few years, but it will happen. I will still be here….hopefully. And hopefully I will have no collapsed ponzis in my rear view mirror. Sometimes I think about the money I would be making by promoting crypto ponzis, but if I am perfectly honest, I am happy taking the long route.


The Real Deal With AI Trades

If you are looking for a more stable way to earn passive crypto, then AI Trades might suit you. Keep in mind that eventually it will collapse though.


Still a ponzi but at least it will last a few years. I will give it a D.


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